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“I like the feeling of making people feel uncomfortable. My ultimate purpose in my work is to evoke some type of emotion from my audience, it just so happens that I find humor in that emotion being… an uncomfortable one”


Born and raised in the inner city of Cleveland Ohio, JaRon Crawley decided at an early age that limits were non-existent, that boundaries were only created to be broken, that perception is indeed reality and since then, he has been determined to project this mentality through various mediums of art. Although it was always clear in his mind that film would have be priority in his life in order to achieve success, by his definition, Crawley initially choose to peruse a Bachelor’s Of Arts in Public Relations at Hampton University in Hampton Virginia. Still with the arts heavy on his mind and heart, he minored in theatre in order to understand and educate himself on the earliest forms of the theatrics. However after completing his degree and working in his field for a little over a year, his longing to construct the unconscious minds of society became overwhelming and he made the decision to drive across country to pursue his dream, starting at The Academy of Art University as a graduate level MPT student. His experimental style and story telling techniques derives from a number of influences and his passion for innovation bleeds through his editing.

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