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London, United Kingdom

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I am a speculative designer interested in the implications of technology in our society. I focus on algorithms and their applications in sentimental decision-making processes. My prior works falls under the domain of interaction design and digital art.

My work have been published in Wired, FastCoDesign, Core77, Arduino Blog, CNN, CreativeApplications, Animal Newyork, PSFK, PitaPixels, Complex etc. and also has been exhibited internationally at the ACM Siggraph and Yahoo! USID Academic Showcase.

I currently live in London and work for Google, UK. Previously, I graduated from the Royal College of Art, London and National Institute of Design, India. I give workshops and teach creative coding and projection mapping techniques at various universities.

I have worked for Microsoft Inc and have interned at Google, UK and Local Projects, NYC where my works include developing several interactive solutions for Cleveland Museum of Art, Civil Debate Interactive Wall at the Bob Graham Centre for Public Service, University of Florida and the National September 11th Memorial Museum at Ground Zero.

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