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Just a guy who recently discovered the pleasure of free flight. The videos here are not so much made for others as they are for me. But i thought i would share them as they might bring a smile to someones face watching, just as they did to mine making them.


  1. Jean-Baptiste Chandelier JB prod
  2. Ozone Paragliders
  3. justACRO
  4. XCmag
  5. SEARCH Projects
  6. Emma Turner
  7. Ben French
  8. Steve Stocker
  9. Michael Dove
  10. Pedram Shiary
  11. Matthew Tillson
  12. Beau Rhoades
  13. gavinzahner
  14. Robert Kelly
  15. lofty
  16. tex
  17. Dan
  18. Matthew Cage - Higher Atmosphere

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