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Susan McCord is an Dating/Relationship/Advice Talk Show Host, Author, Interviewer & Advice Columnist & BCIT in Burnaby, B.C. for studies in Broadcasting. Susan is an Author of dating book "Dear Sybersue" which is also the name of her Advice Column and her main website sybersue,com. She is an expert Dating Adviser for Vancouver @ & has over 300 videos online at

She has a great sense of humor which she contributes to her weekly shows. Susan has been helping men and women for many years to find love and happiness in their lives. She is a mature woman with young attitude who has been there done that and has a T-shirt in every color. Don't learn life lessons the hard way, listen to what she has to say to help you remove stale patterns & negativities that stop you from having it all.

Susan is refreshing and REAL which gives her popularity with all age groups and both genders ~ She makes you think!

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