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Susy Rottonara is is a versatile musician. Soprano, pianist and author of experimental music, where her voice finds new ways of expression between classical and modern music. Susy gets inspiration to write her music from the wild nature of the Dolomites mountains (South Tyrol – Italy) where she has grown up and from the mythic tales –legends– set in their landscapes. She plays the role of the protagonist of the famous legend of the Reign of Fanes, princess Dolasila and bounds her artistic image to this figure as she is author, leading actress, composer of the original music and soprano soloist of the film The Reign of Fanes. The language of her songs is Ladin, the most ancient alpine language yet spoken today. First prize for the film score at the Renderyard Film Festival 2007 London and “Best International Score” at the Garden State film Festival 2008 in Asbury Park (New Jersey). Five awards for the film at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2009. Her album Dreaming of Fanes listed in the category “Best Album of the year” at the 53. Grammy Awards. Composer of the original music and soprano soloist of the experimental opera Fanes Poem Musical performed in 2011 with the Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana at the City Theatre of Bolzano and winner in the category “music production” at the „Women and Minorities in media Festival“ 2012 at the Towson University College -Maryland. She creates special cultural and musical events, such as In the Castle of Legends, Multimedia Installation Dolasila.
Qualifications and artistic experience: Born in Milan, where she specializes in opera singing. Degree cum laude in Foreign languages and literatures; Degree at the Conservatory of Music in piano and singing, many master-classes, national and international artistic experience in various roles, many international awards:
She is daughter of the famous artist ROTT - Lois Rottonara, who she regularly works with at special projects of music and art.

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