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Originally studied animation production. Wrote/directed 'Ice Cream and Jelly and a Punch in the Belly' for CH4s Formations series, and worked on commercials, short films and title sequences including the BBC programme 'What makes us tick?'.

Now more involved in documentary film production. My film 'Beautiful Sentence’ about an inspirational poet working with female prisoners has been screened at the House of Commons as well as festivals and conferences about arts and education in prisons. A separate animated film made with women in the prison 'You can be my Friend' won a Koestler Trust Platinum Award in 2009.

I am interested in making films which are either about poetry or which have a poetic sensibility (see ‘Out of Time’ and’ Cold Day in Kennington’).

I have made a number of films related to crime prevention commissioned by the social services and Camden Council including 'Why I had an FGC' an animated documentary using the voices of vulnerable young people, promoting family group conferencing (an intervention for youths on the child protection register or on the verge of offending).

Apart from film production I run numerous animation and film workshops at museums and in the community and Lecturer in Digital Media at London Metropolitan University.


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