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  1. 17:00


    by SVA MFA Design

    20 Videos

    Thesis videos from School of Visual Arts MFA Design class of 2011

  2. 03:46:32

    Hatched 2013

    by SVA MFA Design

    26 Videos

    Thesis Forum Presentations

  3. 07:04

    Guest Lecture Posters

    by SVA MFA Design

    17 Videos

    Each week MFA Design hosts a guest lecture and each week a student is tasked to create a poster for the event. Since the installation of our video gallery, students have been taking advantage of the…

  4. 20:09

    2013 Thesis Product Videos

    by SVA MFA Design

    19 Videos

    Thesis Videos

  5. 28:30

    Ideopolis Interviews

    by SVA MFA Design

    20 Videos

    The 2011 School of Visual Arts MFA Design graduates discuss their theses.

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