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Why We're Not Normal...

It seems like a lot of churches want you to come away thinking that they're the perfect place for you and your family. Maybe like us, you'd like to skip the typical pitch about how great we are and how you can come dressed however you want.

Here's the bottom line...

* We understand how hard it is to synthesize what you experience and see in your life with what God is like. We want you to truly know God- not just know about Him.
* For us, numbers merely represent individual people. So it's not "a thousand people," but "one person... a thousand times."

* When we say we'll pray for you, we really will.

* We want your kids to beg you to take them to church, so we work hard with our children and youth to teach them about God, care for their needs, and give them an experience they'll love.

Sun Valley has been blessed with lots of growth, but we want to make one thing clear: It's the Word of God that draws people. So while we have great music and activities, we believe that what will keep you coming back is hearing from Jesus through the Bible each week. And we're committed to keeping that our top priority.

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