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... the documentary filmmaker mutating into a mobile, readily available, hi-tech, semi-virtual lecture performer or interactive interface, who remains humbled by the incompleteness of his attempts to properly document performances.


  1. Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
  2. Marina Abramovic Institute
  3. Joey Van Kerckhove
  4. AIR Antwerpen
  5. Ilaria Lupo
  6. Mario De Munck
  7. Sarah Palish
  8. Jeroen Sebrechts
  9. Foam Agent
  10. The Parking Lot
  11. Michelle Isava
  12. Ariane Loze
  13. ARGOS centre for art and media
  14. 2belgians
  15. Margareth Kaserer
  16. Filip Daniels
  17. maud lefever