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I live in the inner suburbs of Sydney, I enjoy the culture that thrives here.

Watching Tropfest and a late night tv programme called 'Eat Carpet' really sparked my interest in short film when I was very young. There was something about their composition that I was drawn to, that I didnt see in the hollywood films any typical 10 year old kid was into.

I started really taking notice of film making when I became interested in foreign cinema. I discovered that there was more to movies than action sequences and edgy dialogue. I found that certain directors had a way of conveying their narrative through simple composition of images and music. While I obsessed over directors like Gaspar Noe, Wong Kar Wai and Michael Hanneke, I noticed how much of their influence shapes the final vision of their films and how this extends beyond single productions, leading on to influence other film makers. I can remember always wanting to replicate the long steadicam takes of Noe, or the gritty urban vibe of Wong's HongKong street scenes.

Unfortunately my path has not led me down the road to making films for a living. But with such ready access to high quality equipment I'm just glad that I can make small films and share them with a like minded community on Vimeo.

Please check out my very short films and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you if you have any tips or criticism that you think might make my videos more watchable.



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