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Hailing from a family of artists, Vishnu began his storytelling odyssey at the age of 7 winning the city-wide storytelling competition, held annually in NYC. He excelled academically, particularly in the sciences, completing degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Cornell University's college of engineering.

After the dotcom fallout, he returned to storytelling. His award winning action short, "Prison Warz" lead to numerous opportunities in Hollywood. To date, he has completed over twenty screen plays and 2 feature length films. Candid is the first of his two features to be released.

(New York -- 2012) Director / Writer Vishnu J. Seesahai (known professionally as Vishnu) proves that just one person can make a movie with his psychological thriller, Candid. Not only was it written and directed by him, but it also stars and was edited solely by Vishnu. "I made a one man movie. An auteur project," he remarks. "People are totally tuned into the camera world. Either they're on one side of the lens or they're on the other side being the exhibitionist. So I wanted to comment on that, but I also wanted to make a love story between a voyeur and an exhibitionist and have it really go dark. I feel that by putting a female character in the forefront and having the voyeur in the background - the dynamic is a little more pronounced," as Vishnu reveals more about Candid. Candid is the story of Jim Thorpe, a troubled video voyeur who stalks unsuspecting women on the streets of NYC with his DSLR camera – and Samantha Birch, the beautiful model he meets- who turns out to be a cold-bloodied serial killer. Vishnu portrays the voyeur and Toni Busker (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) the killer. Busker gives a bold, unnerving performance in this twisted tale of voyeurism, exhibitionism, revenge, murder and bizarrely even love. Candid had its U.S., New York premiere at the 16th Annual 2012 Urbanworld Film Festival in September. Candid screened next at the 2012 Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival in Michigan where it was nominated for 'Best Feature' then at the 2012 The Crown Heights Film Festival in Brooklyn during October.

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