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Hi,Iam Digital Colourist Grading Commercials,Music Video,Promo,Feature films,short films.
Contact = +91 9820104500
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In today’s Digital Cinema workflows, color correction is no longer an option, but a necessity. The images are not finished in camera, but require extensive post-production work to bring out the benefits you gain by shooting in RAW or LOG.

Maximizing your shot’s dynamic range, color balance, and matching it with other footage shot with different cameras or at different times of day, are the essentials of color correction. The goal is to provide an engaging, seamless, and consistent look from shot to shot, that reinforces the audiences belief that the scene is happening now, in real time, and not over the span of three days and two locations that it really took.

Fixes. Sometimes you’ve got a shot that just didn’t work technically, but becomes indispensable to a project. Perhaps you had to shoot in a compromised location, or had the perfect performance with some lighting issues. Sometimes it’s just a once in a million shot. You’ve heard the phrase “fix it in post”, well this is where that happens. I can’t always make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but if the object is to get an acceptable image from a bad one, there’s a lot that can be done.

Accentuating the mood and feel of the program is where a good colorist really shines. Millions of years of evolution and cultural conditioning have influenced our reactions to color, and using these elements to underscore the emotional impact of your scene is a powerful tool for visual STORYTELLING....

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