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Sweet skateboards started in the small Swedish town of Trollhättan as a hobby project back in 99. The idea from the beginning was to make some boards and have fun whilst using them. Little did we know that our small little brand would end up with a pretty decent team, that we would start making kind of good videos that would allow us to do a lot of traveling, going on tours and all of that stuff that proper skatebrands do!
So here we are, alive and kickin eager to get even more and better things done. Prepare yourselves to see more and better videos, boards, parties, clothes and everything related to what we like the best =Skateboarding…

Sweet skateboards consists of:
Koffe Hallgren, Daniel Spängs, Anton Myhrvold, Erik Pettersson, Josef Scott Jatta, Martin Pennlowe, Björn Holmenäs and Jonas Skröder…

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