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Hi, I’m Swerve™ the illustrator a 19 year old, British freelance designer living in a world where design is not an option; i just have to do you it. I started designing from the age of 14 Ever since then, I've been constantly striving to improve my skills. I've had 5 years to learn from mistakes and build from them. Two of those years I spent designing professionally for Start-up brands. In my line of work, i find it crucial for all brands to communicate effectively with its audience; Although their audience may be from different countries, we all speak the language of design and its my job to make sure my clients understand their audience and their audience understands their brand. A great Logo should be able to tell the same story no matter how the veiwer perceives it. I don’t know everything about design but i know its important to Understanding how a great design works and having the ability to show others the importance of a well thought out, beautiful design.


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