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Im 37 years old im a Sydney and Lebanon NightClub Promoter I must say I love what im doing just like to say a few things about what we have done in the past and abit about us. I don't just engage myself in any venue that I come across it has to have an outstanding reputation since my reputation is also in hand. My employees each have a minimum of 5 years experience and have been associated with major, successful event such as: Oxford St Clubs, various in Sydney under 18's events, a numerous amount of day clubs, many charity fun raisers, and celebrity events just to name a few. We also participated in a fair few PCYC under 18's Dance parties which were in association with the local Police department and for the 1st time we have started promting our NightClub events in the Middle East in Lebanon at CLUB NUR L-NightClub Beirut and @ Metis NightClub Beirut. We therefore treat each other equal,seeing as each member of staff knows something that the other doesn't. We find each other a major asset as we could learn something new when we all correspond together. We as a team have a very strong work ethic of satisfying our valued customers and suiting there needs in anyway possible. This is why we set ourselves high standards and provide them all with our guarantee: "We are a 100% committed team with an endless amount of motivation to ensure the best productions, services, and mature adult workers to meet our venue's requirements on time, EVERYTIME. This is our guarantee that ensures our commitment to excellence and perfection." We ensure that all production will be ideal to our venue holder as we accommodate for the following: - Highly professional Security. - Well-experienced Dj's. - Well mannered, Mature and well respectable staff. - All promotions run legally going by any rules that may be given. As head of this group, I myself have a gained a quality knowledge from working with professional venues all over Sydney such as DCM's, NightClub State Sports Centre Olympic park, Liverpool RSL, Club under 18's events Various Harbour Cruises, under 18's evnts thanks to All Occasion Cruises, Enmore Theatre, and Mc Donald's Mc Happy Day just to name a few. In addition i have had exposure to all walks of life, which i feel is an advantage, as I know the needs of any client. In my past events I have had major sponsors such as: Coca-Cola, Sony Music, and Supre Ladies Clothing taking part in our events.


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