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Thank you for visiting our Syinthesis® Podcast series. There will be diverse podcasts presented to you on a regular basis, so visit us to download deepening relaxations, spiritually enlightening meditations, and inspiring educational guidance. You may be interested in learning more about the authentic spelling of Syinthesis® .

I would like to assist you to create a transformative foundation for your inner life through cultivating basic relaxation skills (which extend into a meditative process), and awaken to the truth of being through the vibration of sound, voice, imagery, and intention. When we gain the knowledge we have been given everything we need to make this soulful journey, the separate aspects of self come together into a state of wholeness. We gain the understanding that we behold the ability to assemble and use our life's tools, lessons learned, and symbolic insights for a higher purpose.

With frequent practice you will begin to create a new awareness and inner peace connecting to the Nature of All Things. Conditioned patterns of thought and behaviorloosen their grip in right time. A process of release and purification takes place through this directed inner focus, dissolving hindrances and self-imposed limitations. States of consciousness shift from a perception of what we think should be, to the nature of the direct experience of what ought to be. Relaxation guides us into a meditative experience from sensory awareness to a deepening seamless reality.

A higher aspect of self begins to shine forth. We feel a renewed sense of self, a synthesis blending in our humanity and spirituality as One. Our realization shifts from a selfish perspective to an open heart of selflessness based on beauty, goodness, truth and goodwill in service to the greater good of the whole. If we focus on our individual transformative process with love, compassion and harmlessness in clear intention, we will impact the heart of the world, sending these positive emanations rippling along a sea of enlightened global consciousness to all sentient beings. Let us commit to resolve differences within the self to make a difference out in the world. Thank you for your consideration to journey inward to your greatness of being. The world will be a greater
place because of it.

In Joy! In Harmony! In Love! In One!

~ Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

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