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  1. 01:40:33

    Lucy, the First Human

    by Sylvia Toy

    9 Videos

    LUCY, THE FIRST HUMAN is video art/microcinema crossing genre into nonlinear science fiction fantasy. The subject matter is paleoanthropological. The setting is a barren, shadowy, womb-like or cave-like…

  2. 04:59:24

    TYFTB (thank you from the bottom

    by Sylvia Toy

    14 Videos

    TYFTB (thank you from the bottom), A woman thinks the Universe is collapsing and while trying to find a black hole to escape into, winds up in a mental hospital. As she tries to convince her Psychiatrist…

  3. 01:17:56

    Passages, a Myth (a short film)

    by Sylvia Toy

    16 Videos

    "Passages" is a myth about a female deity who is a creator of archetypes. Most creatives have "block" from time to time - sometimes so intensely that we feel we may never get another…

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