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    by paul sloan joined

    376 Videos / 88 Members

    Creators work I admire: Animators, filmmakers, video game designers

  2. The Directors

    by Damian Calvo joined

    2,706 Videos / 790 Members

    This group is for Directors to connect, comment on and share their work. This group does not discriminate in formats. The storytelling is the key. Please upload a maximum of two videos at a time to…

  3. stop motion

    by verzerk joined

    1,666 Videos / 1,001 Members

  4. Stop Motion(s)

    by guy joined

    4,005 Videos / 1,860 Members

    Anything that includes some form of Stop Motion.

  5. Film Makers Over The World

    by Deepak A joined

    20 Videos / 11 Members

    Ok, so I've been on Vimeo for the past few days. I've seen quite a lot of films on this and spoke to a few film makers through this. And today I was introduced to ''Vimeo Projects'' And…

  6. Film Actors!!

    by David Thompson joined

    78 Videos / 52 Members

    Actors who are involved in making or acting in films!! This is the place to tell your fantastic stories!

  7. Actors

    by Emmett Fitzsimmons joined

    28 Videos / 23 Members

    A place for actors to post and discuss their auditions and their demo's or any film clips they have.

  8. Cinephotographers.

    by Cinephotographer joined

    35.5K Videos / 9,002 Members

    This group is specifically for all Artists and Photographers turned cinematographers (or anyone who shoots amazing dslr cinematography). http://www.facebook.com/DslrFlix

  9. Cinematography

    by Antonio Galloro joined

    16.4K Videos / 4,997 Members

    Cinematography is one of the most captivating forms of expression in the world. A craft that requires a broad knowledge of all the arts - music, poetry, literature, sculpture and painting, as well…

  10. Filming on a Budget

    by Dominic Stevenson joined

    254 Videos / 71 Members

    For those who believe that Expensive equipment doesn't make you a good film maker. It's all about creativity, vision and talent. It should never be about how much money you have. Can you…

  11. Women Directors

    by Leah McKissock joined

    208 Videos / 50 Members

    Films of all genres and styles directed by women.

  12. DRAMA

    by George Snow joined

    359 Videos / 147 Members

    EXPERIMENTAL STORY-TELLING FOR THE POST-CAPITALIST ERA Capitalism is collapsing. The clapped-out syphilitic whore of de-mock-racy will go with it. Hooray! This is the best of times to be telling…

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