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Symbols Pictures Entertainment is a production and distribution independent brand of audiovisual works, founded in Italy in 2006 and based in Alessandria. The leading products of the brand are the independent film, music videoclip and promotional videoclip. The words "Pictures Entertainment" are chosen to emphasize the versatility of Symbols in the entertainment field image. The brand, in fact, is not only concerned of film productions, but also graphic design (often linked to audiovisual products released by the brand) and everything that has to do with the image. Since 2012 Symbols expands its horizons and began to operate throughout the entire country, particularly in the area of Milan and decided to put its own characteristics and manufacturing and promotional expertise available to directors, filmmakers and producers who want to produce audio-visual works. Since 2006 Symbols has produced numerous music videos and short films that have been selected and presented at major international festivals, including the Festival De Cannes.

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