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Sync. Visuals was born on 2007 under name. The origin comes from the idea of obtaining synchronization between the different elements involved in an event, bringing together people from various disciplines to develop this task.

Over time and after consolidation as a company, Sync. Visuals was the name adopted for all development work which is intended for the live side. Scenography and motion graphics are the work they perform for events and musical performances of different types, being the music the motor and Sync. Visuals the graphic infrastructure for the event.

After several years performing, Sync. Visuals has undertaken to provide the visually scenographic of many events spread throughout much of the Spanish geography, clubs and indoors venues both and outdoors, also performing alongside big names in the electronic scene as Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero, Surgeon and James Ruskin among many others.

Characterized from their beginnings by its modular display system live, investigating and working with many formats that go beyond the simple display and the ratios 4:3 or 16:9, using techniques such as mapping and adapting its perform sets without losing the digital and organic character that has accompanied them since today.

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