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Vineland, South Jersey

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Synesthesiæ Films is commited to bringing you the best in good electronic music and artists along with a psychedelic visual experience to produce a somewhat euphoric effect for all the tripping kids out there.

We here at Synesthesiæ Films are huge fans of this modern era of transcendant electronic music. We set out to create a visual representation of the music we love, and at the same time, introduce those who haven't heard of this type of music to a broader range of talented artists & amazing sounds that are out there.

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  1. ko olsen
  2. AVD78
  3. forteresse 2.0
  4. Paul Clipson
  5. Teengirl Fantasy
  6. Hippos In Tanks
  7. StrangeLoop
  8. Alpha Pup
  10. flying lotus
  11. Ghostly International
  12. Warp Records
  13. Ninja Tune
  14. ElFamosoDemon
  15. Eclectic Method
  17. NIC
  18. Henning M. Lederer

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