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Synthian Sharp peed his pants in front of his entire kindergarten classroom…

Then later… he became an award winning rock musician, screenwriter, humanitarian filmmaker, and Children’s Rights storyteller, who’s films were banned in three countries… all for saying that “even if you pee your pants… you can overcome anything”.

His debut position as lead singer in a rock band was solidified at age 14 in the fallout of the rock quartet Quiet Riot. Borrowing musicians from them, the glam band “Rapunzel” was born. Four years later, Synthian was a two-time Orange County Battle Of The Bands Champion with three television performances under his belt, and songs spinning on top New York radio stations by popular request alone.

Later, Synthian formed the short-lived synth-pop band, “Shudder to Think”, which is now regarded as the training grounds for his current, hard-line, activist rock project: Exit Ophelia.

The group’s music video, “BELIEVE” made him the first rock musician ever to be given an Artivist Award, and although BELIEVE is a music video, it has earned requested screenings by the United Nations, the Dalai Lama, and festivals the world over.

University professors in several countries have adopted the video as standard viewing material in World Culture & Social Sciences programs, and students in Beijing China have been arrested for distributing it. -- The budget for BELIEVE was $4.

Since releasing BELIEVE, Synthian has founded The Dream Harder Foundation (Against Child Abuse)… produced 4 short films for leading animal and human rights charities… written two feature screenplays, co-directed How I Became An Elephant, and written the main theme to Val Kilmer’s “American Meth”.

Synthian lives alone in Orange County and believes that L.A. is going to “get” him.

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