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Lion Hound Technology harnesses innovative technologies to create a generation of empowering products that will transform the way you live, work, and play. We believe that technology should be simple, intuitive, and elegant.

Any athlete knows the need for motivation. Whether you are three-quarters of the way through a race, halfway up a vertical climb or doing the last set at the gym, there are times when your body wants out, and when you are searching for inspiration to help you finish strong. You want the songs that pump you up, the photos that inspire you, and the data to track your progress. Most of all, you want quality devices and equipment that augment rather than hinders.

With that in mind, Lion Hound Technology set out to create powerful, durable and stylish products, which increase utility, enhance your lifestyle, and unleash your full potential. Lion Hound Technology makes it easier to do the things that you love better than you ever thought possible. SYRE is only the beginning.