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  1. 01:04:41

    Nervous Systems: Quantified Life and the Social Question at HKW

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    10 Videos

    An exhibition that asks how the enormous amounts of data captured by billions of sensors from our everyday communications and movements are transforming our behavior, as well as our understanding…

  2. 05:46

    The White Room - Nervous Systems

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    1 Video

    The Tactical Technology Collective’s installation manifests as the ideal corporate shopping experience; fully equipped with data experts, product lines and a hands- on training facility. ‘Valued…

  3. 04:42

    Triangulations - Nervous Systems at HKW

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    1 Video

    The triangulations re-contextulize the shifting terrain of quantification between humans and machines. This is presented with contributions by media historians and writers taking into account the…

  4. 06:46

    Digital security films - NOIR

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    3 Videos

    These are short digital security films which includes interviews with human rights activists talking about the digital security threats they face in different regions.

  5. 52:09

    10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    12 Videos

    A documentary film about the use of information and digital technologies for activism.

  6. 01:01:28

    Ononymous (Arabic, English, Farsi, Burmese, Spanish)

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    38 Videos

    These are short 2 min clips from the animation series Survival in the Digital Age

  7. 34:03

    Survival in the Digital Age animations

    by Tactical Technology Collective

    5 Videos

    The full animated films about digital security and privacy

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