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Vladimir Todorovic works with code and generative systems that enable him to communicate some of his ideas in variety of cinematographic media. By writing computer code, he produces narrative structures that he calls generative movies. His projects were exhibited and showcased at events including: 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rencontres Internationales 09, Videoformes, ICA Singapore, ISEA09, ISEA08, Enter3, Wired NextFest, Dislocate07, ISEA06, Siggraph 06, Transmediale 05, File 2004, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Machinista, Entermutlimediale 2, WRO 05, Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade, etc; and reviewed at: Wired, New Scientist, Gamasutra, Futures-labs, Neural.it, Selectparks.net, Turbulence, Artmagazine, Remont, Danas, etc. Recently, he served as the chair of Ludic Interfaces theme at ISEA08.

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