1. N12.bikini - Intro Video


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    The N12 bikini is the world's first first ready-to-wear, completely 3D-printed article of clothing. All of the pieces, closures included, are made directly by 3D printing, and snap together without any sewing. Designed by Jenna Fizel and Mary Huang of Continuum Fashion, and made possible by Shapeways, N12 represents the beginning of what is possible for the near future. http://www.continuumfashion.com/N12.html read more at our blog: http://www.continuuminum.com made with http://www.shapeways.com

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    • Puzzle Facade


      from Javier Lloret / Added

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      This video documentation was shot with Michaela Lakova. The song of the video is Photonic Belt by Lenticular Clouds http://lenticularclouds.net Puzzle Facade brings the experience of solving a Rubik’s cube to the urban space. It transforms the Ars Electronica’s media facade, into a giant Rubik’s cube, inviting passers-by to engage with an interactive experience that takes place in the city of Linz (Austria). In Puzzle Facade the player interacts with the specially designed interface-cube. The interface-cube holds electronic components to keep track of rotation and orientation. This data is sent via Bluetooth to a computer that runs the Puzzle Facade designed software. This software changes the lights and color of the large-scale Ars Electronica’s media facade in correlation to the handheld interface-cube. Due to the nature of this building and its surroundings, the player is only able to see two sides at the same time. This factor increases the difficulty of solving the puzzle, but as the player is able to rotate and flip the interface-cube, it is not a blocking factor. http://puzzlefacade.com http://interactive.javierlloret.com Acknowledgement Puzzle Facade was part of my thesis of the Interface Culture master program at the Universität für Künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung Linz, Austria. I would like to thank all my thesis’ supervisors for their advice and support (specially Laurent Mignonneau, Christa Sommerer and Martin Kaltenbrunner). I worked on all the aspects of the project, from the concept, to the electronics, programming and design of the interface-cube. But I would not have been able to solve all the problems I faced without the advice, support and help from many people. I would like to say thanks to them, starting with my parents Bernardo Lloret and Jocelyne Pardo, and continuing with: Cees Baarda, Mario Berenguer, Peter Calicher, Nerea García, Vicente Heras, Travis Kirton, Tijn Kooijmans, Rosa May Hewitt, Dolo Piqueras, Thomas Scharl, Jiskar Schmitz, Mr. Stock, Eric Toering, Jasper van Loenen, Dave Young. Thanks to Medialab-Prado Madrid for the help and support, specially to Marcos García and Daniel Pietrosemoli: http://medialab-prado.es Special thanks to the talented Gregor van Egdom for his help and guidance on the last steps of the design and production of the interface-cube: http://www.krekr.nl Thanks also to Ars Electronica Futurelab for allowing me to test the project for this video documentation, specially to Andreas Pramboeck, Peter Holzkorn & Wolfgang: http://www.aec.at/futurelab/en/ Puzzle Facade was coded in openFrameworks: http://www.openframeworks.cc Thanks to Fabio Varesano (Rest in peace) for his FreeIMU library: http://www.varesano.net/projects/hardware/FreeIMU Descripción en Español: Puzzle Facade traslada la experiencia de solucionar el cubo de Rubik a gran escala, transformando la fachada digital de Ars Electronica en un cubo de Rubik gigante en la ciudad de Linz (Austria). En Puzzle Facade el jugador interactúa con el "interface-cube". Este cubo ha sido especialmente diseñado e imprimido con una impresora 3D para el proyecto. El cubo contiene en su interior un microcontrolador Arduino y diversos componentes electrónicos y sensores que permiten obtener la orientación exacta del cubo y las rotaciones de sus lados. Esta información es enviada por Bluetooth a un software especialmente diseñado para el proyecto. Este software recibe la información de los sensores y visualiza el cubo de Rubik a gran escala en la fachada digital de Ars Electronica. Al contrario que con un cubo de Rubik convencional, en Puzzle Facade el jugador sólo puede ver dos lados del cubo a la vez en lugar de tres, lo que eleva la dificultad del puzzle. http://puzzlefacade.es

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      • Introducing the Form 1


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        The Form 1 works out of the box, making professional-grade 3D printing simple and affordable

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        • All Things Fall - 3D printed zoetrope by Mat Collishaw


          from Sebastian Burdon / Added

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          Artwork was designed by Mat Collishaw. It is based on "Massacre of the innocent" painting by Rubens. This is the 6th zoetrope I had a pleasure to work on. This 3D printed job took about 6 months of work and involved creating over 350 character figures, environment elements and architecture. I was responsible for all 3D modeling and animations. I mostly used 3ds max and ZBrush. Please let me know what you think of it. seb@creativenot.com www.creativenot.com

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          • Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs? digest ver.


            from Aki Inomata / Added

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            Title: Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs? digest ver. Artist: AKI INOMATA

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            • "Het Klokhuis" Opening titles


              from Johnny Kelly / Added

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              Stop motion title sequence for Dutch science show "Het Klokhuis" (The Apple Core). It is Hollands oldest youth television show, covering everything from the history of dinosaurs to how an iPhone is made. This was commissioned by advertising agency Kesselskramer, produced at Nexus Productions, and was made in collaboration with model maker / sculptor Jethro Haynes. The apples and core models were built using 3D printing technology in order to maintain the logo shape. There's an in-depth article about the making of this title sequence here: http://www.artofthetitle.com/2010/02/08/het-klokhuis/ Client: NPS Agency: KesselsKramer Creative Team: Christian Borstlap Agency Producer: Pieter Leendertse Production Company: Nexus Director: Johnny Kelly Executive Producers: Christopher O'Reilly & Charlotte Bavasso Producer: Luke Youngman Production Manager: Jo Bierton Creative Development: Beccy McCray Model-maker: Jethro Haynes 3D printed model design: Ben Cowell, Matt Clark Animators: Matthew Cooper, Tine Kluth Runner: Xaver Böhm Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston Director of Photography: Matthew Day Filmed at Clapham Road Studios Music: Harry Bannink Sound Design: FC Walvisch Amsterdam www.nexusproductions.com www.mickeyandjohnny.com www.jethrohaynes.com www.matthewcooperfilm.com www.kesselskramer.com www.christianborstlap.com

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              • The Free Universal Construction Kit


                from Adapterz / Added

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                The Free Universal Construction Kit (http://fffff.at/free-universal-construction-kit) is a collection of nearly 80 adapter bricks that enable complete interoperability between ten popular children's construction toys. By allowing any piece to mate with any other, the Kit encourages totally new forms of intercourse between otherwise closed systems -- enabling radically hybrid Constructivist play and the creation of heretofore impossible designs. (For example, one of the pieces adapts Legos® to Tinkertoys®.) As with other grassroots interoperability remedies, the Free Universal Construction Kit implements proprietary protocols in order to provide a public service unmet, or unmeetable, by corporate interests. Credits and Information: The Free Universal Construction Kit was conceived and developed by F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab in partnership with Adapterz LLC. Complete information about the Free Universal Construction Kit can be found at http://fffff.at/free-universal-construction-kit. Video by Riley Harmon. The Free Universal Construction Kit is licensed under and subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/legalcode). Lego®, Duplo®, Fischertechnik®, Gears! Gears! Gears!®, K'Nex®, Krinkles®, Lincoln Logs®, Tinkertoy®, Zome®, and Zoob® are trademarks of their respective owners. The Free Universal Construction Kit is not associated or affiliated with, or endorsed, sponsored, certified or approved by, any of the foregoing owners or their respective products. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts not intended for children under 3 years!

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                • REIFY 2015


                  from REIFY NYC / Added

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                  REIFY transforms sound into something we can see, sculpt and hold. Using 3D digital technologies, we build collaborative tools for creating cross-sensory experiences of sound. We are collective of visual artists, musicians, designers & technologists who are driven by a shared curiosity in the interplay of form and meaning — a digital synesthesia.

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                  • Grand Old Party


                    from matthew epler / Added

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                    From the catalogue (available at http://mepler.com) Dear Voter, Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, you’ve probably grown weary of the endless circus that is the electoral process. It is painful. But it shouldn’t be that way. As a member of a free democratic state you should feel exhilarating pleasure when exercising your right to choose your leader. Grand Old Party demonstrates that as a people united, our opinion has real volume. When we approve of a candidate, they swell with power. When we deem them unworthy, they are diminished and left hanging in the wind. We guard the gate! It opens and closes at our will. How wide is up to us. In an age of information, we rely on hard facts. Each of the shapes you see here come directly from poll data collected by Gallup. This data reects approval ratings for each GOP candidate among registered Republican voters from December 10, 2011 to April 1, 2012. Each shape’s girth is a reflection of popularity while their height is a reflection of time. The contours of these delightful shapes conjure up the waves of amber grain and those lapping at the rim of our great nation spanning from sea to shining sea. As the battle for the Presidency rails on, we must remember that Americans may may have achieved freedom through war, but they are also a people of love. After all, in the end all we have is each other.

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                    • The Man Who Prints Houses Trailer


                      from Marc Webb / Added

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                      For More information go to: www.themanwhoprintshouses.com

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