1. The Twins


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    Filmed, Edited and Directed by Ty Evans Additional Filming: Ryan Lovell Roger Bagley Sam Newman Chris Brunner Featuring Pierce and Chris Brunner (filmed at age 12) FILMED WITH: PANASONIC AF-100 PANASONIC GH-2 PANASONIC HVX-200 PANASONIC HPX-170 CANON 7D CANON T2i Music: Empire of the Sun "Walking On a Dream" Please support the artist here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/walking-on-a-dream/id333726578?i=333726784 www.skatefairy.com www.panasonic.com www.schneideroptics.com www.blackmagic-design.com www.redgiantsoftware.com

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    • Rose of Jericho


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      A time lapse of a Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla). After being exposed to water, the plant turns from a dried tumbleweed to a green fern over the course of several hours. Check out my behind the scenes interview with The Smithsonian: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/video-contest/in-motion-workshop-rose-of-jericho/ Music: Alexandre Desplat - Morning tears

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      • HDR video : Philippe G "Actif-Passif" [Director Cut]


        from yann KIBONGUI Added 121K 1,954 84

        (english description below) A l'heure où la 3d est reine, les images de synthèses omniprésentes, une autre manière de voir l'image pointe son nez, le HDR où High Dynamic Range. J'ai utilisé ce procédé pour le clip "Actif-Passif", de l'artiste Philippe G tourné au gh1 qui a nécessité une semaine de travail. ( images non compressées : http://yannkibongui.com/hdr.htm / making of : https://vimeo.com/18038671 ) Le vidéogramme que vous avez ou que vous allez regarder est mon director cut, la version officielle est visible ici : http://vimeo.com/17965756 Réalisation : Yann KIBONGUI Direction de la photographie : Yann KIBONGUI Cadre : Ludovic CUMPLIDO et Yann KIBONGUI Maquillage : Sophie BIERINGER Costumière-Habilleuse : Malvina VIDAL VFX et étalonnage : Yann KIBONGUI Date de production : Novembre 2010 Diffusion : web Avec : Maritza Nicolai, Victoria Palomo, Karine Sartre, Valentine Kuentz Dupont (jolies filles) Jean-Paul Roy (huissier) Guillaume Akoun, Laurent Ramamonjiarisoa (policiers) Franck Lambot (homme de main) ______________________________________________________ Today 3D is fashionable and cg is inescapable but an other way to consider picture is coming, HDR or High Dynamic Range. I used this process on "Actif-Passif" music video of the singer Philippe G shot on gh1 during about one week of work. ( uncompressed pictures : http://yannkibongui.com/hdr.htm / making of : https://vimeo.com/18038671 ) The video you've seen or you're gonna see is my director cut, lthe official version can be seen here : http://vimeo.com/17965756 Director : Yann KIBONGUI DOP : Yann KIBONGUI Camera operator : Ludovic CUMPLIDO et Yann KIBONGUI Make up : Sophie BIERINGER Wardrobe : Malvina VIDAL VFX and color grading : Yann KIBONGUI Shot on : Novembre 2010 With : Maritza Nicolai, Victoria Palomo, Karine Sartre, Valentine Kuentz Dupont (pretty women) Jean-Paul Roy (bailiff) Guillaume Akoun, Laurent Ramamonjiarisoa (cops) Franck Lambot (henchman)

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        • HDR video : hacked Lumix gh1 (GH13 ) hdr color grading, étalonnage hdr


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          Quelques tests d'étalonnage d'un clip que j'ai réalisé il y a quelques jours, clip officiel visible ici : http://vimeo.com/17965756 ( images non compressées : http://yannkibongui.com/hdr.htm ) Panasonic 20mm f1.7 Sigma 10-20mm f4.0-5.6 Nikon 50mm f1.4 _________________________________ Some gh13 color grading tests for a music video I've directed some days ago,official clip can be seen here : http://vimeo.com/17965756 ( uncompressed pictures : http://yannkibongui.com/hdr.htm ) Panasonic 20mm f1.7 Sigma 10-20mm f4.0-5.6 Nikon 50mm f1.4

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          • Pacifica


            from Marlon Torres Added

            I spent the weekend testing out my new AF100. After initial disappointments with running into banding and excessive noise. I finally found the settings I need to avoid such problems. I can now say that I'm very happy with the camera! Shot with a Canon 10-22mm and Lumix 14-140mm. Music is Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marlontorres

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            • "A Verse Before Dying"


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              Set in the 1850s Texas borderlands, the film tells the story of an orphaned boy, the Priest who looks after him, and the menacing stranger from the Priest's past who comes to town looking to settle an old score. CAST Acolito: Emilio Gonzales Priest: Robert Lambert Stranger: Ben Wolfe Alma: Tori Jimenez Bartender: Darwin Miller Extras Barry "Alamo Bill" Chinn David "Dragon Hill Dave" Donaldson, Jr. Associate Producer: Joanne Mick Gaffer: Marcel Rodriguez 1st A.C.: Taylor Rudd Kicker of Ass: Matt Gottshalk Key Grip: Brandon Boggs Grip/Stunt Coordinator: Louis Moncivias Steadicam: Mikko Wilson Production Sound: Matt Gettemeier Script Supervisor: Drew Ott P.A./Art Department: Cherdon Bedford P.A./Flagger: Melvin Harris Wardrobe Stylist : Stephanie Fraide Make-Up Effects: Christopher Payne BTS Video: Justin Netti Helicopter Pilot: Steve Bush Helicopter Cam-Op: Jonny Carroll Colorist: Oscar Oboza Sound Design/Mixing: Philip Menchaca Music: Justin Netti Additional Music / Licensing: 615 Music A Division of Warner/Chappell Music Licensing Agent: Matt Fisher Special Thanks To… Panasonic USA GEAR Rental, Inc. LensRentals.com Kessler Crane Shoot35 SmallHD RedRock Micro Notes: "A Verse Before Dying" is the first narrative short film shot on the new Panasonic AF-100 Digital Cinema Camera. The film was shot on location in Dripping Springs, Texas. For additional information, behind-the-scenes photos and more, go to dvxuser.com/​V6/​showthread.php?230414-quot-A-Verse-Before-Dying-quot-A-Borderlands-Spaghetti-Western facebook.com/​pages/​A-Verse-Before-Dying/​176277319068891

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                Expedition-One welcomes the Brunner Brothers as our newest ams. Watch a day in their dysfunctional lives now. Follow our Expedition at: SITE: http://www.expedition-one.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/EXPEDITIONONE TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/expeditionone INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/expeditionone

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                • How I Do - Dennis Enarson - Smith Grind


                  from Haro Bikes Added 20.5K 124 3

                  The 'How-To' video is no where near a new concept. There has been a how-to do almost everything imaginable. Most are long, drawn out videos, more boring to watch than insightful and inspiring. So we decided to take the 'How-To' back it's simplest form. One rider, doing one trick, documented the best way possible. So enjoy as Dennis Enarson enlightens you on the fundamentals of how to execute a proper smith grind. Take this new found perfection and go outside, learn something new and have some fun riding your bike. To see more of Dennis and all things Haro check out www.harobikes.com Rider: Dennis Enarson Filmed, Edited and Directed By: Terrell Gordy Executive Producer: Allan Cooke Additional Filming: Chad Kerley Ronnie Napolitan Music: War On Drugs Slave Ambient "Come To The City" Support the Artist here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/come-to-the-city/id452469775?i=452469781 Filmed with: Panasonic HPX-170 Panasonic AF-100 Panasonic GH-2 Equipment Provided By: Texas Media Systems www.texasmediasystems.com Thanks go out to theberrics.com, we know a good idea when we see it.

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                  • True Loves by Hooray For Earth


                    from Stray Angel Films Added 4,675 107 27

                    Here's a music video we co-produced with Young Replicant. Hope you like it! This was shot on our AF-100s with Zeiss Super Speeds provided by Evidence productions and a Duclos PL mounted Tokina 11-16mm Zoom. If anybody had doubts about getting cinematic looking images out of the AF-100 I hope they are put to rest now. I really think this video came out looking amazing. Everything was shot at 24p (with lots of overcranking) and the widescreen was achieved by shooting at 1080p and cropping down to a widescreen 720p. A heck of a lot cheaper and easier than messing around with anamorphic lenses! As an alternative to the RED, I think this camera really stands up. It even has some features that may even make it better for some uses. For example, the built in NDs can save you a ton of time when you're trying to get shots off as quickly as possible and the light is changing on you. Add that to the fact that you can rent this entire camera, lens, support and accessories package from me for $500 a day and I think we'll see a lot of great video like this one being shot with this camera system. Please ask if you have any questions about the gear or production! True Loves by Hooray For Earth 2011 Dovecote Records Directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin Produced by Stray Angel Films x Young Replicant Commissioner Jill Kaplan DP Tom Banks AC Federico Kurschinski SFX - J2k Entertainment Additional SFX by Mickey Goese, Alex Takacs Wardrobe by Lauren Bradley Wardobe Assistants Julia Chase, Alex Dill Featuring Emanuel Borria, Maya Lawson Stunt Rider Lillie Jandrain Trainer Brenda Chalk PAs Graham Murdoch, Shanah Richardson, Marcus Inglizian, Tim Suglian, Joey Arcidiacono, Andrew Levy, Wesley Chou Special thanks Steve Vader

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                    • AF-100 Visual Sample


                      from terrellgordy Added

                      Over the course of the past few months I have been fortunate enough to have Texas Media Systems here in Austin supply me with a Panasonic AF-100(AF) to shoot with. While the AF is definitely not the end all be all of the large sensor cameras. It might be, in my opinion, one of the best bang for your buck large sensor camera to date. Without going over all the technical specs, that you can easily find if so desired, this camera really does fix most of the serious problems I’ve had with the HDSLR movement. While for the majority of my filming needs is handled by a Panasonic P2 HPX-170, I find that the AF not only easily matches up well in color reproduction it also seamlessly fits into my workflow. Originally I had my reservations about the AVCHD codec, but between extensive use of the AF and the HMC-150 pretty much any and all concerns have vanished. For what the codec is and does I think it is very robust and handles the compression well. The only time I’ve really ever observed the codec break was when I really pushed the footage in post. Which I’m sure would have been solved with use of an external recorder. On paper I thought that the smaller sensor size was going to be a real deal breaker. I’ve had a Canon 7D now for a few years and I can honestly say when I am in the field shooting, I can’t really tell the difference in focal length on lenses between the two. It really is such a small difference between APS-C/S35 and M4/3 that unless your looking at charts it’s negligible in my eyes. Would I like the sensor to be a little bigger? Sure, why not. Does it bother me? Not really. I do wish the camera body was a bit smaller all the way around. Most of my work involves the camera traveling in a backpack, which most aren’t really deep enough. Any size and weight I can save traveling through airports really goes a long way. The camera's not a horrible size, it’s just a little tall. Other than the height, the camera does travel really well. Much like my HPX-170 it’s easy to pull out throw a lens on and get to shooting within a short period. Speaking of lenses I’ve had the chance to use a variety of SLR lenses on the camera. From Nikon to Canon and even a couple of the Olympus Zuiko F/2.0. They all look and work great. My only real gripe is I wish there was a better adapter for Canon glass, but even that seems to have a 3rd party fix in the near future. I haven't had the chance to use any PL glass with the camera yet. Overall I feel that the AF is a great camera. I have and will continue to recommend it to anyone looking to move on from the HDSLR form factor. My transition was seamless when coming from the HPX and HMC cameras and my work never seemed to missed a beat. Are there a couple things the camera is missing I would like to see in the future? Absolutely, but at what cost? That I'm not sure about. I’d love to have a AVC-Intra 10 bit P2 version one day (AF-250?). Until then I will most likely continue to use the AF whenever possible, and most likely really enjoy using it. The video is mostly footage that has already been used, is left over from various projects or just B-roll that I enjoyed, but never really had a home for. Head over to www.texasmediasystems.com for more info and to purchase the AF-100 as well as any other camera and production needs you may have. I can't speak more highly of those guys. -Terrell Music: Play By Numbers "Error" http://goo.gl/yXscW www.texasmediasystems.com twitter: @TXMedia facebook.com/texasmediasystems

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