1. Defeat Aliens - Stop Abductions - Repel Invasions - Fight For Freedom


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    http://mindpersuasion.com/ Defeat aliens at every turn and keep your mind, body and spirit safe from invasion. Learn more mind tools: http://mindpersuasion.com/ Subliminal Messages: aliens are terrified of me aliens are afraid of me aliens leave me alone aliens steer clear of me aliens are afraid to get involved with me aliens stay away from me I defeat aliens wherever they are I defeat aliens wherever they go I defeat aliens at every turn I defeat aliens within their own secret bases aliens are afraid to see me aliens feel deep fear when I'm around aliens cower at my name aliens cower at my presence I easily defeat aliens I easily repel aliens I easily conquer aliens I protect the innocent from aliens I protect the weak from aliens alien abductions cease when I'm around alien abductions stop when I'm around aliens are terrified of you aliens are afraid of you aliens leave you alone aliens steer clear of you aliens are afraid to get involved with you aliens stay away from you You defeat aliens wherever they are You defeat aliens wherever they go You defeat aliens at every turn You defeat aliens within their own secret bases aliens are afraid to see you aliens feel deep fear when You're around aliens cower at your name aliens cower at your presence You easily defeat aliens You easily repel aliens You easily conquer aliens You protect the innocent from aliens You protect the weak from aliens alien abductions cease when You're around alien abductions stop when You're around

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    • Abduction


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      I bought a couple of these skeletons on a trip to Japan. Now I make stop motion animations with them in my free time. I´ll try to post one movie every day. Come back soon for more movies!

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      • Lights


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        Jess and Kevin are hanging out at the park when Jess mysteriously vanishes. Over the next two days, Jess discovers through nightmares and thorough research that she was abducted by aliens. However, she soon learns that the most stressful part of this experience is the struggle to get her best friend to believe her.

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        • 'Probing' (Trailer) - Gay Feature Film


          from Dan Fry / Added

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          To view the full film, please use the link below: http://vimeo.com/95616231 Danny's partner, Jakob, disappears from the face of the earth. Before Danny finds enough time to absorb and look for Jakob to get some answers ---- he finds himself in a white clinical room undergoing some very bizarre questioning from strange sounding 'beings' behind a glass window. Danny drifts in and out of consciousness often, leaving him wondering whether his situation is actually real, or maybe he's undergoing a very surreal and disturbing dream. He endures much probing and tests, but all the while still holds on to hope that he will one day be reunited with his long term partner, Jakob. This hope becomes even more palpable when the strange 'beings' regularly throw Jakob into the equation and elude to knowing of his whereabouts. This, in turn, evokes a very strong emotional retaliation from Danny, and provides the power and fighting ability to deal with the tasks ahead. The film is told in 5 Chapters. The first three all occur within the testing confinement. The fourth takes us back to earth where the celestial 'Beings' have set a very difficult task to undertake, and the fifth and final chapter takes us to a stunning beach location where only celestial spirits can levitate freely without a worry in the world or being in the world. This is a feature about world destruction, world hope, homophobia, hope for equality, but most of all questions whether we would, if we could, choose to exist somewhere ethereal, where everyone is equal, away from a radical authoritarian world. The tracks in this film can be found on the below links: Joseph Roy - https://www.youtube.com/user/jmrsonybmg The Cracked - www.the-cracked.com

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          • Love And Saucers: The Far Out World Of David Huggins


            from Brad Abrahams / Added

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            A teaser for a documentary in progress. David Huggins is a 70 year-old outsider artist who's had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings - including an interspecies romance with an E.T. woman - and chronicled it all in surreal impressionist paintings. Credits: Director/Editor: Brad Abrahams Music: Neuronium, Nat King Cole Artwork: David Huggins Thanks to: Farah Yurdozu, Patrick Huyghe

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            • Killers From Space - 10th Anniversary Edition


              from Tarr And Fether / Added

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              This is the 10th anniversary edition of our very first episode on Psycho Cinema, KILLERS FROM SPACE. See alien abductions. See BEMs (Bug-Eyed Monsters)! See Peter Graves with the first ever nipple transplant! Well...okay, that last one is just something we made up. But it does look like it! As usual, Tarr and Fether manage to interject their comments and observations throughout this classic B movie. And it's also chock full of skits and other goodies. Be sure and check it out. And remember... LET THE OPERATION BEGIN!!

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              • Alien Therapy


                from tenXzen / Added

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                Written & Directed: Tom Scheuber Starring: Aaron Kohr & David Scheuber Post: Tom Scheuber - Digital Effects: Aaron Kohr Story By: Tom Scheuber, David Scheuber, Aaron Kohr In space no one can hear you whine ! When an alien abduction victim undergoes hypnosis by a world renowned hypnotherapist, things quickly turn bizarre. Screened at the Los Angeles Downtown Independent Theater

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                • ARRIVAL - Part 1 of the From The Sky trilogy - Official book trailer


                  from David McGowan / Added

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                  Camberway is like any small northern California town. An everyday community living everyday lives. Until the arrival. When the ground starts to shake beneath their feet... When the noises crash through the skies above their heads... When the giant UFOs appear and send down their beams, their terrible beams... Camberway is rocked to its very foundations, as a series of bizarre events changes all of their lives, forever. What will become of Camberway, and the people who call it home? Will anyone survive? Why are the giant UFOs here? what do they want? ARRIVAL is the first part of the From The Sky trilogy. Part 2 - JOURNEY, and Part 3 - NEVADA, are scheduled for release late-2014, early-2015. Part 2 - JOURNEY Cold and afraid under the California winter. Join the survivors as they embark on a journey across California. 6 men, 1 woman, 2 children, and 1 black Labrador. Can they escape the giant UFOs? Who can be trusted? Who will betray? And the crazy man…the killer…is he watching? Who holds the key to their survival, and what is the secret they hold so close? Walk with them through what’s left of California. Share their fears, share their triumphs. Be ready for the revelation, the realization of where they’re headed, and a final act that will blow your mind. Part 3 - NEVADA Fear and sadness overwhelm the few that are left. And doubt grows strong in their minds. A messenger appears to lead them to their destiny. Who is the strange Professor? And what does he know about where they must go? What they must do. Will the aliens get what they want? Will life and Earth ever be normal again? Head over to davidmcgowanauthor.com or facebook.com/davidmcgowanauthor to find out more about the trilogy.

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                  • alien abduction


                    from Danielle Roberts / Added

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                    Survey of Animation & Visual Effects: Flipbook Animation

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                    • Hypnosis (Segment)


                      from Vanessa Hoar / Added

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                      Hypnosis Segment (Work-In-Progress)

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