1. Geauga Park's Nassau Astronomical Observing Station


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    The Nassau Astronomical Observing Station is currently awaiting renovation by the Geauga Park District. Upon finding enough funding, the restored observatory will house Ohio's largest publicly available telescope.

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    • The Valley North


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      Shot just West of Fort Collins, Colorado on the night of November 29, 2014. camera is pointed NNE and the glow on the horizon is Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can see the Milky Way dropping through the frame as well as the Andromeda Galaxy (left of Milky Way). There is also a medium sized meteor, which is the title frame for this video, flying near parallel to the Milky Way near the 3/4 time mark. This was my first time lapse with my new Sony a7S. Shot with the downloadable time lapse app (required without intervalometer). Shot at 28 mm, f/3.5 and iso 8000 at 15" intervals/exposures using the Sony SEL2870, 28-70mm EF-mount lens. For the next time lapse I will use the Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 lens at full aperture and wireless intervalometer. Probably up the exposure and possibly the ISO since this camera performs outstanding in low-light, and that seems to result in reducing the noise level in long-exposure photography too. I used the Sony app to transfer the files to my drive and then Adobe Lightroom 5.5 to adjust exposure, color and contrast.

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      • Andromeda Galaxy


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          from Ute Posegga-Rudel / Added

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          http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/from-andromeda-galaxy-use-wings-of.html Please use headphones! "We are here to support the Truth of a Bright Divine Reality to manifest, Who expresses Itself as Inherent Beauty in and of Everything that exists. There is no Truth without Beauty, because the Divine can only manifest as Such." To read the whole message, please visit my blog, link is above!

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          • Andromeda Galaxy Std


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            Andromeda Galaxy video created for IntelliChristian! Science article: http://science.intellichristian.com/andromeda-galaxy

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            • What's Up Autumn 2012


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              Robin Scagell explains when to see Jupiter and how to find the Andromeda Galaxy during Autumn 2012, at a meeting of the Society for Popular Astronomy

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              • Ham radio antenna with the Milky Way


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                A very short and simple time lapse of my father-in-law's ham radio antenna with the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy behind it. I wanted to get a lot more but sadly we had nothing but rain and fog this trip. The music is "What else is there?" by Royksopp.

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                • Hubblecast 55: Crash of the Titans


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                  In this episode of the Hubblecast, scientists Jay Anderson and Roeland van der Marel show how they have used Hubble observations to predict the future of the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way. Projecting the motion of Andromeda’s stars over the next 8 billion years, the astronomers now know the path that galaxy is taking through space. And it’s heading straight for us! Computer simulations based on Hubble observations show how the two galaxies will crash together in around 4 billion years’ time. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA/STScI Visual design and editing: Martin Kornmesser Web and technical support: Raquel Yumi Shida and Mathias André Written by: Oli Usher Interviews: Mary Estacion (NASA/STScI) Animations: Frank Summers (NASA/STScI), Greg Bacon (NASA/STScI) Narration: Dr J (Joe Liske) Images: NASA & ESA Music: John Stanford from Deep Space Directed by: Oli Usher Executive producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen More information and download-options: http://spacetelescope.org/videos/hubblecast55a/

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                  • Urban. Mountain. Sky. A new view on Innsbruck (Director's Cut) - Innsbruck Cinema Premiere Edition


                    from Christoph Malin / Added

                    Tyrol Documentary Filmer Christoph Malin, an extreme Mountainbiker, Skier and Snowboarder since 20 years, has produced this spectacular new view on Innsbruck at night and dawn, seen from the surrounding Peaks, Villages and Valleys. This "Director's Cut" version features a special Intro (filmed with Nikon's new D4) which shows Malin mountainbike riding the famous "Nordkette CableCar Support No 3" part of the “Nordkette Singletrail” at night. The "Nordkette Singletrail" is Europe’s most spectacular Mountainbike Trail, which Malin founded and developed in 2004 with Christian Piccolruaz (both with Vertriders.com) in cooperation with the City of Innsbruck and the Nordkettenbahn CableCar Company. UMS "Directors Cut" also features a "Takeout's and Fails" section after the Main segment, showing what can go wrong during such a production. The great Soundtrack Tune "Way over Yonder" was especially produced for this Video by TinyType, an Artist based in Tyrol. Tiny Type releases internationally, and his label can be found at http://www.audiocalligraphy.com. „Urban. Mountain. Sky." takes great measure in showing the beautiful starry skies and breathtaking scenery after sunset, that are still to be enjoyed in Tyrol. While Innsbruck and the surrounding areas of course suffer from the lightpollution a City this size creates (see my older project "black hole sun"), the skies are still very nice once there are clear nights. The task is now to conserve at least this status we have now, to not loose the nightsky forever. The Short Film was produced during 8 months with special TimeLapse film techniques using ultra sensitive Cameras, and is based on over 35000 images. Some objects to be seen during the film: There are Milky Way, Orion, the Plejades, Meteors, Andromeda, Satellite Flashes, Traffic Streams in the Valleys, traditional Mountain Fires at Summer Solstice, Earth Hour Party at Innsbruck’s Golden Rooftop (02:25), a Meteor Persistent Train (around 04:38) as well as many Aeroplanes on their way over the Alps. At about 05:04 one see's the Brenner Autobahn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brennerautobahn). It is also seen at about 04:12 (filmed from the 2400 m high Patscherkofel Mountain above Innsbruck, together with a Thunderstorm on the horizon), or at 03:52. Basically filmed at the same mountain with very bad light pollution (yellow band) provided by Northern Italy (not filtered by cloud layers). Around 04:22 is a famous scene with Innsbruck and the Milky Way… I once heard from a renown Astronomer that the other City in the world of about the same size that provides a similar quality of the MW during nights with clear skies is: Tucson, Arizona. Victor Franz Hess, who discovered cosmic rays, actually studied them high above Innsbruck at his cosmic ray observatory (http://www.uibk.ac.at/astro/observatory/hafelekar/index.html.en) at the 2450 m high Innsbruck Hafelekar mountain, which is part of the Karwendel Mountain Range, that hosts the “Alpenpark Karwendel”, a bit similar to a State National Park. Actually at the Intro Sequence (around 01:44) I was just about 600 vertical meters below Hess’ observatory, and at the end sequence around 04:57, the observatory is just right of the upper mountain light (Hafelekar Cable Car Mountain Station) in the middle of the images. The odd object from about 03:34 are lens flares, and I hope you noted the Mountain Goat appearing at the most upper right hand side of the images, during that sequence. While capturing images, I could hear the goat, but couldn’t recognize it. Filmed with Nikon D3s, D7000 and D7000, AFS 24-70/2.8, 14-24/2.8, AF 16/2.8 Fisheye, AF 50/1.8, AFS 500/4, AFS 80-200/2.8. The Mountainbike Scenes are filmed with Nikon’s new amazing low light flagship, the Nikon D4. Enjoy! Christoph Malin web // christophmalin.com facebook.com/christoph.malin twitter.com/#!/christophmalin get amazing prints of this movie at: http://christophmalin.zenfolio.com/ http://twanight.org/cmalin/

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                    • BIALIEN VOL I ILLUSTRATIONS VIDEO - WHERE STAR WARS MEETS X-MEN. (cool movie soundtracks)


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                      "...The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who is abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion..." Graphic novel topics: Dark Energy, Nanotechnology, Plasma Fusion, String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, UFO theories, advanced Alien worlds, conspiracies, space exploring, future government weapons, new ways of traveling through space (optic-warp), gravity manipulating and human body evolving. "...when 19-year-old Jaden stumbles on a downed spaceship, he instantly becomes the hunted prey of nefarious U.S. government agencies bent on confiscating the UFO and eliminating any civilians who know about it. The alien machine not only protects Jaden from his pursuers but whisks him off to a distant planet where he makes friends with the aliens. They inject him with body-transforming nanotechnology and warn him of the evil Darclonians, who plan on using their own nanotechnology to conquer Earth..." Note: All illustrations and animations are scenes from the novel. There are free ebooks available at main website.

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