1. Panasonic GH2 Horizontal Band Issue


    from Quinn Brown / Added

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    This is a video I shot to show the issue I was seeing during low light shooting using a new US model GH2 body. The footage was shot at ISO 3200 and was overexposed in post to help make the line easier to see. What you'll see in the footage is a horizontal dark band going across the screen near the top. As I adjust the shutter speed down (starting from 1/160th of a second) you'll see the line jump farther down the image. I run the clip again a second time, but this time with a red line to make it easier to follow as well as the corresponding shutter speed. I've tried out two different GH2 bodies now, and both did exactly the same thing, leading me to believe that it could be a sensor issue. However, in talking to Andrew at EOSHD.com, he says that his Japanese model GH2 does not have this issue present at any time, so perhaps a US only issue. If you have a GH2 or can get access to one, please try this out (about 2-3 stops under exposed at ISO 3200) and let me know if you notice the same issue.

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    • GH2 Driftwood 176/mbps GOP1 Hack - Low Light Test @3200 iso: Playing with Fire


      from ROMAN | LEGION / Added

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      Test to see how bad the banding gets at night shooting underexposed @ high iso's. If you're wielding fire...it can get pretty ugly... seems to definitely be an issue with flickering light sources, like a candle / flame or any bluish / white hue bouncing off a television. I used a flycam nano in some shots and wasn't able to tell how well I was focusing. Just in case some of the "out-of-focus" annoys you...

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      • GH2 Banding Issue?


        from Far From Subtle / Added

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        Just got my GH2 today... was disappointed to see this odd noise in the darker spots. It's been in a couple shots now, but this was the most noticeable. Shot with only sunlight and an ISO of 320 with a wide open pancake lens (f1.7). Here is the original ProRes file: bit.ly/​fhGEz8 Sorry, didn't keep the MTS.

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        • WARNING: T2i Fluorescent Light Banding


          from Jared Foster / Added

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          The manual says "If you shoot a movie under fluorescent lighting, the movie image might flicker." I shot this at a scooter shop that has 4 large fluorescent lights. I noticed these weird darken lines going thru the screen and I wondered what those were. If you adjust your shutter speed to 30, 40, 50, 60 they might go away. I was seeing these while shooting in high shutter speeds like 125 and higher. I don't currently own the 7D or 5D Mark ii but I have now read about similar experiences of fluorescent banding. In my sample clips you can see bad examples of banding striping the image but in the last clip of the blue Lambretta sign with the lights you will see I was able to shoot the lights without getting the weird side effects. Also the last clip also shows I was able to shoot under the same light and correctly get my shot without the banding. Hopefully if you see these stripes while shooting in fluorescent lights you will be able to correct your shutter speed and get your shots with out banding.

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          • Canon EOS 7D Horizontal Lines / Banding!


            from Paul Reynolds / Added

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            Anyone else have these Horizontal Lines in their 7D footage. I've only recently noticed them. However I do see them in the LCD as I am recording. I'm freaking out!

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            • Resolving Banding or Flickering?


              from Blanche / Added

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              How can I resolve these banding or flickering problems before I shoot and in post FCP X? Just back from two days shooting with my new Panasonic GH3. I tried some new settings turning down sharpness, color, noise ratio etc. Some shots had some really serious banding or flickering. The two examples are shot with artificial lightening 50 Hrz. frequency for Europe. I used the one point method (correct english name?) for measuring the available light. I don't understand it at all. Also because other shots under the same circumstances haven't got the same problems. Thank god I have enough shots to create the vid. Anybody a clue why this occured? So I will be prepared next time. And is there a way to fix it in post with FCP X? Because I'm still learning how to shoot with all the settings on my GH3 I set everything on automatic except the diaphragm - A modus. Other settings; MOV, 24 p - 50 Mbps (for Europe), Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3, Noise reduction -4.

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              • Lumix GH1 Night shot - Iso test


                from 1k0 / Added

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                Testing "low" and HIGH Iso settings on my GH1 at night in a quiet little town. Shot in smooth movie mode all setting down to -2 except noise reduction at +2. No color/contrast correction. Shot in Pal 1280/720 - 1/50 - Canon FD 50mm ssc F1.4 - Full manual.

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                • Blackmagic 4K Noise Banding Update


                  from LevelUpNZ / Added

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                  Sorry about the delay in my IR & ND filter test with the Blackmagic 4K camera, but during the test I noticed just how bad the noise banding was at ISO 400. Both Blackmagic and my reseller agreed this shouldn't be how the image looks, so it's currently being sorted out. Vimeo compression often softens noise, so here is a link to the 4K original shot: http://img.acianetmedia.com/i/hm8LN.jpg

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                  • Some clips with GH2, 14mm+Sony ECU1 Adapter


                    from Al Jimenez / Added

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                    The first scene is a photo, then a slow pan of the Pacific Ocean in Cayucos, Ca with the sun head on. This huge Dynamic Range presents a challenge which results in clear banding of the sky. The final clip is very low light with no Noise Reduction applied. The camera had Firmware version 1.1, un-hacked. The low light shows very little if any noise. The 14mm with the Sony ECU1 adapter makes the combo about 10.5 mm.

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                    • moon (night test shot on GH-1)


                      from Zack Gietek / Added

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                      This is a quick & dirty throwdown of some night footy shot on my relatively new Panasonic GH-1. -All footage is raw out of the cam ungraded/uneffected, except the first clip which has a gaussian blur- to open with. -Time-ramped in post I used the stock lens and a canon fd 50mm f1.4 on a few various nights of shooting. My aperture was pretty much wide open the whole time but was all over the place w/ shutter speed and ISO, trying to achieve different looks. While shooting the noise/banding wasn't as apparent on the lcd- but in post, it's pretty bad.

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