1. Dr. Aiko Hormann Let There Be Light Part 2


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    To learn more about Dr. Aiko Hormann please visit her website at www.aikoministries.org

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    • Incandescent Sky - Water Bloom


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      Personal project, music by Incandescent Sky: http://www.incandescentsky.com/albums_rad.html

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      • Biophoton Light Therapy


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        by Sandra Levarek http://www.biontologyarizona.com "The ultimate reality of nature is LIGHT and without light there can be no life." Johan Boswinkel - Biophoton Light Therapy “We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light. And the modern science of photobiology is presently proving this. In terms of healing the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” ………..Dr. Fritz Albert Popp “The disease is only a symptom. You have cancer? The tumor is only the symptom. It is not the disease. If you want to remove a symptom, you have to remove the cause. Then it will never come back, once you’ve removed the cause. It’s really very easy to remove the cause. Then the body will remove the symptom. bt“The disease is only a symptom. You have cancer? The tumor is only the symptom. It is not the disease. If you want to remove a symptom, you have to remove the cause. Then it will never come back, once you’ve removed the cause. It’s really very easy to remove the cause. Then the body will remove the symptom. by Johan Boswinkel ....."How the Body Really Works"

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        • Johan Boswinkel on Asthma - Biophoton Light Therapy


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          By Sandra Levarek : Johan Boswinkel on treating Asthma with the CHIREN. Biophoton light therapy ... Dutch health pioneer Johan Boswinkel is using biophotons, the faint light waves emitted by cells, to help the body heal. Learn more about biophoton light therapy treatments: http://www.BiontologyArizona.co

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          • Johan Boswinkel - フォトンライトセラピーとは何ですか?


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            by http://biontologyarizona.com/?lang=ja アリゾナ州のBiontologyへようこそ。我々はバイオフォトン光療法に興味を持ち、特にBiontologyの研究に興味があるものに自分が好きなすべての人に情報を提供するために、このサイトを作成しました. 私の名前はサンドラLevarekです。. 私の練習は美しいセドナに位置しています, アリゾナ州. 現在私はアプライドバイオフォトン科学研究所を通じてヨハンBoswinkelの指導の下Biontologistセラピストとして練習しています. 資料を読む ホリスティックヒーリング今日! あなたの予算に合わせて価格設定! ベッド & Breakfasterは、提供され – 美しいセドナに位置する民家, CHIRENとのセッションを受けながら、アリゾナ州。. すべての客室にはspetacularの景色を望め! ここをクリックしてくださいあなたのセドナ滞在のための詳細については、 ! Biophoton Light Therapy – Sedona Bed and Breakfast NOW – Accommodations included with Biophoton Light Therapy Sessions! http://biontologyarizona.com/biophoton-light-therapy-sedona-bed-and-breakfast/

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            • Biophoton Light Therapy - An Introduction to Biophoton Therapy - Part 3


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              http://www.biontologyarizona.com Welcome to our VIMEO channel. My name is Sandra Levarek. I am presently studying under Johan Boswinkel. I admire the work of Johan tremendously. Here we would like to share some of his information and videos on Biophoton Light Therapy using the CHIREN instrument which has been been created by Johan Boswinkel. Ode Magazine has published much of this information on the work of Biontology as well as supporting the work of the many certified biontologists working here in the US as well as worldwide. We invite you to our site BiontologyArizona.com for more in depth info on this amazing modality of biophoton light therapy.

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              • An Introduction to Biophoton Therapy - Part 2


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                http://www.biontologyarizona.com "Biophotons were discovered way back in the 1920’s but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the work of Fritz-Albert Popp proved their coherent laser-like nature. Johan Boswinkel, who for the past 20 years has been using this form of light to marry acupuncture with homeopathic principles. Boswinkel has treated tens of thousands of patients and claims to have an 80% success rate on any disease..." Part 2 VIDEO

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                • AN ALMOST PERFECT FOOD


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                  A seed has more power for generating life than any other part of a plant. Little wonder, since seeds are designed to grow new plants. Although the needs of a growing plant are not identical to our own, seeds come packed with the superb balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and plant factors necessary to launch a new plant. As such, they are the finest natural food that “home farming” can provide. Sprouted seeds and grains, grown in a bowl in a kitchen window or airing cupboard, are the richest source of naturally occurring vitamins known. A mere tablespoon of tiny seeds can produce up to a kilo of sprouts. Sprouts come in all shapes and colors, from the tiny curlicue forms of mustard to the round yellow spheres of chickpeas. Common seeds for sprouting are mung beans, adzuki beans, wheat, barley, fenugreek, lentils, mustard, oats, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. The Chinese invented living sprout foods centuries ago. They carried mung beans on their ships, sprouting these seeds to provide vitamin C and prevent scurvy in sailors. In their dormant state, chickpeas, mung beans, and lentils are filled with enzyme inhibitors. This makes them hard to digest even when cooked and is one of the reasons why eating beans and lentils creates so many digestive troubles. Our bodies are not very well designed to handle them in this form. Enzyme inhibitors can interfere with our ability to absorb minerals present in a food. But when you sprout a seed, all this changes. Its content of B vitamins and vitamin C soars. Enzyme inhibitors get neutralised. Meanwhile, the enzymes dormant in these embryonic plants spring into life to improve the way your own body’s enzymes function. Sprouted seeds of mung beans, chickpeas, unshelled sesame seeds, lentils, adzuki and buckwheat are delicious in salads, as snacks, or used to create live muesli for breakfast. You can buy them from a shop already growing, or sprout them yourself in bowls on the kitchen windowsill. Because they are young plants and because they are eaten raw, they also convey the highest level of biophoton order to your living matrix. This quote from Clive McCay, professor of nutrition at Cornel University says it all, really. “A vegetable which will grow in any climate, will rival meat in nutritive value, will mature in three to five days, may be planted any day of the year, will require neither soil nor sunshine, will rival tomatoes in vitamin C, and will be free of waste in preparation...They are an almost perfect food.”

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                  • Bionic 880 - die Ganzkörper- Photontherapie


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                    Die Ganzkörper-Photon-Anwendung ist eine innovative Behandlungsmethode. Sie zählt zu den energetischen- und bioenergetischen Methoden, die dem Therapeuten alternative Naturheil-Prozesse ermöglichen. Bei dem Bionic 880 handelt es sich um ein medizinisches Gerät, Fachinformationen erhalten daher hier nur Therapeuten nach ihrer Registrierung. (s. www.biophoton.de) Für alle nicht-medizinischen Therapeuten und Privatpersonen wurde das Bionic Health Care basierend auf dem Bionic 880 entwickelt. Aufgrund der energetischen Wirkungen eignet sich das Bionic Health-Care besonders auch zu Anwendungen in der Gesundheitsprävention. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie zu Bionic 880 und Bionic Health Care gerne auf Anfrage: biophoton.de Wir weisen vorsorglich darauf hin, das die Wirkung der Biophotonen als schulmedizinisch nicht erwiesen zu erachten ist.

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