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    Sociālās uzņēmējdarbības ekspertes no Lielbritānijas Sjūzenas Aktemelas (Susan Aktemel) lekcija „Kā vadīt veiksmīgu sociālo uzņēmumu kultūras nozarē?” projekta "Brigāde" izglītības programmas ietvaros, sadarbībā ar Britu padomi Latvijā. Rīga, Eduarda Smiļģa muzejs, 11.12. 2012. Iepazīsties ar Sjūzenas Aktemelas darbnīcas pierakstiem šeit: http://www.brigade.lv/lv/jaunumi/zinas/sjuzenas-aktemelas-darbnicas-pieraksti/

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    • Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade Language User Group - Intro to Sinatra, by Carol Nichols


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      Carol Nichols (@carols10cents) presents an Introduction to Sinatra, show the audience how to develop small sites using the lightweight web framework. She covers the basics of the domain-specific language that Sinatra uses to describe routes, then eventually shows how templating systems are integrated out-of-the-box. The code used in the presentation is available at https://github.com/carols10cents/intro-to-sinatra. This was recorded June 7, 2012 at Vivísimo/IBM in Pittsburgh, Pa. at the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade, a language-specific user group. See pghrb.org for more information. A higher resolution/quality version is available. Just contact me @colindean.

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      • Gaza chonique d'une incursion Mai 2003


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        Le 1er mai 2003 au matin l'armee d'occupation israelienne rentre dans le quartier est de la bande de Gaza, Shejaya et elimine une quinzaine de militants ou d'habitants de ce quartier. Le 1er mai 2003 c est aussi le jour d'entree en fonction de Abou Mazen, Mahmoud Abbas en tant que premier ministre palestinien Impose a ce poste cree specialement pour lui pour desinvestir un peu plus le President Yasser Arafat (Abou Amar) par les etats unis et israel. C'est aussi le lendemain d'un attentat revendique par le hamas (brigades Ezzedine el Qassam) et fatah (brigades des martyrs d'Al Aqsa). L'incursion fera plus de 18 morts et 80 blesses un peu comme une repetition de l'horreur organisee en janvier 2009. Les realisateurs suivaient alors Naim Bassem Naim un jeune garcon de ce quartier qui prit les armes le matin de l'incursion et deceda au milieu d'une rue. Il avait 17 ans et demi, son pere Bassem Naim deviendra par la suite le Ministre de la Sante du gouvernement de Ismael Haniyeh. Le film se deroule du 1er au 3 mai 2003 et suit les amis et camarades de Naim Basem Naim et sa famille dans les ceremonies de deuil. Une plongee au coeur de Gaza, des massacres et de la resistance du Hamas

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        • 'Callings' Proscenium NHCC (full length)


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          Where do we look when our eyes are closed? What words do we hear when no one is speaking? Can we parch out thirst with this salt-coated cocktail of whispers, warnings and invocations conjured by the watery wrists of ceaselessly undulating waves? If the ocean were ill, how would she weep? If clouds were cryptographs, could we understand the symptoms? If a sailor survived a siren’s song, could we catch the words falling from the saline tongue?

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          • The Romantic Tour? - The What Cheer? Brigade Documentary


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            The What Cheer? Brigade, from Providence, Rhode Island, invades Europe for their 2010 summer tour. Barcelona, Amorabieta-Etxano, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Genoa, Rome, Florence, and Turin. Shot and Edited by: Keith Heyward and Julia Liu

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            • Puentes de Ciudades Invisibles (full length)


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              By using stilts acrobatic, dance, theater and writings of Cabeza de Vaca and Italo Calvino; Carpetbag Brigade and Pura Vibra explore the tension between individuals, between one group and another, between north and south, between Mexico and the U.S. The show was created especially for the Festival Internacional de Santa Lucia and highlights the acrobatic art “Stiltwalking” technique common in both groups. Mediante el uso de zancos acrobáticos, danza, teatro y los escritos de Cabeza de Vaca y de Italo Calvino, Pura Vibra y Carpetbag Brigade exploran la tensión entre los individuos, entre un grupo y otro, entre el norte y sur, entre México y los EE.UU. En el espectáculo creado especialmente para el Festival Internacional de Santa Lucía, se destaca la técnica acrobática “stiltwalking”, técnica común en ambos grupos.

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              • "Non é Sempre Domenica"


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                "Molti di Voi probabilmente ci conoscono o ci hanno scoperto grazie ai Problematic Sundays, questo video quindi vuole far conoscere l' altro aspetto delle nostre vite, ciò che appunto "non accade di domenica" in quanto a filming, nel vero senso della parola, ma anche sotto l' aspetto più "filosofico" del tutto...Questo sarà il secondo video Problematic ufficiale e non un clip da 2 minuti girato in park, ma vuole anche essere il video "della maturità" che è andata crescendo da dopo "My Blame" a oggi, tramite gli anni che sono passati inesorabili, tramite le esperienze che ci hanno cresciuto, tratime le responsabilità che ci hanno insegnato qualcosa e tramite i doveri che ognuno, crescendo, si trova di fronte e deve affrontare. "Non è Sempre Domenica" segna la fine di un capitolo, la nostra adolescenza, e ci ricorda che siamo "quasi adulti"; "Non è Sempre Domenica" perché per noi come per tutti, l' unico problema non è solamente più "dove andare a skateare il pomeriggio e cosa fare la sera"; "Non è Sempre Domenica" non sarà un video realizzato con effetti video sbalorditivi e tricks da Fully Flared, ma è stato realizzato con il cuore, con tantissimi sbattimenti ma sopratutto con impagabile divertimento. La sveglia sta squillando ora! - "Non è Sempre Domenica", purtroppo..."

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                • Farebeater


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                  Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre New York City May 26, 2008 Cast: Jeremy Bent, Mary Grill, Lydia Hensler, Graeme Hinde, Cody Lindquist, Thomas Middleditch, Michael Paoli Guest Cabbie: Melissa Plaut Director: Timothy Cooper

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                  • Jon Stuen-Parker - 2009 Ibogaine Forum @ Northeastern University Boston, MA - By WPPTV


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                    Jon Stuen-Parker's passionate presentation from the 2009 Ibogaine Forum. This video was Produced and Edited by Mark Krieglstein / Wiggle Puppy Productions. © 2009 For More Info About Jon Parker Please Visit - http://yalemedicine.yale.edu/ym_su01/needle/needle1.html For More Info About The Forum & Ibogaine Please Visit - http://www.neu.edu/ssdp/ibogaine/ 2009 Boston Ibogaine Forum at Northeastern University Ibogaine is a revolutionary poly-drug addiction interrupter that happens to be a schedule I drug, meaning that according to the FDA, there are no medicinal indications and a high likelihood for abuse. Unlike the hype of the counter-culture's sacramental-like advocacy of LSD and mushrooms in the 1960s, very few people knew of ibogaine or had ever taken it; unfortunately what little was known led it to be condemned by Richard Nixon with all other so-called ''hallucinogens." Indigenous to the West African Republic of Gabon, ibogaine is believed to be the principle active ingredient in the iboga plant, which has been used by the people of the Bwiti religion. For centuries, the Bwiti utilized iboga in rituals involving the veneration of deities or communication with ancestors as well as for treatments of various physical and mental ailments. In the west, however, the use of ibogaine has primarily been for treatment of chemical dependence to various drugs of abuse, including: nicotine, cocaine, alcohol, heroin and methadone/suboxone. Check out www.ibogaine.com or log onto USTREAM.TV and watch the entire conference (search wpptv) or see link below. Also feel free to search YouTube for tons of video testimonials and documentaries regarding ibogaine's religious and medical implications. Team Wiggle Puppy Mark Krieglstein - Director / Camera / Editor Sara Yule - Producer / Camera / Keeping it Streaming Labrets NYC - Executive Producer / Pizza Provider Special Thanks to: Dana Beal, Kevin Franciotti, Paul & Jason Farrell and Jay S. 2009 Conference Information Co-sponsored by the Northeastern Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Cures Not Wars and the National AIDS Brigade. Additional workshop ideas, submissions and volunteers for workshops without speakers welcome! Schedule of Events Saturday, Feb. 14, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. * 9:45 a.m. Registration at table outside Curry Student Center ballroom * 10:00 a.m. "Facing the Habit" — a film by Magnolia Martin * 11:00 a.m. Introduction — Rommel Washington * 11:15 a.m. Ibogaine 101 — Dana Beal * 12:20 p.m. Ibogaine Safety and Treatment Protocols for Different Drugs — Chris Lawrence, Dr. Jeff Kamlet (video conferenced), Clare Wilkins * 1:30 p.m. Lunch * 2:30 p.m. Chemistry of 18 Methoxycorinaridine (synthetic ibogaine) — Justin Kirkland * 3:30 p.m. Ibogaine & GDNF — Roman Paskulin, Tracy Blevins * 4:30 p.m. Ibogaine, Dream States and Fetal REM — Arielle Torra, Carl Anderson * 8 p.m. Party Sunday, Feb. 15, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. * 10:45 a.m. Registration outside room 450, Dodge Hall * 11:00 a.m. "Rite of Passage" — a film by Ben DeLoenen * 12:00 p.m. Lunch * 1:00 p.m. Ibogaine for Hepatitis C, chronic pain management and other conditions — Preston Peet, Philip Fiuty, Rocky Caravelli, Chris Lawrence, Jason Farrell * 2:20 p.m. Ibogaine vs. other detoxes — Patrick Kroupa, Mark Corcoran, Preston Peet * 3:30 p.m. Ibogaine and other psychedelics used to curb addiction — John Harrison and others TBA * 4:40 p.m. Ibogaine and the Entheogenic Scene — Dimitri Mugianis, Makky, Carl Ruck * 6:00 p.m. Reception Monday, Feb 16, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. * 10:00 a.m. Ibogaine: The International Scene —Rosaria Davalos, Zulema Medrano, Anwar Jeewa, Jason Chamon, Ben DeLoenen (video-conferenced) * 11:00 a.m. Ibogaine Development and the Harm Reduction Movement — Doug Greene, Phil Fiuty, Mark Kinzly, Howard Lotsof * 12 p.m. Lunch * 1:00 p.m. Integrating Ibogaine into Existing Boston Harm Reduction and Treatment Scenes — Jason Farrell, Jon Parker * 2:00 p.m. Action for Ibogaine in Massachusetts and at the Federal Level — Jon Stuen, Don Vereen (invited), Rick Doblin, Noah Potter (invited), Phil Fiuty Tune In @ Wiggle Puppy Productions TV (aka WPPTV) WPPTV - On Vimeo (For Pros) @ - http://www.vimeo.com/wigglepuppypro WPPTV - On Veoh (For Semi-Pros) @ - http://www.veoh.com/channels/WPPTV WPPTV - On YouTube (For Everyone Else) @ - http://www.youtube.com/WPPTV WPPTV - On USTREAM.TV @ - http://www.ustream.tv/wpptv Check us out on MySpace @ - http://www.myspace.com/wigglepuppyproductionsllc Face Off @ Facebook - http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Wiggle-Puppy-Productions/9943866265 Get Synched, Get Linked On LinkedIn @- http://www.linkedin.com/in/wigglepuppy Check our Pulse @ Plaxo - http://wigglepuppy.myplaxo.com Join Wiggle Puppy’s Mailing List @ - http://wigglepuppy.fanbridge.com BOOTSY THANKS YOU!!!

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                    • Ill Brigade Cover Show 12th Feb 2011


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                      Ill Brigade cover show benefit for Queensland flood victims 12th Feb 2011 at the Sando, Newtown

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