1. SketchSynth


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    SketchSynth - A drawable OSC control panel My final project for Golan Levin's Interactive Art and Computational Design class at CMU, Spring 2012. Built with openFrameworks, ofxCv, OSC, and Pure Data. More info: http://golancourses.net/2012spring/05/13/billy-keyes-final-project-sketchsynth/ Behind-the-scenes view: https://vimeo.com/42053693 Source code: https://github.com/bluekeyes/SketchSynth Music: ioflow - mnml autmn Thanks to Golan Levin, the CMU Art Department (Bob Kollar), and Nick Mazurek for lending me equipment for the project and the video. Also, thanks to Kyle McDonald for his excellent ofxCv addon, which makes it incredibly easy to work with OpenCV inside openFrameworks.

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    • Robotagger: GML + ABB4400


      from Golan Levin / Added

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      GML (Graffiti Markup Language) drawings from 000000book.com are converted into DXF via a small Processing utility. Motion paths for a robot arm are developed from these DXF files using Rhino and MasterCam. The ABB IRB-4400 series arm is wielding a 2" Montana Hardcore marker. Developed 11 January 2010 by Golan Levin and Jeremy Ficca in the CMU Digital Fabrication Laboratory (dFAB). Concept: Evan Roth, F.A.T. Lab Programming & Production: Golan Levin Machining & Motion Planning: Jeremy Ficca Co-produced by the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the CMU Digital Fabrication Laboratory, in cooperation with FAT Lab and 000000book.com. For more information please see http://www.flong.com/blog/archives/565.

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      • ART && CODE Symposium: Hackety Hack, why the lucky stiff


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        hacketyhack.net whytheluckystiff.net artandcode.ning.com why the lucky stiff (or _why) is a computer programmer. His best known work may be Why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby, a book which teaches the Ruby programming language with stories; its eclectic style has been compared to a "collaboration between Stanislaw Lem and Edward Lear". Chapter 3 of this Guide was republished in The Best Software Writing I, edited by Joel Spolsky. Most recently, Why has focused his efforts on the problem of how to better teach programming, and how to make programming more appealing to young people. His latest project, Hackety Hack, is a Ruby-based environment used to teach programming to children. His most vocal critics describe him as "a fledgling freelance professor, should one adhere to the most fraudulent of definitions." His biographical information, matter of point, is riddled with accolades which are clearly either lifted or falsified in order to cast him in a good light -- let's say 40 watts of violet." Videography: Amanda Long and Michael Pisano.

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        • Keyfleas


          from Miles Peyton / Added

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          It's okay if you feel something nibbling at your fingers.

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          • The UWC Spirit (Full Documentary)


            from Andres Broennimann / Added

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            A short-documentary that follows the inspiring stories of four students from around the world who are part of the United World Colleges movement. Directed, Written and Produced by Andrés Broennimann Co-Producer: Ana Maria Alvarez Executive Producer: Kristine Ngiriye Sound Designer: Sebastian Perez Edition and Cinematography by Andrés Broennimann Post-production Studio: Dartt Inc. Graphic Design by Andrés Broennimann and Luis Angel Batista Contact the Director: Email: abroenni@c.ringling.edu Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/andres-broennimann/84/40/828 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andres.broennimann Follow The UWC Spirit: https://www.facebook.com/theuwcspirit

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            • Industrial Light Painting


              from Jeff Crossman / Added

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              Industrial Light Painting aims to create high fidelity three-dimensional light paintings of real people. This is done by combining the precision of a computer controlled industrial arm and a RGB LED with a Kinect camera to capture and recreate portraits in depth and color. Light painting is a photographic technique where light is moved in front of a camera taking a long exposure. The result is a streaking effect that resembles a stroke on a canvas. This is usually accomplished using a free moving handheld light source which creates paintings with lots of arcs and random patterns. While some artists can achieve recognizable shapes and figures in their paintings, they usually lack proper proportions and appear more abstract due to the lack of real-time visual feedback while painting. Unlike traditional painting, the lines the artist makes does not persist in the physical space and is only visible using a camera. Recently, arrays of computer controlled LEDs placed on a rigid rod have allowed for highly precise paintings, but only on a single plane. As in a manufacturing environment, an industrial robot replaces the fluid, less precise movements of a human with highly accurate and controlled motions of a machine. The automated motions of the industrial robot solves the problem of lack of visual feedback to the artist while painting in light, by allowing him or her to create the painting virtually within the software used to instruct the robot as well as the light attached to it. More Details At: http://www.jeffcrossman.com/industriallightpainting/ http://www.kevynmc.com/ilp/ How it Works Industrial Light Painting creates full color three-dimensional point clouds in real space using an ABB manufactured IRB 6640 industrial robot. The point clouds are captured and stored using a Processing script and a Microsoft Kinect camera. The stored depth and RGB color values for each point are then fed into Grasshopper and HAL, which are plugins to Rhino, a 3-D modeler. Within Rhino, toolpath commands are created for the industrial robot which instruct the arm how to move to each location in the point cloud. Custom written instructions are also added to make use of the robots built-in low-power digital and analog lines which run to the end of the arm. This allows for precise control of a BlinkM smart LED which is mounted at the end of the arm along with a Teensy microcontroller. Using DSLR cameras set to capture long exposures, the commanded robot movements along with precise control over the LED recreate the colored point clouds of approximately 5,000 points, within about a 25 minute period. About the Creators Jeff Crossman is a master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University studying human-computer interaction. He is a software engineer turned designer who is interested in moving computing out of the confines of a screen and into the physical world. www.jeffcrossman.com Kevyn McPhail is a undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying architecture. He concentrates heavily on fabrication, crafting objects in a variety of mediums pushing the limits of the latest CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, and industrial robots. www.kevynmc.com Special Thanks To Golan Levin for concept development support, equipment, and software. Carnegie Mellon Digital Fabrication Lab for proving access to its industrial robots. Carnegie Mellon Art Fabrication Studio for microcontroller and other electronic components. ThingM for providing BlinkM ultra bright LEDs Additionally the creators would like to thank the following people for their help and support during the making of this project: Mike Jeffers, Tony Zhang, Clara Lee, Feyisope Quadri, Chris Ball, Samuel Sanders, Lauren Krupsaw

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              • The UWC Spirit - Int'l Trailer (2014)


                from Andres Broennimann / Added

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                PREMIERE IN LONDON: 17th of September, 2014. Old Building, Houghton Street. ONLINE WORLD PREMIERE: 5th of February, 2015. For more information about the premieres, follow us on Facebook! BUY THE TICKET FOR THE LONDON PREMIERE: http://uwcforum.org/ What characterizes a global community of students who experienced an education based on social justice, diversity and understanding between peoples, nations, and cultures? Visiting six highly diverse international schools around the globe, that form part of the United World Colleges (UWC) movement, Andres Broennimann lives the empowering potential of education; epitomized in the inspiring stories of four exceptional teenagers, respectively from the Maldives, USA, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica. Directed & Edited by Andrés Broennimann Producers: Andrés Broennimann & Ana María Alvarez Executive Producer: Kristine Ngiriye

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                • picoCTF 2013 Teaser Trailer


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                  picoCTF is a computer security competition for high school students. The competition is a series of challenges centered around a unique storyline where participants must reverse engineer, break, hack, decrypt, or do whatever it takes to solve the challenge. The challenges are all set up with the intent of being hacked, making it an excellent, legal way to get hands-on experience. The adventure for picoCTF 2013 is Toaster Wars. When a robot from space crash lands in your backyard it's up to your hacking skills to fix him and uncover the secret he carries... •What: picoCTF 2013 - Toaster Wars •When: April 26th 2013 - May 6th 2013 •Where: The Internet! •Who: 6th - 12th Grade Students. If you're outside this range, you should check out PlaidCTF instead. Please note that participants are not expected to work on the competition for the entire duration. The goal is to allow all participants ample time to work on the problems from home, during school, after school, or whenever is most convenient for them.

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                  • SHIFT Season2 EP3


                    from SHIFT / Added

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                    Treću ovogodišnju emisiju započinjemo rellyem svih rellyja. Santa Domenica. Cestovnjaci su završni obračun imali u Novom Marofu a ljeto pozdravljamo sa Tower centra u Rijeci. Donosimo vam reportažu sa tuning showa Salute to summer. Atraktivne cure i dobri auti uvijek idu skupa. Predstavljamo vam Violetu K. TK racing endurocross utrka ponovno je bila odlično organizirana. Kako je bilo, pogledajmo skupa. Svim našim gledateljima želimo sretnu novu godinu!

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                    • The Posture Suspenders : Working Prototype


                      from Tobias Sonne / Added

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                      The Posture Suspenders: The Posture Suspenders senses posture and via vibration alerts the user to bad posture. The user develops muscle memory for correct posture. More info at: http://www.tobiassonne.com/ Developed by: Tobias Sonne http://www.tobiassonne.com/ Developed at The CoDe Lab, Carnegie Mellon University 2011. http://www.code.arc.cmu.edu/ Advisor: Mark D Gross.

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