1. To Everlasting Life


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    A documentary reflecting on the Benedictine way of life as lived out by the Monks of Mount Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Oregon.

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    • Foncy and Glecie


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      • Bryan and Ronellie SDE


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        • A Bishop for Mendi


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          In February 2012, Fr Don Lippert OFM.Cap was ordained as the third bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mendi in Papua New Guinea. This film follows him as he arrives in Mount Hagen and drives out to Mendi, the celebration with the people, the ordination by Cardinal Sean O'Malley and the first mass. It also includes some interviews with people from the Southern Hiighlands and Hela and shots of the context there.

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          • InFocus Full Program 3 August 2012


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            The full half-hour of Record InFocus can be seen on Hope Channel around the world, on Australian pay-TV (Foxtel/Austar/Optus/etc - ch 182) and on Digital 44 community television in Adelaide. Please check local guides for exact times, which may vary due to programming requirements and daylight savings.

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            • Newman Parish Fall 2012


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              The Newman Parish for UWEC and CVTC students in Eau Claire, WI

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              • Talk on Humanae Vitae at Marian University


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                This is a talk on the most important document of the 20th century...Pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae outlining both why the Church opposes contraception and artificial birth control and considers them morally heinous, and the document also outlines the Catholic Church's alternative - Natural Family Planning

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                • Where are We with the HHS Mandate, and Where Might We Be Heading?


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                  A talk given at St. Joseph's rectory in North Vernon to young adults about where the HHS came from and where the mandate might be headed

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                  • The Fourth Reich (Censored on youtube)


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                    This video was censored on youtube it is blocked worldwide with over 68,000 views. I have uploaded this to show what I uploaded late December 2010. I have done more research since then and connected more dots. Check out my website http://mylesohowe.com/ Could the emerging world government be nothing more than a step towards space militarization and star wars? The 3rd Reich might have been defeated, except the same ideology continues to Thrive to this day. There is much that has been hidden and suppressed. History is written by the victors of war. Wernher von Braun was one of many nazi scientists, through project paperclip, who became an american citizen. Patterns from history are re-emerging. Will the Fourth Reich be the first Galactic Empire in history? Operation Paperclip was a massive undertaking of the American government, which had prepared a plan to sweep into Germany to find and bring all Nazi scientists, occult researchers, including medical doctors involved in gene research, mind control etc. to the United States. Thousands of Nazi war criminals were selected and secretly moved to the United States, where they were integrated into the Military Industrial Complex. Similiar operations took place, like the Vatican Rat Lines. During the dark ages, the Catholic Church not only hoarded the wealth they collected from the poor, but they hoarded knowledge. They kept the masses ignorant & in the dark by denying them a basic education. The Vatican Umbrella corporation function under many different Catholic Orders so that no one can estimate their true worth, or piece together all the organized crime schemes they have implemented worldwide. The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes enormous investments with the Rothschild's in Britain, France, and the USA, and with giant oil and weapons corporations like Shell and General Electric. The Vatican solid gold bullion worth billions, is stored with the Rothschild controlled Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve Bank. The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator, and property owner in existence. Possessing more material wealth than any bank, corporation, giant trust, or government anywhere on the globe. The Pope, who is the visible ruler of this colossal global wealth is one of the richest men on Earth. While a large amount of the world is under fed or starving to death, the Vatican hordes the world's wealth, profits from it on the stock market, and at the same time preaches about giving. How did the Vatican accumulate all that wealth over the millennium? One method was to put a price-tag on sin. Many bishops & popes actively marketed gilt, sin & fear for profit, by selling indulgences. Worshippers were encouraged to pre-pay for sins they hadn't yet committed & get pardoned ahead of time. Those who didn't pay-up risked eternal damnation. Another method was to get wealthy land owners to hand-over their land/fortune to the church on their death bed, in exchange for a blessing which would supposedly enable them to go to heaven. Pope Leo the fifth rebuilt St Peter's Basilica, by selling tickets out of hell & tickets to heaven. Roughly 8,500 pages of long-secret Catholic records about child-molesting California clerics and the church supervisors and colleagues who ignored, minimized, concealed and enabled their crimes, as required by a 2006 settlement. To see the documents, go to: http://www.bishop-accountability.org/franciscans/ Some of the nazi UFO shaped craft were advanced jet aircraft, then after the war in Canada the Avro Car was made. they utilized the vortex. My older The Fourth Reich is blocked in Germany http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1V6qY2n208 The link to the censored The Fourth Reich video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_873uWmd20 http://okkulte-nazis.blogspot.ca/2011/02/it-began-in-germany_24.html I made this video to try to inspire the viewer to do his or her own research. http://www.spirituallysmart.com/nazi.html Nazi Germany - A Creation of the Vatican and Jesuits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9zBX4gt0eo

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                    • St. Elizabeth Catholic Church


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                      An addition and renovation of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Grove, Oklahoma.

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