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    NEAR(ER) imagines a virtual geography where nature, technology and consciousness combine. Charlie's Experiment is a moniker for Charles Lindsay’s collaborative works. For the NEAR(ER) project Israeli video and installation artist Chen Serfaty, a recent graduate of Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem, projects layered dreamscapes constructed from Lindsay's arctic, equatorial and desert footage. These ‘processed memories’ are fused with co-operative audio-visual and cymatics experiments. Lindsay, artist in residence at the SETI Institute and a Guggenheim Fellow, creates sound fields from electric cello, continuum, processed field recordings, modular synthesis and glitch.

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      Trio d'oeuvres immersives plongeant au coeur des perceptions sensorielles présenté du mardi au vendredi dans la Satosphère jusqu'au 26 avril. Infos & Billets : www.sat.qc.ca/perception Satosphère - 1201, Boul. St-Laurent, Mtl (3e étage) À propos de la Satosphère : www.sat.qc.ca/satosphere ------ Caméra & Montage : François Véronneau

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      • CARBON-X Fulldome Film


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        xRez Studio's Eric Hanson has completed an experimental film collaboration with SETI artist-in-residence artist Charles Lindsay, entitled CARBON-X. Designed for the planetarium fulldome format, it was a component of an arts grant program entitled Getting Off The Planet, through Ecoartspace curator Patricia Watts. It premiered at the ISEA 2012 Conference, Machine Wilderness at the Intitute for American Indian Art's Digital Dome in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Building off of Lindsay's detailed and otherworldly CARBON series of manipulated carbon dust imbued emulsions, the work uses CGI photogrammetry, particle dynamics, projections, and displacements to create a dimensional view into possible proto-worlds and intellegences, one of the defining characteristics of Lindsay's CARBON series.

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        • Giant Yves Klein All Out Attack


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          Giant Yves Klein All Out Attack by Witness Relocation commissioned by Exit Art and Culturebot Saturday, April 21 2012 In an homage to Yves Klein’s Anthropométries, action painting, and the monster battle films of Godzilla, Dan Safer and Mike Mikos of Witness Relocation drink around 6 shots of whiskey, cover themselves in paint, and wrestle on a giant canvas. The canvas is then displayed on a wall as evidence of the physical action that transpired, with video of the event projected on it. Performed by Dan Safer and Mike Mikos. Video by Kaz Phillips Safer. Sound by Ben Gullard. Refereeing by Charlie Lindsay. Featuring Jenna Diogaurdi, Chris Andrae, Frieda Dunkelberg, Brenna Coates as the Number Card Girls. Whiskey provided by Buffalo Trace. Opening Live Rap Music Show by Anonymous (And.On.I.Must)

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          • Electrosense of Paddlefish. NYC


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            THE ELECTROSENSE OF PADDLEFISH:   a multimedia piece on Water in the American West Charles Lindsay and David Rothenberg Why did Floyd Dominy draw the instructions for how to blow up the Glen Canyon Dam on on a napkin? It was his greatest creation as director of the US Bureau of Land Management. What did he know about the evils of damming the West? This is a short compilation from the premiere of a live performance interpreting the complex environmental, political and social issues involving water and the Western United States.  From the frontier days to 21st century silicon valley, water has been a lifeblood, transforming the western half of our nation from desert and wilderness into a booming region requiring vast quantities of this precious liquid resource — which westerners will stop at nothing to get. Music:  Lindsay’s pristine and processed field recordings, 6 string electric cello and Moog guitar. Rothenberg on clarinets and overtone flutes, live explorations of found sounds and words depicting the strange struggle of water to fight back against those who would try to control it. Pre-recorded and processed female vocals by Charley Paige. Video: From May through August, 2010 Lindsay traveled the west capturing video of all things affected by water. Locations included Las Vegas, Fort Peck, Mono Lake, The Hoover Dam, Idaho's 'Craters of the Moon' National Monument and Silver Creek Preserve. He shot Yellowstone Park’s geysers and forest fire remnants, Paddlefish snagging, The Sip & Dip ‘Mermaid Bar’ in Great Falls, the open pit copper mine in Butte, which is the United States largest Super Fund site. He shot Noah’s Ark at a Creationist Dinosaur Museum, industrial irrigation, an abandoned depression era farm, water coolers and truck stops and 75 million year old ocean beds. The remixed video projection was structured in eight parts for a forty minute improvised performance. This was the closing event at Ear to the Earth, 2010 - an annual festival of sound and music devoted to the environment - held under the umbrella of the Electronic Music Foundation.  The venue was Frederick Loewe Theater, 35 West 4th St. NY, NY.  We may perform this piece again in 2012. please stay tuned, or better yet, send the tour bus and roadies... Thank you Chen Serfaty + Liron Unreich, for superlative video editing, production and smiles.

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            • 1 - CARBON Installation 2010/2011


              from Charles Lindsay / Added

              This CARBON installation was presented in 2011 at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in Idaho. The darkened exhibition space included a 6 x 12 foot suspended light panel array with recent color imagery made possible through the Guggenheim Fellowship. A rare fluorescent mineral specimen glows within the capsule, which was built from a salvaged piece of bio-tech equipment. I retro-fitted the capsule with shortwave ultra-violet lighting and motion sensor circuitry so that the viewer’s presence periodically activates a white light, briefly contrasting it’s appearance as a mere rock under daylight with it’s fantastic presence under ultra-violet light. Two suspended parabolic sound domes and one speaker housed in the pump of the capsule deliver audio composed from processed wildlife and aquatic recordings along with sounds from space recorded by NASA. The blue LED reacts in real time to the dynamics of the audio emanating from the capsule. Rubber ducting allows the capsule to vent heat and connects it visually to the light panels above. The CARBON project is an investigation of the unknown, combining my interest in the aesthetics of space exploration, microscopic discovery and abstract symbols. I am intrigued that so much of our expanding scientific knowledge is based on technology and imaging from beyond our normal scope of vision. I am also interested in astrobiology, extremophiles and primordial life on earth. How did life begin and what might it look or sound like elsewhere? Crawling around rain forests, night diving with bioluminescent sea creatures, hunting for rare fluorescent minerals, these are among my sources for inspiration. Thank you for looking and listening.

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              • Charles Lindsay: The Edge of Vision Interview Series


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                Photographer Charles Lindsay speaks about how he started working with his unique carbon emulsion process, his inspirations and the combination of his photographic, video and sound works. This clip is part of the series of video interviews including the curator, Lyle Rexer, and artists from the exhibition on view at Aperture Gallery, "The Edge of Vision: Abstraction in Contemporary Photography" from May 15 to July 16, 2009. From the beginning, abstraction has been intrinsic to photography, and its persistent popularity reveals much about the medium. The Edge of Vision, curated by Lyle Rexer, showcases the work of nineteen international contemporary photographers who base their practice in some form of abstraction from highly conceptual to more documentary approaches. The works explore diverse aspects of the photographic experience, including the chemistry of traditional photography, the direct capture of light without a camera, temporal extensions, digital sampling of found images, radical cropping, and various deliberate destabilizations of photographic reference. This abstract use of photography often combines other mediums such as painting, sculpture, drawing or video. All artists join a broad contemporary trend to look critically and freshly at a medium commonly considered transparent. The exhibition is accompanied by a new book, "The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography" by Lyle Rexer (Aperture, May 2009). Illustrated with more than 150 images, this unprecedented and highly anticipated book documents this phenomenon internationally from the early days of the medium through the present day.

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                • The CARBON installation


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                  The CARBON installation walk-through was conceived in order to translate an idea for an immersive museum show. This show is being realized to a large extent at The Dennos Museum in Traverse City, Michigan - opening June 24th, 2009. The photographs are being printed up to ten by sixty feet. There will be large free standing back-lit structures, parabolic sound domes and HD video projections. 3d Walkthrough, editing and camera by Liron and Tal Unreich, Flike

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                  • 3 - CARBON installation concept


                    from Charles Lindsay / Added

                    The CARBON installation walk-through was conceived in order to translate my ideas for an immersive museum show. The 3D work was executed by the maestros Liron and Tal Unreich at Flike.com. The sound is by David Sylvian and Steve Jansen. This show was realized to a large extent at The Dennos Museum in Traverse City, Michigan in 2009. Future iterations, incorporating new technologies, are in the works.

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                    • CARBON I


                      from Charles Lindsay / Added

                      CARBON is a creation of fictitious worlds, drawing on my interest in the aesthetics of space exploration, microscopic discovery and abstract symbols. I am intrigued by the idea that so much of our expanding scientific knowledge is based on images from beyond our body's normal scope of vision. I am also interested in the challenge and implications of comprehending our relative scale within the universe. These videos are made from camera-less negatives which utilize a carbon emulsion on a transparent base, the result of my experiments and manipulation. Numerous generations in the fluid’s history create minute evaporation trails, rendering an archeology of time. Both the CARBON stills and videos are generated from extremely high resolution digital scans of these drawn negatives. I am applying this data in 3D topographic motion programs and producing electronic sound pieces in response to the imagery. 3D, Motion and Video Editing: Tal + Liron Unreich at flike.com NYC. Sound: David Sylvian and Steve Jansen samadhisound.com Please visit charleslindsay.com to view the CARBON stills and other work and charliesexperiment.com for more on my sound projects. THANK YOU

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