1. Alan Watts


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    Alan Watts (1915-1973) who held both a master's degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, is best known as an interpreter of Zen Buddhism in particular, and Indian and Chinese philosophy in general. He authored more than 20 excellent books on the philosophy and psychology of religion, and lectured extensively, leaving behind a vast audio archive. With characteristic lucidity and humor Watts unravels the most obscure ontological and epistemological knots with the greatest of ease. This video brought to you by Phoenix Aquua, Arise from the Illusion http://PhoenixAquua.blogspot.com

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    • “YIN & YANG”, “BRAT” / Teasers / July 2013


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      This five teasers represent our idea of a visual story telling, beyond the design itself. We have spent a lot of time designing and testing with the only one purpose - to dig into your subconscious, to lead your thoughts in another direction.The design is among the main tools we use, as it transmits a direct message, but it needs soul. The idea, the directing, the performing, the environment, along with the great Massive Attack's one: "Angel" give its soul. The "Yin & Yang" full version will be released soon. Its subject relates the Chinese philosophy. In particular the two signs "Yin & Yang", the two diverse worlds of man and woman. Their accomplished balance stays long after their impact. Music : Massive Attack - "Angel" / Mezzanine album / 1998 Video Production : ADDMINIMAL Creative Studio Direction & Costume design : Adriana Gerasimova Cinematographer : Dobrin Kashavelov Camera Assistant : Vladimir Machokov Edit & Post productiion : ADDMINIMAL Creative Studio Cast : Milen Petrov, Kostadin Ekzarov, Yanitsa Stankeva

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      • The Art of the Warrior


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        Personal work done with Videocubo.tv Tells a little bit of the philosophical life’s stile of the Sanda fighter, GIlvan Alves. Filmed at the Shaolin Kung Fu Institute. One of the most tradicional and major Kung Fu academy in Brazil and Latin America. Directing, Editing and Post Producing: Daniel Barros Cinematography: Victor Reis Production: Videocubo.tv Soundtrack and mixing: Play It Again Melody: Otavio Ortega

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        • Introduction: Dao Gives Birth to One (2009-2012)


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          Aims: My proposed new Dao Gives Birth to One project (209-2012) examines the possibility and limitations of combining Chinese shu‘brush writing’ (calligraphy) and hua ‘painting’ in 2D and 4D practice today. My digital art project Dao Gives Birth to One (a series and workshop) suggests how the ‘Yellow Box’ concept of ‘play-appreciation’, and the Dao’s cyclical sense of time and space, can be realized through digital technology, by shifting the role of the viewers from passivity to activity.  Objectives: I will then  organize a series of workshops entitled ‘Flip and Fly’, a digital animation workshop of Chinese character-writing, which aims to offer an opportunity for audiences/participants to take part in creating and exploring their own extra-animated characters with the artist. This will become part of the installation Dao Gives Birth to One. I am in the process of designing and implementing creative workshops of this kind to explore and reinterpret the concept of wan shang (玩賞, ‘play-appreciation’), shifting the role of the audience from passivity to active participation and creativity. Sate One: In the exhibition venue,  I attempt to allocate four screens (out of the 12) as real-time interactive with the audiences in this cosy environment. Thus, on the one hand the audience can simply enjoy the spiritual atmosphere created by the video installation through viewing the movement of the flying characters. On the other hand, they could also act as participants, merging into the virtual space and interacting with the flying Chinese characters.   Stage Two: Furthermore, I will organize a public lecture and workshop for the audience right after the opening of my show ‘Hung Keung: Dao Gives Birth to One’ project . First of all, in the lecture session, I first introduce and demonstrated how the concept of multiple viewpoints is applied in Chinese characters, and how Chinese characters are closely related to the human body and to objects that are themselves related to the human body.  Stage Three Then in the workshop session, I will  invite the audience to create their own text base of the philosophy of time and space in relation to Chinese characters. Afterwards, I will take  another two weeks to digitalize all their drawings into animated texts, and then programmed and integrated those new texts into my interactive artwork. Then all the audiences will be invited to come back to the exhibition venue / another exhibition space ( can be also virtual space)  to play with their 'artwork'. The result regarding to the response of the audience and the public was very positive and excited.  Result and Outcome of this innovative + interactive project In this new direction, I attempt to extend the meaning of ‘participant’ from someone who plays an artwork through interaction to someone who creates their own artwork with the artist. Thus the audience is no longer passive as an audience but also actively engaged in the creation of an artwork and then as playing with their own artwork. 

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          • ROFLMAO - deutsche&gabbana


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            this is d&g. so deal with it. I have found my tao I have found my tao I'm all about the shit that we call ROFLMAO he was into politics his name was Netanyahu that's all I know about that shit the rest is ROFLMAO

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            • April Forum 2011 Becoming a Member of the Wider Community


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              Morgan Jones, Queens Director from Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit talked about how learning Chinese language and culture changed his life as a New Yorker and how Chinese language and culture fits into the wider community in the city of New York.

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              • Dao Gives Birth to One (version I, II, III)


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                My proposed new Dao Gives Birth to One project (209-2012) examines the possibility and limitations of combining Chinese shu‘brush writing’ (calligraphy) and hua ‘painting’ in 2D and 4D practice today. My digital art project Dao Gives Birth to One (a series and workshop) suggests how the ‘Yellow Box’ concept of ‘play-appreciation’, and the Dao’s cyclical sense of time and space, can be realized through digital technology, by shifting the role of the viewers from passivity to activity. 

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                • Hooping with Heart!


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                  In Chinese philosophy, certain internal organs are the fruit of "qi" energy systems running through the universe. Within our body, the systems are called "officials," and each official (there are twelve) has a peak time of functioning. Conversely, there is also a low time. The peak time for the Heart official is 11am-1pm. This official, according to the Nei Jing Su Wen (Yellow Emperor's Classic), is called the Supreme Controller. It "holds the office of Lord and Sovereign. The radiance of spirits stems from it." Physically, it governs the blood. The Heart official resides in the season of summer. It offers us the emotion of joy, the virtue of propriety, and the gifts of passion, partnership, and warmth. Oftentimes, during this time of day, I want to throw everything to the side and dance to music that lets the spirit soar, music with a beat that resembles the thumping of a working heart. Here is a video of me showing off moves I learned working at Omega Teen Camp, through the Omega Institute, this summer. The song in the background is called Mind Your Own Business, by Delta 5.

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                  • Being Light - Part 3: The Conscious Mind and the Tesseract Shadow


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                    Being Light: Be who you truly are and shine! Part 3 - The Conscious Mind and the Tesseract Shadow I'd found the geometric shape and identified its energies, and now it started to really speak to me. The first thing that popped out was how it seemed to describe the conscious and subconscious minds. It even seemed to visually represent the ideas and conclusions that Jung had drawn after years of research... If you'd like to be notified when a new video is released, Being Light has a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BeingLight

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                      Emmanuel College, October 1, 2013 A lecture by Professor Stanley Jiadong Zheng, Professor of Confucianism & Chinese Philosophy and Visiting Scholar at Emmanuel College. Professor Stanley Jiadong Zheng is Professor of Confucianism and Chinese Philosophy, former Director, Institute of Chinese Philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, and Visiting Professor at Harvard and other universities in the United States. Currently Professor Zheng is located in Toronto as Visiting Scholar at Emmanuel College and teaching in the Chinese Theology School, Tyndale University. In this lecture a renowned Confucian scholar shares his journey of interacting between two world thought systems and some issues and questions arising from such an encounter. What difficulties might confront followers of both traditions, such as are many East Asian and East Asian Canadian church members steeped in Confucian practices while striving to be faithful Christians? What fresh thinking and/or acting might be sparked for non-Confucian academics, theologians and faith practitioners from their own perspective and context? Co-sponsored by the Centre for Asian Theology, Interchurch-Interfaith Program Team, Toronto Southeast Presbytery & Emmanuel College.

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