1. Partnering With DHS To Support Foster Care - Update


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    On September 21st, Alicia Kueny, who is involved with Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention from The Department of Human Services, joined us at Mission Fellowship to share an update with us as to how we have served those associated with the foster system and how we can continue to serve. As the video is the full update, feel fee to listen to all of it or listen in parts as you are able. For the teaching associated with this presentation, you can listen to teaching #302 on our website at http://www.missionsalem.com/media/bible-teachings/.

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    • Aspiring Leaders Program


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      Participants in the Aspiring Leaders Program (ALP) talk about their experiences in the program.

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      • Glow Show 2014


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        the dhs band played their half time show in darkness? indeed they did this was an awesome sight by the DHS band

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        • 2014 DHS Fall Musical-Wizard of Oz


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          Lights. Cameras. Action. Get ready for the exciting musical of the Wizard of Oz here at DHS. Under the guide of a new director, Mr. Hagg, the help and assistance of Mr. Bradford and Mrs. Copeland, and excellent cast and crew members, the musical is here better than ever before. This musical will be one of the first to include special effects never done before, and will even include a real dog. It will be a show worth going to! Don't miss it!

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          • WHERE are the Oklahoma City Bombing Victims? Disappeared?


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            The Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary Special One of the most notorious mass murders of all time, is now clearly as a manufactured, faked event. Did the bomber Timothy McVeigh clear out the entire Murrah building BEFORE he set of his truck bomb... or was the whole thing staged by the Federal government? Those apepar to be the only two options left, after witnessing the documented facts presented in this film. Once one is aware of the truth, the Oklahoma City bombing fits very neatly into the continuing PATCON plan, hatched under the Clinton administration, in an attempt to frame patriot groups using faked terrorist events. This was the REAL nature of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" that Bill Clinton babbled about - it was an entity fabricated entirely by Clinton's minions, and under his direction. Eric Holder was U.S. Attorney 1993 and became Deputy Attorney General in 1997. Eric Holder played a key role in covering up the torture-murder death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. A fifteen-year investigation by Jesse Trentadue (Kenneth's brother) revealed that Eric Holder had covered up the murder of his brother in order to prevent congressional investigators linking the death, and eventually the Clinton Administration itself, to the Oklahoma City bombing. http://www.westernjournalism.com/eric-holder-exposed-the-trentadue-torture-murder-cover-up/ Similar to Obama elevating Richard Serino in 2008 to reward him for his Boston Marathon Bombing plan, some suspect that Eric Holder's interest in the Oklahoma City bombing and ultimate motive for the coverup of Trentadue's murder - and Clinton's reward to Holder of a higher post - lie in Holder's deep involvement in PATCON and the bombing. Certainly Obama put PATCON back into full swing with seemingly endless faked and false-flag attacks, along with his appointment of Eric Holder to Attorney General on December 1, 2008. This pushes the known horizon of the Fake Death Industry years ahead of 9/11, clearly to 1995, in unbroken extension to the faked Stockton Schoolyard 'massacre'. ===================================== More on control through staged violence: https://archive.org/details/AmericanTerrorManufacturedByTheFBI https://archive.org/details/ColumbiaMallshootingNowAProvenFake-PerpetratorsRevealed https://archive.org/details/ArapahoeFAKEVictimClaireDavisALIVE https://archive.org/details/GiffordsFAKEIII https://archive.org/details/HowTheyFakeTerrorism https://archive.org/details/TSADocs eric holder, scandal, anniversary, gun walking, gun running, DHS, FEMA, fast and furious, hearings, BJA, fusion centers, Gunderson, Obama, news, information, facts, terrorism, war on terror, oklahoma city bombing, World Trade Center Bombing, 9/11, 9-11, September 11, conspiracy fact, FBI, CIA, terror, Al Qida, bojinka, bin laden, bush, clinton, obama, politics, law, law enforcement, sting, murder, false flag, NWO, rogue networks, corruption, legislation, FEMA, coverup, whistleblower, defense, alex jones, tarpley, webster tarpley, MIHOP, LIHOP, fertilizer, axle, rental truck, video, federal building, trial, coverup, scrubbed, supression of evidence, nwo, news, news story, execution, indonesia, gold, secret, fireman, fire department, forensic, investigation, chuck harder, cash, shadow government, indonesia, afghanistan, asia, brzezinski, taliban, dictatorship, society, schools, education, history, 2012, elections, voting, tea party, congress, senate, presidency, current, WTC, history, elite, elitism, gun control, second amendment, staged, fake, fake death, mass murder, Boston Marathon, Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Aurora, James Holmes, Bill Clinton, statistics, investigation, truth movement, hoax, bomb hoax, shooting hoax, white house, Giffords, Safeway shooting, navy, Alexis, Mary Knight, attack, bombing, false flag, EMC, John Kerry, government, Christian Williams, police, death records, charity, public relations, PR, government sponsored, ihop, mihop, operation gladio, sandy hook, batman massacre, Littleton, Arapahoe, Virginia Tech, Sikh Temple, SPLC, ADL, PATCON

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            • Well-Regualted Militia - What Does It Really Mean?


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              The Infringers have never had a leg to stand on. Their desperation has been reflected clearly in the recent frenzy of fake 'active shooter' drill/hoaxes - a failed attempt to intimidate and control, to establish a farcical pretext for their treasonous plans. Little surprise, then, that they have also resorted to absurd attempts to misinterpret the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The Second Amendment codifies the long-established and natural right of all free persons to be armed. [See https://archive.org/details/MilitiainHistoryAndToday.] It begins with the declaration that an armed citizenry, or Militia, is a NECESSITY for the security of a free state (the US being comprised of free and INDEPENDENT states.) Included in this declaration, is also the imperative that the Militia - that is the armed People - be equipped effectively to a modern military standard. This of course is an obvious logical necessity... but it is one that the Founding Fathers did not omit. To demonstrate, it is necessary to look at dictionaries uncontaminated by statist perversions of the words they used. It is all quite well documented, and the dictionaries are available. More Resources; =============== https://archive.org/details/FreedomKeys-ACollectionOfGunQuotes https://archive.org/details/ThebizarreWarAgainstAmericanGunOwners-2013 https://archive.org/details/gunControl-WatchWhatHappensWhenGunsAreBanned https://archive.org/details/HideYourGuns https://archive.org/details/HowToStopAHomeInvasion Constitutional Law - Your Ironclad Guarantee Of Freedom -- https://archive.org/details/ConstitutionalLaw EXTRA TAGS: Second Amendment, well-regulated, militia, constitution, rights, history, guns, self-defense, military, Wade Page, Karl Pierson, Arapahoe, Sikh Temple, SWAT, lockdown, bill of rights, crisis actors, infringed, staged, school shooting, Homeland Security, victims, DHS, Stockton, Patrick Purdy, California gun laws, Sandy Hook, AK-47, shotgun, 911, false flag, drill, Navy Yard Shooting, staged, gun control, AR-15, NRA, Michael Arnold, Tracy Murphy, Claire Davis, handgun, shotgun, Barack Obama, white house, navy, Alexis, Mary Knight, attack, bombing, false flag, EMC, John Kerry, government, Eric Holder, Nanci Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, police, death records, public relations, PR, government sponsored, ihop, mihop, operation gladio, sandy hook, batman massacre, investigation, controlled explosion, terror, reality check, fear, staged terror attacks, constitution, privacy, oligarchs, psyop, patcon, history, Barack Obama, David Yepez, stooge, patsy, Sarah Girouard, shadow government, nwo, oligarchy, elitists, FBI, Adrianne Haslet, Adam Davis, boston marathon, injuries, fake injuries, killed, false flag, false flag attack, Sydney Corcoran, staged attack, moulage, deception, boston marathon, marathon, boston police, Marilyn Kight, EMT

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              • DHS Homecoming Week 2014


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                this story is about the DHS homecoming week 2014. it tells us about the different days of the week and which days were the favoruite

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                • Laura Dester Volunteer Training Video


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                  This is the 45 minute training for all new volunteers at the Laura Dester Shelter. After watching the video, and completing all required paperwork, volunteers can be certified to serve at the shelter. Check out the comments section to find links to all the files you need to download, print, and fill out.

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                  • circle


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                    Herbst 2014, COKEone - DHS.

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                    • HASHTAG für DHS crew


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                      #Dvice, #Mero, #Porck, #Pout, #Semor, #Mr. Woodland, #Cokeone and #DHScrew!!!

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