1. Lecture by Dr. James Hoffmeier


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    The Exodus In Light Of Recent Archaeological And Geological Work In North Sinai The Israelite exodus from Egypt has been the subject of scholarly interest and investigation since the dawn of Egyptology two centuries ago. In this lecture, Hoffmeier reviews the background information from ancient Egypt and focuses on new geological and archaeological data from the work of the North Sinai Archaeological Project, which Hoffmeier directed. When the results of this exciting work are combined with other recent and ongoing excavations in North Sinai, a compelling picture emerges about the route of the exodus and the location of the Re(e)d Sea.

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    • Egyptian Chronology and The Old Testament (Dr. Mark Woolmer)


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      http://edinburghcreationgroup.org | Traditionally ancient historians have used records of the reign's of Egyptian kings as the basis of their chronology. This has lead many to believe that the Old Testament gives an unreliable record of history. However recent evidence suggests that a number of Egyptian kings reigned simultaneously rather than consecutively. Dr. Mark Woolmer explains this is taken into account striking similarities are found between the Egyptian and Hebrew records and new light is shed on archaeological discoveries. This is a fascinating exploration of the current debate in ancient history. Durham University Profile - Dr. Mark Woolmer (http://www.dur.ac.uk/classics/staff/?...)

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      • الدكتور وسيم السيسي


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        لقاء الدكتور وسيم السيسي في برنامج العاصمة بقناة النهار

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        • Ed Sanders Book of Glyphs


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          Ed Sanders came down from Woodstock to the NYU Graduate Center to talk to his public about his charming new book of mystical drawings he calls "Glyphs." I'm happy to own a copy. September 18,2014, New York. Video: Thelma Blitz

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          • NPR Leonard Lopate Interview


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            Interview with Chester Higgins Jr. by Leonard Lopate of NPR about new book, Ancient Nubia, featuring photographs by Chester Higgins Jr.

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            • Emory's Old Kingdom Mummy: Egyptologists Comment


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              • LifeJourney 2 Astral Activity 4th Dimensional Shifts


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                In this episode, I share some happenings during 2010, a time of beginning transitioning into the realm of metaphysics.

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                • Egypt the land of magic


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                  Egypt The Dream of the Young and the old, Egypt the Greatest Mix Between the Past, Present and the Future, Egypt the Greatest Love, Egypt the most Lovely People, Egypt the Smile from the heart, Egypt the Land of magic :)

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                  • Gifts of The Spirit - The Seeds of The Powers of Godliness - Pt. 1


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                    We are here on Earth in a temporal (mortal) existence to develop our faith as a principle of power by walking by faith. As an aid in that endeavor, we are offered the gifts of the Spirit…… These are The seeds of the powers of godliness Walking by sight In our pre-mortal life, we walked by sight. As we saw, so we did, imitating the beings around us, learning by copying what we saw others do. Upon entering mortality as children, we bring this capacity to imitate others with us. We imitate or emulate our parents, our siblings, and even the celebrities. Eventually we assimilate and become a part of whatever society we are born into. Like the chameleon, we become what is around us. This is the case with every culture. While we still resided in the heavens, we copied our perfect, heavenly Parents and their angels. Here, we copy imperfect mortals. Mortality, then, does not limit our ability to walk by sight. And as is any family or tribe…there comes a time when the younger members are ready for the rites of passage. Two principles of faith Faith is divided into two principles: one of action and one of power. Regardless of which principle you use, all things are done by faith, though most of the things we do at this phase in mortality are done using faith as a principle of action. Power faith is celestial When we lived in the heavens, as all things were given agency, nothing that surrounded us there could be forced to do anything. We could not even pick up a handful of heavenly dirt without its permission. Everything in heaven was accomplished “without compulsory means,” meaning that coercion or force, was (and still is) non-existent there. In other words, we exercised faith only as a principle of power. The elements around us obeyed us only insofar as they respected us and they respected us only insofar as we followed (imitated) the righteous example of the “grown -up” Gods. There we learned to use faith as a principle of power by observing our heavenly Parents and the angels, for that is the only way that they operate. They commanded the elements and were obeyed and so did we. There are two ways of moving a mountain. You can move it stone by stone with your hands, with labor or with tools and technologies, to force the elements that make up the mountain to move to another spot. This would be faith as a principle of action. Or, conversely, you can command the mountain to remove and it can obey you. This would be faith as a principle of power. The former uses coercion or force, wrestling with the elements to model them however you want them to be. The latter uses agency. The elements must voluntarily move themselves at your command. Mortality is designed to allow faith to function under both principles. Action faith is given to us a temporary crutch, as well as a test. The elements that surround us here are commanded by God to allow us to push them around, regardless of our righteousness or lack thereof. They voluntarily submit to His divine command and thus we can manipulate all the various earthly materials here. If we desire it, we may never need to develop faith as a principle of power. Mankind can survive on this planet (for a limited time, at least) solely on action faith. Once we come here from heaven, we find ourselves in a fallen world. Sin is rampant, both around us and in us. Were the elements here operating like they did in heaven, we wouldn’t be able to even force air into our lungs, for the air would not allow itself to be forced into the lungs of a being it did not respect (a sinful being). This would frustrate the design of God to prepare a world in which we could be tried and tested and in which would could develop faith as a principle of power. So, God commanded the elements that make up our temporal (mortal) existence to allow themselves to be pushed around by us, according to a specific set of laws that we term physics. Imperfect memory is necessary for our test of power faith If we were to arrive here with our memory of pre-mortal life intact, we would remember how to use faith as a principle of power and would never sin, keeping our heavenly powers intact, as all things would continue to respect us and obey us. But by the design of God, our memories are wiped clean when we take that leap of faith known as The Fall. Our limited memories serve another divine purpose. As we cannot remember our past life in the heavens and we cannot see the future, plus the memory we have of our mortal lives is patchy at best, nothing is remembered perfectly and only bits and pieces remain in our minds to access at moments of recollection. All of this is done so that we become blinded, so as not to instinctively walk by sight as we did in the heavens (and use power faith). By limiting our memory (which is primarily a visual organ), we can only really see the present clearly. The future is pitch black and the past is foggy. In this state of blindness, we can be put on probation (tested) to see if we truly desire to use faith as a principle of power. Whereas in the heavens we all learned to use faith as a principle of power, by walking by sight (because there was no other way to operate), here on Earth we can go our entire lives without ever using power faith, for action faith is available to us. Thus, only those who truly desire to (re-)learn to use the heavenly powers will do so. And so mortality becomes a test. Additionally, mortality allows us to more fully develop our faith as a principle of power by walking by faith*. There is no one to look at (imitate) to learn how to use the heavenly powers, nor can we access our memories to remember examples of how it is done. When we walk by sight here we only learn to use faith as a principle of action, for this is the principle under which everyone here operates. So, to use power faith we must walk by faith, or walk blindly, trusting in only the word of God and not the sight of Him.

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                      The biguest Gizeh pyramids are a symbolic balance. See, please, all the presentation of 12 chaptles in the www since the day 12/13/14 Already in English: http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/egypt-balance.html Yours sincerely RRRiu (from Barcelona City-Spain) To idyllic file a "Solar Balance" had to build two "plates balance" giant (like two pyramids really are) to achieve imagine a worthy instrument of divine support for those priests was the sun king. Finally confirms what has always been said: "The Pyramids of Giza mimic un-esoteric cosmic somehow to link heaven and earth knowledge". And this also applies to the time when the pyramid smallest dress at Giza, did not exist. Original spanish site: http://webspace.webring.com/people/ramonetriu/egipto/balanza.html

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