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    Edited time lapse sequences of the sun’s atmosphere observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft between 2011 and 2015. Music: Una by Murcof Taken form the Album Utopía (2004) | CD: BAY 38CD, Digital: BAY 38E http://www.theleaflabel.com/en/releases/view/98/murcof/utopia Images courtesy of: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Scientific Visualization Studio www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard | http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov Editing: Michael König | http://www.koenigm.com Additionally EARTH is now provided in Full HD: https://vimeo.com/32001208 This montage features excerpts of 4K full-disk pictures in extreme ultraviolet channels, mainly using wavelengths of 30.4 nm (50,000 Kelvin) partially in combination with 17.1 nm (6.3×105 Kelvin), and offers a glance at spicules, solar flares, filaments and an overview of the sun’s atmosphere. The footage was captured by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) maintained by the Joint Science Operations Center (Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory in collaboration with Stanford University) Scenes in order of appearance: 1. Long shots of solar activity | October 2013 2. Boiling solar prominence | February 2013 3. Close up active regions | October 2013 4. Launching filament | November 2011 5. Twisting prominence | September 2012 6. Close up solar activity | October 2014 7. Solar prominence | July 2013 8. Lunar transit | January 2014 9. Solar prominence dance | December 2012 10. Solar activity | October 2013 11. Plasma eruption | September 2012 12. Coronal rain | July 2012 13. Close up active regions | October 2013 14. Trebuchet eruption | February 2011 15. Solar prominence | October 2013 16. Venus transit | June 2012 17. Extreme solar eruption | June 2011 18. Filament eruption & ’canyon of fire’ | September 2013 19. Erupting solar filament | March 2015 20. Comet ’lovejoy’ passes sun | December 2011 21. Earth eclipse and dark prominence | September 2012 More information on the Solar Dynamics Observatory mission: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_Dynamics_Observatory

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      Volcano Calbuco erupted on April 22, 2015, for the first time in four decades. Located close to the cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt in southern Chile. We spend the prior couple of days on the neighboring volcano Osorno (~20km linear distance) shooting timelapses. After an amazing night under the nightsky we took the cable car downwards after a delay caused by repairs. Already late we headed south to catch the ferry on Routa 7 down to Patagonia. After 10min on the ferry we noticed a massive, almost nuclear looking cloud boiling upwards just were we left a few hours ago. Frenetically looking for a good outlook we then rushed to the only non-forested place to get a decent view of the show. We quickly put every bit of camera-equipment we could find on the constantly growing mushroom-cloud. We shot timelapses in 8K and 4K with a Pentax 645Z and Canon 6D. On the A7s we shot 4K video to the Shogun using Kingston HyperX SSDs. We filled almost all of our memory cards in the prior night so I had to do backups while shooting all this stuff. This was for sure the most incredible show I've ever seen. I think this is a one in a lifetime event and I am so happy that we were able to capture it in all its glory. We will also release a timelapse video of our 6 weeks trip to Patagonia soon. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TimestormFilms | TWITTER: https://twitter.com/martinheck WEBSITE: http://www.timestormfilms.com/ 4K/UHD-Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVcTPfBxOPU Soundtrack: We wish it was never light - Anamog All footage is available for licensing (video in 4K, timelapses in 8K&4K). For professional inquiries please contact me: martin@timestormfilms.net FOOTAGE GALLERY: https://app.nimia.com/presentations/7388/calbuco-4k-volcanic-erruption-footage/ GEAR LIST: -Sony A7s + Atomos Shogun 4K recorder + Kingston HyperX SSDs -Canon EOS 6D -Canon 70-200mm f4 L -Canon 24-105mm f4 L -Samyang 14mm f2.8 -Pentax 645Z -Pentax 55mm f2.8 -Pentax 25mm f4

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      • Volcanic Eruption, Grimsvotn, Vatnajokull (glacier), Iceland May 21 2011


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        Volcanic eruption in Vatnajokull. Shot by Jon Gustafsson - http://www.JonGustafsson.com for http://www.ArtioFilms.com . Wrote this when I posted this video: Haven't really had time to watch the video. Volcano season keeps me pretty busy. I cut it on board the helicopter on the way back from the eruption. Threw some music from the fantastic composer Veigar Margeirsson (www.veigar.com) on it and posted it here. It took us 90 minutes to fly to Grimsvotn with a strong wind against us. The eruption looked magnificent in the sunset. We got there at 11pm. Once we landed 5 miles away from the crater the cold glacier air hit us like a truck. We tried to work outside but I only lasted for a couple of minutes. Pilot Reynir Petursson also didn’t want to stay on the ground for too long since it was very windy and the ash fall was unpredictable. The light was also disappearing and he needs visual reference which is difficult on a white glacier. Once we got off the ground again we had to stay low because there were so many lightnings all around the eruption. Getting hit by a lightning in that strong wind, extreme frost and next to a live volcano was not desirable. We made it back to Reykjavik at 2am. Now the airspace has been closed in a 20 nautical miles radius because of ash. Last time Grimsvotn erupted was in the fall of 2004. At the time I was making the documentary Wrath of Gods http://www.wrathofgods.com and the eruption became a part of the story. © Artio Films - All Rights Reserved. No public broadcast allowed without permission. Contact me to purchase footage.

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        • Eyjafjallajökull - Fimmförduháls Eruption on Iceland


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          Eruption of Fimmförduhals-volcano close to Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland. For more informations and pictures look at my homepage: http://www.vulkane.net/vulkane/eyjafjallajoekull/eyjafjallajoekull.html (german language).

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          • Winter in Hell


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            Winter 2010, the stunning landscape of Iceland succumbs to the Arctic cold. Beaches and lakes get frozen, but something unexpected is going to happen... the earth shakes, warms up, and suddenly a big crack opens up at the top of the glacier Eyjafjallajokull. Lava, smoke, ash and fire come up from the depth of the earth, melting everything in its path. Shot with the Canon 7D and 5D MarkII using Canon & Carl Zeiss lenses. Special thanks to Die! Goldstein for the music. www.die-goldstein.com www.enriquepacheco.com twitter.com/EnriquePacheco_ facebook.com/eppacheco http://instagram.com/enrique_pacheco_photo If you want to license this footage, it´s available in super sharp 4k at my store: http://store.enriquepacheco.com Or you can contact the media department: media@enriquepacheco.com Please only professional enquires, high quality footage is not for free.

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            • Erupción en el Cordón del Caulle


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              • Redoubt Eruption March 27 2009


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                This timelapse shows Redoubt Volcano erupting around sunset on March 27 2009. The photos are at 15 second intervals, speeded up to 30 frames a second (so 450x speeded up) and the volcano is about 80 miles away from the camera, at my house near Seldovia. The large explosion near the middle of the video happened at 7:25 pm.

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                • Volcano eruption in Iceland


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                  This video shows the great adventure that my mate Jon Pall Vilhelmsson and me had when we hiked up to the volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in 2010. Enrique Pacheco twitter.com/EnriquePacheco_ facebook.com/eppacheco www.enriquepacheco.com

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                  • TPS Timescape


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                    These clips are my first go at motion timelapse photography, there are some glitches in some of them but they will hopefully get better with more practice. It´s filmed in Iceland and the first shots are from the volcanic eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull. Mostly shot with Canon EOS 350D Some behind scenes footage here: http://www.trailerparkstudios.net/?page_id=405

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                    • Earthquakes and Eruptions in Iceland 2010


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                      This visualization shows earthquakes leading up to and during two eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland in March and April 2010. Made by http://datamarket.com

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