1. Your Poster in 60 Seconds


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    thursday, 27 september 2012. One way to communicate ones results at a conference is through a poster. This short video shows an impression of the second poster session at the EPSC on thursday afternoon.

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    • Planetary Scientist


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      Madrid, last week of september 2012. What does it mean to be a Planetary Scientist? Here are some answers! See more on http://www.lightcurvefilms.com/european-planetary-science-conference-2012/

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      • Mars on Earth


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        friday, 28 september 2012. To study things far away, it is sometimes possible to look at things close. Luísa Rodrigues studies how microbial life exists in extreme environments on Earth and tries to apply this knowledge to Mars.

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        • Human Flight Operations for planetary exploration


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          thursday, 27 september 2012. At some point in the future, human will themselves go in space to explore the Solar System. At that point, they will need to be supported by complex operation facilities and technology. METERON is a study project to explore this.

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          • Europa Clipper


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            friday, 28 september 2012. Jupiter's moon Europa has an ocean of liquid water under a thick ice shell. That makes it a possible place for life to exist, and thus an interesting target to explore. Europa Clipper is a mission idea to go back to Europa in a cost effective way.

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            • Scattering life all over


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              friday, 28 september 2012. The Sun formed together with many other stars in a cluster, which later dissipated. During that formation time, it is possible that significant amounts of material was exchanged between planetary systems in formation. Some of it could even have scattered life across these systems. Amaya Moro-Martín explains new insights into this topic.

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              • Long term variations on Venus


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                friday, 28 september 2012. Venus has a thick global cloud layer, composed of high concentration sulphuric acid droplets. Venus has no seasons, like we have the Earth. Yet, there seems to be a long term variation, perhaps seasonal, in the sulphuric acid concentration, which remains to be explained.

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                • Methane on Mars


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                  thursday, 27 september 2012. Methane was detected in the martian atmosphere in 2003. It turns out to have a highly heterogeneous spatial and temporal distribution, implying an active source in or below the surface. Alessandro Aronica reports on a new survey to help address this question.

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                  • Impact or Spin, that is the question


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                    thursday, 27 september 2012. A very peculiar asteroid was observed in 2010, showing comet like behavior. Jessica Agarwal analyzes the possibly causes of this phenomenon.

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                    • Skylights on the Moon


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                      thursday, 27 september 2012. Like on Earth, on the Moon there are lava tubes. Sometimes, holes form in these tubes, allowing access from the surface. These are skylights. They can form by collapse, or on the Moon, by random impact. Elena Martellato explains about her research into this process.

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