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      We’ve participated to the Babylon A.D. contest and guess what ? We won ! You can see our ad in the movie. It’s really small, but hey, we did it! What we have produced is this fake ad. We shot it on the HVX200 - M2 combo in two short days. One part was done on location and the other one in a studio (thx Yves !). The level bars on the “O2 touchscreen” were added in post-production. Ok it’s far from perect, but we did it with no budget in a very short timing.

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      • видеорегистратор-подделка


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        fake car dvr from dealextreme

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          (ENGLISH) In mid-2014 was held the soccer World Cup in Brazil. An investment of nearly $12,000 million for infrastructure opaque real needs of Brazilians as schools, hospitals and housing event. "7-1" is a look at this situation from the distance by the eye of a tourist. Note: This work does not seek to offend or denigrate the Brazilian people, it seeks to incommode and publicize the reality behind the world cup football. (ESPAÑOL) A mediados del 2014 se llevó a cabo la copa mundial de fútbol en Brasil. Una inversión de casi $12.000 millones de dólares destinada a la infraestructura del evento opaco las verdaderas necesidades de los brasileños como escuelas, hospitales y vivienda. "7-1" es una mirada a distancia de dicha situación percibida por un turista más. Nota: Este trabajo no busca ofender o denigrar al pueblo brasileño, busca, por otro lado, incomodar y dar a conocer la realidad detrás de la copa mundial de fútbol. (PORTUGUÊS) Em meados de 2014 foi realizada a Copa do Mundo no Brasil. Um investimento de cerca de $12 mil milhões para as reais necessidades de infra-estrutura opacos de brasileiros como escolas, hospitais e eventos habitação. "7-1" é um olhar para esta situação percebida distância de um turista. Nota: Este artigo não pretende ofender ou denegrir o povo brasileiro, procurando, em segundo, desconfortável e divulgar a realidade por trás da copa do mundo de futebol.

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          • Сленг - Фалшив


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            • 影音使團 反 方舟 大會 爭議 謊舟 真相 反思 信仰


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              311/2012.影音使團.反方舟信仰大會.爭議與真相反思 0:00 袁文輝 4:32 MC Shadow Ho 5:47 Maggie Wu 11:20 楊永祥 12:17 Maggie Wu 13:24 楊永祥 16:29 Maggie Wu 17:41 楊永祥 19:41 MC Shadow Ho 21:15 Fiona Leung 梁藝齡 25:43 MC Shadow Ho 26:40 Eva Ng 31:03 MC Shadow Ho 31:25 Eva Ng 32:47 MC Shadow Ho 35:17 "考古監證與解密" Video Start ~ 38:59 Turkish Man Speaking ~ 39:25 English Man Speaking ~ 40:03 2nd English Man Speaking ~ 41:39 Joel Klenck ~ 41:52 Video Narrator ~ 43:15 Joel Klenck ~ 43:28 Video Narrator ~ 45:17 Joel Klenck ~ 45:42 Video Narrator ~ 47:41 Joel Klenck ~ 48:10 Video Narrator ~ 52:06 Joel Klenck ~ 53:12 Video Narrator ~ 53:32 Joel Klenck ~ 54:10 Video Narrator ~ 54:48 Joel Klenck ~ 55:05 Video Narrator ~ 55:31 Joel Klenck ~ 55:50 Video Narrator ~ 56:21 Joel Klenck ~ 56:47 Video Narrator ~ 57:34 Joel Klenck ~ 58:20 Video Narrator ~ 58:50 Joel Klenck ~ 59:25 Video Narrator ~ 1:00:07 Joel Klenck ~ 1:01:05 Video Narrator ~ 1:01:47 Joel Klenck ~ 1:02:27 Video Narrator ~ 1:03:07 Turkish Man Speaking ~ 1:04:00 Video Narrator ~ 1:04:36 吳宗文 1:08:21"考古監證與解密" Video End 1:08:22 袁文輝 1: 08:46 "No Recording Allow Notice" 1:12:33 MC Shadow Ho ~1:13:15 支持影音牧者的短片 Start ~1:13:30 Singapore Pastor ~1:16:38 林以諾 ~1:18:10 郭文池 1:26:17 吳宗文2:09:05 MC Shadow Ho 2:11:49 吳宗文 Closing Prayer Joel Klenck 41:43 One of the great things about this site is its excellent preservation so there's no gray artifact; these are genuine artifacts of great antiquity. 41:50 42:43 the structure was a ... 43:03 you have the late epipaleolithic period of 13,100 to 9,600 BC that we calibrated with other artifacts at other sites that compared favorably to that they are outside herbal water 43:35 45:20 this reflects the great antiquity of the site; if it's the paleoassociative to find anywhere in the paleolithic or the stone age; but here, then again, more suggestion that this is right, the site, the origination site is originally found at the late epi?? very end of the stone age before the beginning of the farming (very bad editing, joining sentences) 47:45 they would bring these small bowls or as they would have some sort of a a libation some wine or whatever the resin that archeologists can tell and they would simply leave it at a site and then go walk away. Well this is the same type of phenomenon that you have at the Arowak sites where people from different periods are coming in with these whole bowls you know from different periods then leaving them there with some sort of libation and walking away 48:18 52:10 if you're looking at temple architecture or domestic architecture that is land-based very different from what you have at the very early all-wood site on Ararat. This is (sentence cut off) You only see this type of architecture in maritime (edit duplicated word) maritime construction. 52:28 music, waves crashing 52:43 now what you're seeing about land-based architecture is land-based architecture throughout the ? is characterized by vertical walls with cross beams ah cross beams now these cross beams are sometimes made of wood but they're always at the level of the ceiling. and what this provides is (sentences cut and joined in edit) with having vertical walls with cross beams (edited) provides stability. now for maritime structures in order to keep the the the structure as a whole you find very specific types of architectural features and one of the most specific types is called the mortise and tenon architecture 53:18 chinese (francais, why?) 53:37 (cut start of sentence) especially maritime structure you want a soft tenon because what happens if you have a hard wood in a soft tenon the soft tenon will stretch and it's very conducive very fluid common in maritime architecture to have a soft tenon of a different type of wood and then to coat that with a pitch to preserve the (word cut in editing), sealing the vessel. this is very similar that you have ah again mortise and tenons is found throughout a wooden ships architecture because again you need this mortise and tenon type of architectural features to add stability to the vessel 54:50 nowhere in the middle east do you have any land-based or land-based domestic dwellings or temples having this coating on the interior (cut) you don't have anyone coating the interior of their house with an oil however this is very symptomatic of maritime architecture 55:10 55:34 in land-based you have vertical beds (?) with horizontal cross beams at the ceiling so you'll find ceiling perhaps notches usually in stone where you don't find it throughout the different elevations like you do in maritime architecture where there's a need for enhanced stability in a vessel 55:54 56:23 here is a very earliest example of wood that is at best and this is very conducive to maritime architecture where you even see this in modern ships today where the structure with the features such as beds or tables is built into the walls simply when the ship rocks back and forth you don't have tables and chairs flipping all over the place but the feature rocks with with the structure and this is a this is a structure 56:50 57:19-22 female voice in movie trailer 57:37 another structure that you find that's produced in maritime structure is central stairwells. When you're looking at a monumental architecture throughtout the near east from the epithalic to the iron age period usually the large temples or the large meetings halls are at open central spaces and this is as you approach the daily you don't want to leave him blocking or if you are there for the communal meeting you want to be able to see the big chief he's in the center of this structure. you have stairs going between the different decks or different floors and this is very similar to modern architecuture e (word "even" cut in order to add the phrase "or modern maritime architecture") or modern maritime architecture even today where you have a central stairwell in the center of the vessel going between the different decks or the different floors of the ship 58:25 58:56 and loci or locus or loci 3 and loci 8 huge ahh mari ah huge storage areas ah covered at the base with (edit) when we know they're storage areas because they're covered with the base of a sea material and locus number 3 is dominated by chick pea seeds and locus number 8 we're exploring that right now, ah but it looks to be chick pea seeds and two other types of material. This is very conducive to maritime architecture even today where most of the ships have large extentions large storage areas 1:00:12 in land-based structures from the epihale event through the ... all the exterior walls on the outside whether you're talking about a house or your talking about a large temple structure are always vertical and the reason that you have the vertical structures to supprt a the cross beams on top. but this is atypical, this is not characteristic of a maritime architecture where the hulls usually have an angle they become more and more pronounced as you get to the base of the structure and what's very intertesting of the two a locus or the two loci near the exterior of the ararat site are locus number 3 and locus number 4 both of them exibit angled walls and here I've given you an example of of locus number 3 and that's very very intriguing really the (edit) and matches a what you find in maritime architecture 1:01:10

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              • اظافر التركيب - وضع و ازالة


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                فيديو يشرح كيفية وضع اظافر التركيب في المنزل و ازالتها كذلك باساليب سهلة التنفيذ لمتابعة التدوينة http://bit.ly/fiBlUt

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                • Опровержение фейка Шария об "убитом" батальоном "Азов" диверсанте


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                  Мать Вячеслава Бирюкова рассказывает об аресте её сына, кастрюле на его голове и о том, как она пытается освободить его из тюрьмы.

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                  • ABC Justin Madden reply to Jon Faine 26 Feb 2010


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                    Embarrassing email not a conspiracy: Justin Madden says the email leaked from his office contains inapproprate languageAn email obtained by the ABC from Planning Minister Justin Madden's office shows a plan to use a sham public consultation process to stop the Windsor Hotel development in central Melbourne. Justin Madden told Jon Faine the consultation process has not been prejudged but says his media adviser has been reprimanded for using 'inappropriate language' in the document.

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                    • ABCLA:TONY TURBO


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                      The ABC's of LA Eps. "Tony Turbo" Hosted by Cottrell Guidry directed/shot/edited by Kevin Boston Eps Info: whoisturbo.com twitter.com/turbo_akablurry myspace.com/tonyturbo facebook.com/tonyturbo

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