1. Smile For Me Baby


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    This is what gender inequality looks like. Filmed, Edited, Directed, and Makeup by Rayven Routt

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    • Work In Progress: What Was Taken


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      Work In Progress Video: What Was Taken Work in progress footage as part of the multimedia series, What Was Taken. The Final video will be screened July 8th at Five Myles Gallery from 6pm-9pm. Shot and edited by Christie Neptune. Music by Colin Stetson Voice Over by Christie Neptune christieneptune.com Project Statement: When what lies beyond the other side of strength is trapped behind a glass wall, what can one do, but carry on? This reflection runs like merry-go-rounds in my head, hurdling forward, then backwards. “What Was Taken,” my latest body of works, is my response to the recent events centered on police brutality. I wanted to do something! I wanted to create something that would speak to my people. I wanted to create something especially from the perspective of Woman. Black Woman. During the development stages of this project, I thought a great deal about the mothers of the slain...Walter Scott...Tarika Wilson...Eric Garner… Aiyana Jones...Mike Brown…Pearlie Smith...Trayvon Martin… As mother, how do you carry on in the face of helplessness? I thought a great deal about how it must be for them to lose life carried. Although I have never birth a child, I can’t imagine the anguish one must feel when one's child's life is taken. Abruptly. As Women of color, we carry the burden of being “Strong.” It’s looms eerily above us in times of trial and tribulation. We are forced to tuck away our feelings; our grief, our hurt, our pain for the sake of moving forward. We must be "Strong Black Woman!" How dehumanizing is that? No one thinks of the effects; the generational effects of having such feelings repressed and strangled. What have you of depression, post traumatic stress disorder, neurosis… 60% of black women silently suffer from depression. This issue is as real as the blood in your veins, yet many are reluctant to talk about it. I thought about wanting to scream at the top of your lungs and not being able to. I thought about ownership. I thought about how limiting it is to be black. To be female. To not have ownership of one’s grief. I thought about being trapped in someone's lens; forced to define yourself as they see fit. I thought about running. I thought about having no escape. That place from which I speak is cold, lonely and dark. It is there whence this series came. No one ever talks about pain from the perspective of a black woman; such narratives are few and in between. I tried a great deal to put myself in the place of Lesley McFadden, Sybrina Fulton, Gwen Car… But I could not. I’ve never carried something, birth it and in my helplessness stood strong as it’s life was taken. What can you do, but be strong? When what lies on the other side of strength is trapped behind a glass wall, what can you do, but carry on? Portfolio Link | http://www.christieneptune.com/what-was-taken-01-02.html Tumblr Link | http://cnvisualart.tumblr.com/post/116137676884/what-was-taken-series-01-200-by-christie

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        Why are you Western women TEMPTING men! you whores!!! why can't you all just wear the veil/burka/hijab like the good Muslim women? Why do you Muslim women who don't wear the veil dress modestly!!! You whores in your photos,movies, with your sensual bodies!!! how dare you show your beauty on display!!! COVER UP NOW!!! You females have a reputation worldwide!! I wish I could say I'm joking, but I'm not. There are droves of guys who think a woman who wears a t shirt, shorts,fitted top is a "whore". A girl who takes dance lessons is partaking in "whore like behaviour". These guys don't live in the caves of Afghanistan, the majority enjoy the benefits of being American,British,French,German citizens. They love to live in "infidel" lands but bring the very ignorance they grew up on. Wake up from your morning shows, and your Beyonces,and your Garth Brooks...go do a search on Youutube on these "Islamic" lectures and you will be baffled. Also, you Muslim girls in the west are included in the "whore" category as well. As long as you were raised in the whore nations of "America" "UK" "france" and the like...youre not exempt. I AM URGING AMERICANS AND OTHER NATIONS TO STOP IMPORTING RADICALS AND PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW RADICAL IDEOLOGY! if they had it their way, all of us would be walking in burkas! And this is coming from a Muslim! Even Muslims are not safe around these radical Muslims. Don't be fooled by fake smiles and hellos, they see you as infidels. That is why they will never integrate in the culture. Your music is trash to them your women are whores to them your food is despicable to them your clothes are the devils clothes your "freedom" irks their nerve..because freedom to them means...a free pass to be a "whore". When they hear "freedom"..they think of whores! in bikinis ! because thats what they are obsessed with..bikinis! it's like they have a secret lust for bikinis! Unless you ignorant American and Europeans and other lands get SMART! your countries will resemble Afghanistan!

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        • CHARLIE


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          "CHARLIE" is a lighthearted coming of age comedy depicting a young woman having a bad day in a series of short vignettes. Take a look at growing pains outside of puberty,being stuck between girlhood and womanhood, and the embarrassing moments that come along with simply,becoming. CAST: Charlie...Rakel Hayley Holm Malcolm...Jaxen Adisson Guy Lauren Petros..Karis Hochhalter Andre... Ron Devitt Chris...Josh Symonds CREW: Ingrid Vargas- Writer/Director Karlee McTavish- First Assistant Director Morgan Ermter -Camera Operator Joseph Aaron Wright-Cinematographer Alexander Gibb- Gaffer Rebecca Jolley- Script Assistant Bronwyn Johansen- Editor Kristen Muncy- Locations Manager Tish Fung & Lourdes Morand- Production Managers Alanna Schwartz- Production Assistant MUSIC: A SURPRISE: Sandrah by Darren Wantz THROWBACK QUARTER BACK: Good-Hearted Girls by The You Are Minez HOT FOR TEACHER: Hearts Can Melt Too by Darren Wantz ABOUT A BOY: Teenage Girl by Cherry Glazer (previously known as Clembutt) CREDITS: Seventh Grade by Slutever To my cast,crew,editor,loved ones etc.:I wouldn't have been able to make this vision come true without you! Thank you so much!

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          • Aurat Jaagi


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            • CLICK TO SEE MORE


              from Naomi Minkoff / Added

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              How we view the female body, exposing the truth!

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              • If I die before I sleep (or From what has been and what will come)


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                4:30 mins.,iPhone, 2015. One of two films made in relation to the 100 year anniversary for women's voting rights in Denmark. The film will be featured in a digital online publication initiated by the Danish ministry of equal rights, being published in June 2015. Concept, camera and editing: Rikke Benborg Scenography: Rikke Benborg, Christian Alkjær Lighting and technical stuff: Christian Alkjær Actress: Mathielde Algreen Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

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                • My Eyes Are Up Here


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                  Erin was born without a leg but doesn't let it hold her back - a short student film.

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                  • Activists Respond to Mean Tweets


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                    Combating online harassment is difficult, and Twitter has struggled with it for its entire history. Recently (February 2015), Twitter executives finally began to publicly admit flaws in its harassment policies, and even more recently (April 2015) announced that in the coming year it would strive to improve these policies. Unfortunately, how exactly they will do that is still unclear. Lindy West, a feminist columnist, has explained that silencing harassers can be ineffective. The comment section of articles, and replies to tweets, can contain death threats such as the ones that caused Anita Sarkeesian to cancel events in 2014. Harassers can also dig up information like addresses and phone numbers. Activists need to actively engage with their harassers in order to protect themselves, so not reading the comments or enabling Twitter’s mute button are not safe solutions. We need to start engaging with the types of masculinity which cause this behavior, instead of mandating that activists unrelentingly shield themselves against it. Lindy West tells a very moving story about a time -- the only time -- an online harasser has apologized to her. It happened because, publicly, she stopped ignoring his harassment (abandoning her “don’t feed the trolls” policy) and addressed what the harasser did, and how it hurt her. It’s a great article, and you can read it here. We’re also clearly evoking Feminists Read Mean Tweets, which addresses the same issue in a more comical way. This project attempts to feed the trolls. It will never be the case that we can fully insulate ourselves online, although we do strongly push for Twitter and other sites to continue improving their harassment policies. This project wants to put faces behind the handles, and hopes that in doing so we can stimulate an empathetic environment and help start to dismantle the isolating social structures that cause harassment to occur. We are not often able to disengage from these divisive discourses, but hopefully putting faces and thoughts, especially ones with more than 140 characters, behind the handles will help. Please respect the fact that these activists have been extremely bold in exposing their harassers and telling their stories on this public forum. Any questions, criticism or concerns can be addressed to me at jwilkinson431@gmail.com or on twitter, @jeffdwilkinson.

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                    • "Женский самиздат в СССР: частный случай или закономерное явление?" - лÐ


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                      Лекция Елены Струковой, заведующей Центром социально-политической истории ГПИБ России. На встрече поговорим о специфике женского и феминистского самиздата в Советском союзе и о советском негосудартсвенном феминизме. _____________ Лекция организуется в рамках "ГИФТ" ("Гендерные исследования и феминистская теория") - еженедельного семинара, на котором студенты и студентки НИУ ВШЭ и других вузов Москвы обсуждают наиболее важные тексты и темы из области гендерной и феминистской теории. "ГИФТ" - неофициальное самоорганизующееся начинание, существует с декабря 2014 г.

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