1. Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines [Feminist Parody] "Defined Lines"


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    The Law Revue girls would like to define those supposedly "blurred lines." Enjoy our parody of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Lyrics below. Vocals: Zoe Ellwood, Olivia Lubbock, Adelaide Dunn Lyrics: Adelaide Dunn Production: Milon Tesiram, Chillbox Creative Audio engineering: Rich Bryan Lyrics: Every bigot shut up x 2 Hey hey hey x 3 Boy you’d better quit all your sexist ways, So hear our manifesto of the modern age. It’s time to undermine The masculine confines ‘Cause we don’t wanna grind Gri-ii-iind. You think that you’re so slick, Let me emasculate ya! Because your precious dick Can’t beat my vibrator. We’re feelin’ the frustration From all the exploitation Prepare for your castration. So we can fuck this man’s world With all its bullshit. Girls don’t deserve it And that’s why we quit. We ain’t good girls. We are scholastic, Smart and sarcastic, Not fucking plastic. Listen mankind! If you wanna get nasty, Just don’t harass me. You can’t just grab me, That’s a sex crime! Yeah we don’t want it. It’s chauvinistic. You’re such a bigot! What you see on tv Doesn’t speak equality, It’s straight up misogyny. Don’t want you to come on my face! You think you’re hunky Hey hey hey You wanna hug me? Hey hey hey Don’t you mean fuck me? One thing I ask of you, Don’t assume that we all just wanna screw. Gotta respect me for me to be your boo. We don’t want no scrubs, no we don’t approve. Need a universal role reversal, In real life not a dress rehearsal. Gotta resist all the gender roles, Time to put misogyny on parole. Put exploitation on probation, Time for you to witness our liberation. There’s more to life than penetration And sexual discrimination. So tonight We ignite Our civil rights. Resist chauvinism, Win the fight, ‘Cause you’re livin large just like a montage Of you and your friends actin’ out Entourage. But we ain’t whores to do your household chores, To make you a sandwich when we’re on all fours. From history to herstory, Know you got some opinions that we don’t agree. Need to call my sister Joan of A-R-C, Bake a feminist cake, Antoinette Marie. Yeah, guys, we got spies, Know all you wanna do is fertilise But avert your eyes from my thighs. Never tell a bitch she gotta drop a size. You wanna box gap? Show me your six-pack. You wanna landing strip? You’d better get ripped. I apologise if you think my lines are crass Tell me how it feels, to get verbally harassed? So we can fuck this man’s world With all its bullshit. Girls don’t deserve it And that’s why we quit. We ain’t good girls. We are scholastic, Smart and sarcastic, Not fucking plastic. Listen mankind! If you wanna get nasty, Just don’t harass me. You can’t just grab me, That’s a sex crime! Yeah we don’t want it. It’s chauvinistic. You’re such a bigot!

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    • TETAS


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      This is a purpouse for giving chance to every woman to define herself by taking position about their breast (meaning, everyday life, social life, love-hate relationship...), understanding that as a feminist practice.

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      • my lingerie play


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        Diana Oh in her {my lingerie play} Installation 1/10 Find her on https://www.facebook.com/mylingerplay or #MyLingeriePlay "I'm standing here in my lingerie because I'm a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie but does not enjoy: being catcalled, being trafficked, being sold, being owned, being told to be unhealthily thin, being told to age unnaturally, being street harassed and followed home by a car full of men at 2 in the morning (1), being asked to f-ck you like a b-tich or to suck on these n-ts and lick the d-ick (2), being called a hoe (3), a tramp (3), a stupid girl (3), or a little Asian friend (3), and being told that you love my lack of self respect (3), and that you got these b-tches all tipsy trying to sex you (3). I'm standing here in my lingerie because I'm a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie and many MANY other things (4). HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! (1) actually happened. (2) actual lyrics (3) actual lyrics that aren't from hip hop songs (4) see you next time!

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        • Pussy


          from Allea Lovely / Added

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          An intimate and gendered piece on the detached or paternalistic objectification, fetishization, and consumption of women's bodies and apparent vulnerability through visual media on the internet. allealovely.com

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          • Centrefold - The Trailer


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            You can watch the full version of the film at www.thecentrefoldproject.org When documentary filmmaker Ellie Land saw reports in the national press about an increasing trend in woman undergoing labia surgery to neaten the appearance of their genitals, she set out to make a documentary exploring the subject. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, and partnered with leading clinicians Sarah Creighton and Lih-Mei Liao from University College Hospitals London, Centrefold is a moving and thought-provoking film presenting the personal accounts of three women who have had a labiaplasty. For more info go to www.thecentrefoldproject.org

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            • SKATE BITCHES


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              Skate Bitches is a short DIY film inspired by the 1986 Danny Plotnick film Skate Witches. Watch trailer: http://youtu.be/gvoVF-QjJ58 View film poster: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8150/7350073568_9e26c4f0d1_o.jpg Listen to soundtrack here: http://8tracks.com/teeveedinner/hangin-with-the-skate-bitches Purchase merch: http://labelstate.com/products/skate-bitches written and directed by samuel shanahoy staring : ms analyse, holly childs, biddy kneebleeder, snoutuss mc raggus, ani t superstar, signe boman, leilani, oliver, stacey, ziah xilla, emily hasselhoof and samuel shanahoy. filmed in and around Footscray, Melbourne. dedicated to girl gangs + femme punx everywhere. music by : zombie dogs, pony time and RVIVR +++ more upcoming screenings: tba past screenings: 2014 Queens Of Chaos,April 18th, Bologna Italy 2013 INFRARED FOUR: Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival November 11th, at The Northwest Film Forum, Seattle USA 2012 XXYZ6 DIY Festival, november 9th, at Chez ta Mère, Toulouse France teen agges riot - september 27, Toulouse France don't need you/skate bitches screening + consent workshop, september 16th at trouble ahead, Boston USA lady fest bay area, september 15th at black hole cimenatique, Oakland USA LaD.I.Y fest - august 19th, Berlin Germany femme conference 2012 - august 18th, Baltimore USA girls get busy garden party - june 23rd at the shacklewell arms, London UK love tunnel - june 16th at the broken hearts club, Seattle USA decolonise DIY festival - june 9th at spaceport, Sydney Australia skate bitches premier- may 20th at the pussy palace, Melbourne Australia

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              • Rebirth


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                Please visit http://tatianablanch.tumblr.com to view more of my recent work The women of all different body types cover each other and themselves in plaster. They stand in a row, proudly, to let the plaster dry on their bodies, then begin to help each other remove the plaster. This is a symbol for the removal of the shell of insecurities these women, as well as all women, may have had about their bodies because of the pressures social media has impressed upon them. As they help one another remove the plaster which is quite stuck to their skin, there is a sense of nurturing that takes place. The women are becoming comfortable with themselves and each other as equally beautiful and important beings.

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                • COMING SOON: VVVVVV


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                  • Oriana Fox, Tableaux Vivants, Tate Modern - 27 June 2009


                    from Oriana Fox / Added

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                    Tableaux Vivants Oriana Fox Performed with Sharon Bennett, Sarah Dadzie, Lucy Dear, Laura Eagland, Penelope Granycombe, Antje Hildebrand, Georgina Leahy, Carole Luby, Genevieve Maxwell, Kieghley Marsh and Lorraine Smith 'Tableaux Vivants' is a constellation of imagery, poses and language taken from the history of feminist performance art. Beginning with an imitation of Vanessa Beecroft's 'VB16' (1996), one of the models reaches down and pulls a scroll from her vagina evoking Schneemann's seminal performance 'Interior Scroll' (1975). This mashing up of old and new references continues throughout the piece as the models speak, gesture and dance for the audience. Carole Luby performs a 'Naked Action Lecture' again in homage to Schneemann and in doing so explains the history that the models are enacting. Her lecture quotes Hermine Freed’s film 'Art Herstory' (1974): "I can become this woman, but how can I relate my life to hers? How much does my time shape my life? Woman may be born free but she is forever tied to her time, place and circumstance…Was I not fulfilling my own fantasies in reliving these images? Role-playing, time-travel, instant space travel, as well as the recreation of history…" Camerawork: Richard Canham & Francesca Ungaro

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                    • THE LINE trailer


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                      THE LINE is a personal documentary exploring sexual boundaries and consent. A cautionary story that is both provocative and engaging, the film is tool to start conversation. By Nancy Schwartzman Total running time 24 minutes. www.whereisyourline.org

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