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    Jason Woods AKA DJ FlashGordonParks is an ethnomusicologist and DJ. He curates a sonic stream of the past, present and future through music. He is our professor; his coursework explores the history of artists, the meaning of the music, the function of the music in culture, and the story told by the album artwork. Through him, we learn to develop a soundtrack for beauty and change

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    • Basix Brothers Feature DJ Sun, The Are, and Flash Gordon Parks


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      this October the Nov.5th makes the third year in which Craig BBC Long hosts his popular music series BASIX. Basix is the only night where Dj's leave their thumb drives full of mp3's at home, pay no attention to the countles cd's a dj may own, and put full force into a night filled with pure vinyl records.

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      • Get To Know Flash Gordon Parks


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        Get to know Peace Uv Mine's resident documentarian / DJ, Flash Gordon Parks.

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        • H.I.S.D. - Behind The Scenes of "Lando"


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          On Feb 5 HISD is releasing the first single from The Weakend, "Lando". This is the making of the forthcoming video.

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          • HISD WEEK: Get To Know King Midas


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            Some time during the making of his Tasters Choice album, D. Rose emailed me a track called The Caper that he wanted Big Mon and me to hop on. No problem. We wrapped it up in about 24 hours and got it back to him. When I asked him who made the track, he said This kid named King Midas. Hes one of the producers for H.I.S.D. Again with these H.I.S.D. cats! I still hadnt officially met the crew, but they were definitely making their mark on the scene. A few months later, I receive a call from Midas, introducing himself and askig if Id be willing to write to a track that he just created for their Summer Sessions EP. Im always down to write, and id heard nothing but good things about him, so I said YES with no hesitation. I wouldnt discover until months later that Justin 8 Months Lewis was the one that referred him to me. Midas was looking for guest spots on the song, and after running through a laundry list of talent, 8 Months suggested that he let me take a crack at it. The rest is history. Summer So Good was created. In the time since, ive probably spent more time around him than any other musician around here. King Midas is a fascinating study, because he epitomizes the term student of the game. It isnt simply enough for him to know whether something sounds good or not; he needs to understand WHY. Ive only seen 2 or 3 other producers that are as meticulous at music creation as he is. One of them is DJ Cozmos, who he aligned himself with to form King Coz. Its amazing to see how these two, nearly a generation apart, seem to have been cut from the same cloth. I dont think Midas ever takes a day off. Hes always working on music. Sometimes working on tracks just for practice. Not too long ago, he worked on a track for about 12 hours, only to discard it at the end of the day. He understands that some of your greatest lessons are learned from failures. His home contains The Gold Room where the HISD collective meets every week to write, record, and debate. Its a haven for creativity, and theyre all fortunate to have a place where they can tap into that synergy and bring ideas to life. A simple blog post wont give you an idea of how far-reaching his talent is. Ill let his body of work over the next year or so speak for itself. And yes im documenting every move. Hes one to watch. -Damien-

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            • HISD WEEK: Get To Know Soul One


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              Soul One was the person that introduced me to H.I.S.D. Id already known him for years as one of the young boys on the scene, an up and coming DJ who kind of studied under the wing of DJ Cipher. Kind of an interesting read because he started as a DJ with no real affiliation; he made a name for himself through his own accord. He was part of the crew that played ball at a local YMCA on Sunday nights. This was when I had hops. I think it was one of those Sundays when he first told me about H.I.S.D.: (Pulled from my fragmented memory) Me: So what are you working on these days. I see that youve started producing now. Soul One: Actually, im working on an album now with this new crew. Kind of like a collective. Anybody I know? Maybe. You heard of Savvi? Yeah, Savvis cool. I finally met him not too long ago. I told him we need to work together. Well, Savvi kinda put this group together. Its like 4 MCs and 3 or 4 producers. Damn putting together your own Wildstyle! {Muted laugh} Heh. Yeah, its really kinda cool Whats it called? {Pause to figure out how hes going to explain it} Okay. The name of the crew is H.I.S.D. Like the school district? Yeah but no. It stands for Hueston Independent Spit District, But Hueston is spelled with an H-U-E instead of H-O-U. Okay I follow you. The one thing were still working on is the S, because it can really stand for anything, like Soul or Slang- Or Southside. {Very reluctant laugh} No not really. I may have embellished the last part of my story, but I credit Soul One with introducing me to this collective of talent. He functions as their DJ, and 1/3 of their production team. Whatever you do, dont ask him about the time he tried to throw me an alley-oop; hes thought little of me ever since. -Damien-

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              • HISD WEEK: Get To Know Ldavoice


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                Of all the members of H.I.S.D., Ldavoice probably has the name that fits him best. He might tell you that its because he used to sing or that his voice is an instrument of change that should be broadcast for all to hear. These are valid arguments, but I think the name fits him best because his voice is the one thing that makes the most lasting impression on you. He uses his voice A LOT. And not in a bad way, mind you. (He probably has a smirk while hes reading this.) Youll learn that hes very passionate about almost everything, and will easily engage you in a discussion about nearly anything. In an age of apathy and diluted opinions, hes a rare breed of person who is not reluctant to have an opinion and offer it when many tend to shy away from opinions. If you ever get the chance to sit in on one of HISDs infamous debate sessions, youll notice that hes the one in the middle of the room, animatedly attacking the discussion from all sides. The kid has a lot to say, and you WILL hear it. While reviewing the footage from this interview, I quickly discovered that he had twice as much footage as everyone else. There is no question that he wont answer. Again he has a lot to say, and you WILL hear it. Fun facts about L: 1. Hes a Gemini (greatest zodiac sign of them all) 2. He ran a 4.5 40 as a sophomore in high school. (I might have to race him someday and test this) -Damien-

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                • HISD WEEK: Get To Know Scottie Spitten


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                  Day 2 of HISD WEEK delivers an intimate portrait of Scottie Spitten, the first team letterman of the crew. Visuals by Flash Gordon Parks. Musical backdrop - "On Fire" from The Gold Room EP. From Damien - I was kind of slow. It took me a while to realize that Scottie and King Midas were brothers. But I digress. Scottie reminds me of my roommate from college: heavily into music and basketball; huge fan of the 90's Chicago Bulls; Scottie Pippen is his favorite player. When you ask him why - it's because Pippen was perhaps the most underrated player in the history of the NBA. But it's easy to get overlooked when you're standing in the shadow of the greatest player of all time. When Michael Jordan gave his acceptance speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame, the first words that came out of his mouth were in gratitude to Scottie Pippen. He hadn't even officially started his speech yet. Hadn't thanked God or his parents. He thanked Scottie Pippen. It's because Jordan knew that for all his accolades, all his greatness, Scottie Pippen was the cornerstone to his legacy. In time, Scottie Spitten of H.I.S.D. might share the same legacy. From my interactions with the crew, it's become evident that Scottie is the emotional anchor of the squad. He's usually the first to write a verse to a new track, and often sets the tone and direction of any given song. In street clothes, he's quiet and unassuming. You'd never know he was an MC. When game time comes he's all business, and tends to his work with an enthusiasm unmatched by many of his peers outside the HISD circle. He studies the music as much as he studies basketball, surveying every angle and honing his game so that each move is executed to perfection. (How's that for hyperbole?) He also subscribes to NBA League Pass, and claims to watch every game every night. If you see him, ask what the score is... I bet he knows. -Damien-

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                  • HISD WEEK: Get To Know Savvi and EQuality


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                    I first ran into Savvi a few years ago at what I believe was a Peace Uv Mine show, right around the time that he released his “Hueston Chronicles” CD. I’d heard of him before, but this was the first time that I’d actually seen him in person. What I remember most about that show (with my fading memory) was him being flanked on stage by a legion of singers and musicians, maybe another rapper. Here was this guy that I’d never heard of who seemingly already had a bit of a following, while managing a stable of talent all on his own. Props given. After his set, I introduced myself to him, and promised that we’d work together someday. That day came a few years later with “Summer So Good” from the Summer Sessions EP. EQuality was one of those guys that I knew before I knew who he was (if that makes any sense). I’d seen him at all the spots, but didn’t know he was the fabled EQ from HISD until a meeting at a mutual friend’s residence. I thought that he was FWMJ’s distant cousin, because they favor each other so much. Not too long after, I would stumble upon him in his natural element at a spoken word function. Think Gil Scott Heron meets Andre 3000 meets Charles Mingus. That’s EQ. Check out Savvi and EQ, along with the rest of the HISD collective, at this Friday’s edition of The Standard.

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                    • HISD @ SXSW 2009


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                      HISD performing at SXSW March 20,2009 Scoot Inn Austin Tx

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