1. WWECineminuto Fox Sports México


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    • Law & Order Special Victims Unit Promo


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      1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 01:00 2013

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      • Revolution Teaser


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        1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 00:25 2013

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        • FX Girl Mobile Video_Eunhye Lee


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          1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 01:20 2013 FX Girl was the most important item for FX, which was being rebranded for wild men, under the slogan ‘Born Wild,’ at that time, and, as a chief producer, I took charge of planning for all production including shooting, casting, props, and even budget management, as well brand design and animation that would be used for relevant videos. First, for the slogan Born Wild, different professions were shown every month, and the first was a car engineer, which represents wildness. And then, a model, props, and shooting locations suitable for a car engineer were found and we could shoot within the tight schedule. For the graphic elements, the slope side of the FX logo was used as a motif and applied to the logo and transition of the video as well so that the brand FX Girl and FX channel can be emphasized as well.

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          • WWE The Heirs of Legends Promo


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            1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 00:45 2013 Those who went to school during the 1980s and 1990s in Korea would remember WWE at that time. The star players like Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior were heroes for children because of their spectacular performance and skills, but are now largely forgotten and considered a subculture for few fans. FX, which broadcasts WWE in Korea, targets male viewers and prepared a special program by selecting players who can evoke the memory, so I did a lot of research on elements that can bring out the retro feel for the people who can remember that era. As a result, highly saturated colours, brown tube TV, old-fashioned but familiar fonts and music were used as effective elements.

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            • The Walking Dead Season 4 Teaser_NEXT


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              1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 00:15 2013 The Walking Dead, which has been breaking the highest rating worldwide with each season and became the most famous TV series, seems not to require explanation anymore. Instead of detailed storyline of the new season, I thought it would be more effective to focus on the tune-in message through a teaser and then created a new toolkit in which the on-air traffic was reversed. For it, the screen splits sideways into two in the middle of playing ‘Next’ for the next program, and the tune-in message for the Walking Dead appears. It was exposed 50 to 60 times a day and effective as it was during the most expensive advertisement time.

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              • Grimm Promo


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                1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 01:05 2014 In Grimm, the monsters looked through the eyes of the protagonist seem to be a more interesting element than the story itself, and the music was edited so that the bgm gradually creates tension and then suddenly the insert page appears to surprise the viewers. And, because it is closer to a movie than a TV series, a 3D logo was created like in a movie and applied to the end page, and also it was edited by using varying speeds like in movie trailers. Instead of directly expressing monsters, the silhouettes on the window and sounds were used so that their hidden existence in reality could be felt indirectly.

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                • Bones Promo


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                  1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 00:50 2012 Like many other investigation series, Bones show a lot of victims and corps, but their characteristic is that they analyze a trace of murder left in bones by using state-of-art equipment. Therefore, I thought it would be remembered by viewers only if I use colours and elements that are different from other investigation series. The blue backlight table and X-ray film on it, which appear frequently in the lab scenes, were chosen as key elements and a dense grid was added to the text that appears in the graphic insert to represent intricacy of the team members in their rigorous analysis.

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                  • Criminal Minds Season 3 Promo


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                    1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 01:00 2013 First, I researched what the viewers of the show find fascinating about the how and which episodes they like, and the result showed that the fans are interested in episodes in which the most realistic and cruel crimes are committed and also that the psychoanalysis of the psychopaths by the FBI Suspect Behavior team is an important element. As a result, based on the basic premise, ‘Investigate from the killer’s viewpoint,’ I progressed the story by thinking like a killer and predicting the behavior as the investigation team does. I inserted images in which they look at the victim through the eyes of the killers and blurred the frame outline to create the focus. The saturation was lowered to suit the mood of the show and highly saturated red was used limitedly for only the scenes with high tension.

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                    • 2014 FOX Line Up


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                      1920 x 1080 HDTV NTSC 29.97 48.000kHz 16-Bit Stereo 01:00 2014 For FOX, 2014 means a big challenge. As other many similar channels began to air similar contents, the real competition with local channels in the Korean will begin soon. Amidst such fierce competition in the broadcasting market, FOX purchased a large amount of new foreign contents through substantial investment, in an attempt to take the upper hand in the market. For that reason, they produced a lineup spot to promote the purchased contents and the most important element was introduction of new characters as there are many particular characters from the contents. The channel has repeatedly exposed graphic inserts that clearly introduces interesting characters for viewers, such as Dracula, zombie, serial killer, and alien, which were edited in a way the images are switched quickly one after another. And, of course, the insert page was made by only changing the colour and graphic while maintaining O, the key element of FOX.

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