1. #185 aka 211 is about Happy Days or even Peace on Earth that evolved from this autobiography tour of homes I’ve lived in.


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    The ^thumbnail^ is a sign of both me and pres. Obama thanking God for the help we get to do our jobs at 11 min. This ^vision of Happy Days^ helped reveal God's plan of Peace On Earth in classes 170, L110, L123 https://vimeo.com/60109388 & L124 https://vimeo.com/63452028. I posted this at the Vimeo group New York because the day after I uploaded this (10-26-11) the FBI got HelpfulVideo to delete over 20 of my videos, (because I dared to re-upload this video to Vimeo after they deleted it). Now we'll see if Vimeo will obey the FBI's request to delete my account again. After Vimeo deleted 53 of my videos I explained the apparent wrath of God for deleting messages from heaven over copyright violations that followed when 36 people were shot in New York in the 9-5-11 news in class #161 at 39 to 55 min @ vimeo.com/33034450. When making this video both me and my Mac hit the wall so I used captions to clarify what I'm saying a few times. This class 185 started from using Google Earth to recreate a vision God gave me of driving on highway 17 in San Jose, California, (it's ten min in L5b @ vimeo.com/35772901). That part is from 51 minutes to 1:51 hours because I had to explain that I believe that vision was a divine sign about how to get Happy Days back. Then I thought an autobiography tour homes I’ve lived in would help the classes that I’ve made because thanks to Google Earth you can now see what I was talking about better. In the first minute I show a sign that implied I got a lot of help from heaven to do this especially because Google Earth has been like a “back in time machine” for me and heaven made this class very magical with the prophetic movies, TV shows and songs that confirm the stories I tell are true, (Debbie White/McCann confirmed the story at 2:08 hrs that happened at the Acres bar at 1:53). This is two classes that I pasted together, #211+ 215 and renamed it 185. I was able to finish the second half of the tour in only 30 minutes in class 215. It was a coincidence that my iMovie wouldn’t permit me to make 215 a long class and it may be a sign that the people who have mocked away the divine signs in class 211 have caused heaven to cut off the magic, (that prediction came true two years later at the Bottom Lines). I tried to defend this 185 in classes 163b,165, 166, 168 and 170 at MikeOversonEndTimes.org but the verdict is in that SLANDER, (is the second plan of attack when deleting classes due to copyright fails), has prevailed in cutting down what A BLATANT VISIT FROM HEAVEN this class 185 is. I found proof of that in the lyrics to DEACON BLUES by Steely Dan, in class 61 @ 51 minutes I explain how much this song applied to my life in 1977 but there was one line that didn't make sense until now in 2014. [Chorus:] Drink Scotch whiskey all night long And die behind the wheel They got a name for the winners in the world I want a name when I lose They call Alabama the Crimson Tide Call me Deacon Blues It's like a lady I said "hell" to and then found out that she was saying "all he uses is the F word" (@ 1 hr @ https://vimeo.com/91198654). Nobody in their right mind would ever aspire to "Drink Scotch whiskey all night long and die behind the wheel" but it's a sign (from heaven) of how bad the slander has been against this class 185, especially at 1:57 to 2:14 hours. A correction: @ 54 minutes I say the real estate boom was a curse on the USA but NOT for backing out of the Vietnam war, (read 206 @ vimeo.com/76811342). It was due to the antiwar protesters that caused a lack of respect for God and country that didn't get cured until after the 911 disaster, (explained in L105 @ vimeo.com/49979484 @ 2 min). An update a year later on 7-9-12 was due to a label @ 1:38 hours that says it was a picture of "God's joy at how well Her plan in the Bible played out in real life". The apparent proof of that is this class had more magic than any of the 200 before it and that became the new standard in the classes that followed like L94 to L124. And right after I uploaded this 185 I got to watch porn again after it had been 86ed for 3.5 years. (see #212 @ 37 & 46 min vimeo.com/77818968). That long absence made me like like a kid in a (eye) candy store at 1:20 in L123 vimeo.com/60109388. It also led to to me making over a dozen rated X classes at http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/mike-overson. (The flaws in porn here @ 6 to 16 min were retold better at class L127F https://vimeo.com/110693022.) The Lord was so pleased with that counter clockwise wrap around Mt Saint Helen (@ 1:38) that I've gotten much more help to make these classes since I made this 185. Unfortunately it wasn't enough for my critics so I had to explain THE END of my classes and blog at vimeo.com/50116128. The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER @ L124 vimeo.com/63452028.

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    • FSBreak 53: FOUR PMDG Teases, Google Earth as an engine for MSFS, and who wants to built an airplane?


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      FSBreak 53: FOUR PMDG Teases, Google Earth as an engine for MSFS, and who wants to built an airplane? http://www.fsbreak.net/podcast/53

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      • Panel 2: Mediated Landscapes


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        Panelists: Robert Pietrusko, Ingo Gunther, Igal Nassima, Jon Rafman, and Katja Loher Moderator: Cornelia Lund Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 Artist Talk 7PM-8PM Second Life Tour with Jon Rafman 8PM-8:30PM HARVESTWORKS DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS CENTER 596 Broadway, #602, NY, NY http://www.harvestworks.org/ A panel of artists, theorists, and inventors discussing the commonalities between building landscapes in both the online world and real world. A focus will be on the current trends in visual data in comparison with urban planning, architectural processes, and the virtual landscapes in gaming culture. Visual data, urban planning for remote countries and an exploration of current and historical cartographic methodologies will be exhibited providing insight into an increasingly digitized and overlapping world between mapping the real and online spaces.

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        • California and the World Ocean Conference 2010: Opening Session


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          Our Changing Ocean: A Vision for the 21st Century California Ocean Protection Council Welcome Wednesday, September 8, 2010, 8:15 am – 9:45 am Keynote Speakers: President Anote Tong Republic of Kiribati John Hanke Vice President, Google Earth and Google Maps, Google, Inc. Lester A. Snow Secretary for Natural Resources, Council Chair The Center for Ocean Solutions is a co-sponsor of the California and the World Ocean Conference and helped facilitate the attendance of President Tong of Kiribati at this venue.

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          • parallel ll


            from Lawrence Bird / Added

            This is an extension of the piece parallel, first projected at part of Winnipeg's Nuit Blanche 2012. parallel ll was created for the show Another Atlas at RAW:Gallery, where it can be seen until 6 April 2013. A third iteration of parallel is currently part of the show Movable Borders at Furtherfield Gallery in London, England. The project uses Google Earth to track along the 49th parallel, that is, the prairie border between Canada and the United States. It's about a few other parallels: parallel countries, parallel modes of imaging and imagining, parallels between political, technical, and visual territories. If you follow it long enough, digital anomalies in the image become apparent; they have to do with when a given area came under the eye of a satellite, and at what resolution. These become landscapes in their own right, with their own boundaries, topography, areas of density and intensity. Something similar happens at the edges between satellite image tiles; their seams are rarely perfect, and we end up with one image blurred or spliced into another, contradictory image. The boundaries between these territories of image are especially visible along a political border like this. While they never equate to the border -- there's usually a displacement of some sort -- they do parallel it. In fact they're more visible than the border itself, which is otherwise realized mainly in agricultural boundaries. All of these anomolies in an ostensibly perfect map of the world invite interpretation, speculation, and imagination. parallel ll expands the earlier work to run the full length of the prairie border, from the Rocky Mountains (it begins within a mountain) in the west to Lake of the Woods in the east, where the political border diverges from the 49th parallel in a sudden jog north. parallel is the first of a series of explorations I plan to make using Google Earth and other imaging tools. Sound in parallel ll comprises two superimposed tracks: Ambient Nothingness, by Hello Flowers, courtesy the Internet Archive, modified Kibo (Japanese Experiment Module, International Space Station) Ambient Sound, courtesy Christopher Hadfield

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            • Obama Inauguration (1 of 3) The Long Walk


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              Part One - Starting out of Alexandria, Virginia and walking towards D.C. past Reagan National Airport and entering the city over the 14th St. Bridge. Recorded in ambisonic surround sound using a Core-Sound TetraMic, with GPS metadata which is being used to drive Google Earth. This is a stereo version.

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              • Obama Inauguration (2 of 3) Entering the Mall


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                Part Two - Starting at the Jefferson Memorial and walking towards the Mall into the crowd and finding a place before the festivities start. Recorded in ambisonic surround sound using a Core-Sound TetraMic, with GPS metadata which is being used to drive Google Earth. This is a stereo version.

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                • Obama Inauguration (3 of 3) Speech and Exit


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                  Part Three - Barack Obama takes the oath of office before giving his inaugural speech. Next is figuring out how to exit with the other 2 million people. Recorded in ambisonic surround sound using a Core-Sound TetraMic, with GPS metadata which is being used to drive Google Earth. This is a stereo version.

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                  • Aether Addresses wrap-up presentation


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                    Talk wrapping-up the Aether Addresses project, developed during a LabMIS/ Impakt residency. Originally streamed over Justin.TV, hence the quality. A summary of the talk (with links) can be found @ http://aetheraddresses.wikia.com/wiki/Overview Project's tumblr @ http://aetheraddresses.tumblr.com

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                    • Another Look at Google Earth Builder


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                      This second session on Google Earth Builder included a live demo of a variety of applications. It also addressed many questions that weren't answered due to time constraints during the first webinar on Google Earth Builder on June 16. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the previous webinar, you can view the archived version. This webinar will address: How to upload data to Google Earth Builder How to create Google Earth and Map layers How to share different mp layers with different user groups Who should attend This webinar is appropriate for anyone with an interest in Google Earth Builder.

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