1. The New Guinness World Ad – Bring it to Life


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    Guinness launches its most ambitious ad yet, in a parallel with the way a pint of Guinness is created the ad shows a group of men bringing a world to life. Taking on the extreme challenge of creating this epic ad, Director Johnny Green recruited an elite team including Oscar winning set designer Grant Major and Oscar nominated Director of Photography Wally Pfisher.

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    • Extract Google Earth models to 3ds max tutorial


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      I'm sure of that an option to save 3d data from Google Earth (OSM 3D or any other GIS service) will be avaliable some day but now we have to do weird things to get that data. I hope this tutorial helps someone. You need: 1. 3ds max 2011 or earlier (there is no .3dr import plugin for older versions) 2. 3D Ripper DX http://www.deep-shadows.com/hax/3DRipperDX.htm 3. GE v. http://www.oldversion.com/windows/google-earth-6-2-2-6613 4. Patience (sometimes it doesn't work as it should or doesn't work at all)

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      • HUNT Chip Features—HUNT by onXmaps


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        A HUNT Map from onXmaps is an essential piece of equipment to add to your outdoor gear and Garmin GPS or Mobile Device (iPhone/iPad or Android). Learn more about the HUNT by onXmaps mapping system, one of the most revolutionary products for sportsmen to ever hit the market. A HUNT Map makes navigation simple while hunting, fishing, hiking and working. HUNT by onXmaps tells you where public and private land property boundaries are, as well as who owns each piece of property! Quickly and easily access map information on your Garmin GPS or Mobile Device, simply select the menu option for a complete list of pertinent information for your outdoor adventures! ADVANTAGES • Available for Garmin GPS, Mobile Devices (iPhone/iPad and Android), PC/Mac & Google Earth • Color-Coded Land Ownership • Find Public Lands • Discover New Access • Know Private Land Ownership • Locate Yourself on Paper Maps easily • See Game Management Units • See Roads - City, Highway and Backroads • See Water - Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, etc • 24K Topographic functionality • Trails & much more! Visit our website: huntinggpsmaps.com/getthechip Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/HuntingGPSmaps

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        • Google Melon


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          Playing God with the Earth

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          • Google Earth NASA Night


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            A real-time capture of using the sun settings in Google Earth combined with NASA's night time overlay to create a quick and easy view of the earth at night. The aim would be to simply record the normal earth view and then superimpose the two for a night/day cycle. Created for a blog post on digitalurban.blogspot.com showing various visualisations

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            • Google Street View challenge / 2009


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              The idea is to travel around the globe sitting on your chair. Juste take (thousand ?) screenshots of Google Street View, each one is a frame composing your movie. Do you want to try it in your own country? music: Phoenix - Lisztomania WWW.COPROD.FR

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              • EzOSD mit Telemetriedownlink und Antennentracking


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                Das EzOSD "On Screen Display" zeigt ihnen alle wichtigen Telemetriedaten über Ihr Modell an. Somit haben Sie die völlige Kontrolle über ihr Flugzeug und können sich auf das fliegen konzentrieren. Dieses leichte kompakte OSD System macht ihr Modell zu einem hochmodernen Fluggerät der nächsten Generation.

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                • PIMP MY PLANET


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                  We live in a time where everything or everyone can be upgraded or ‘pimped'. After the worldwide acceptance of plastic surgery, it was time to subject our worldly possessions (Pimp my Ride) and digital identities (Facebook) to an aesthetical and/or functional upgrade. So it's likely that eventually everything will be pimp-able. Even our own planet. Studio Smack presents ‘PIMP MY PLANET". A short animated film and game trailer in which the possibilities of playing God are explored. Redesigning the planet according to your ideals or aesthetic values. What are the consequences of your actions? Winner Silver Award, Category Motion Graphics, European Design Awards 2010 and Nominee for the Dutch Design Awards 2010 - PIMP MY PLANET is now available as SINGLE EDITION FINE ART PRINTS. You choose the frame number! http://tinyurl.com/mef92qo facebook: http://tinyurl.com/6jwvrbd | twitter: http://tinyurl.com/4525grg | youtube: http://tinyurl.com/6e635er | film annex: tinyurl.com/7e6tmee I frame factor: http://tinyurl.com/mef92qo

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                  • MTB-Simulator


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                    Realistisches MTB-Videotraining mit deinem Ergometer.

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                    • IPhone Car Navigation - The Death of your PND- Part 1 of 2


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                      The PND (Personal Navigation Device) and Car computer are dead (pretty soon they will be). Get the details on how we made this movie and help us kill them in our in car mobile device meshing forum. http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/mobile-device-phone-meshing-connect-your-car-internet-cloud/ The transcript: Hi. My name’s Rob Wray from MP3 Car. We’re doing this video blog today to give you some news. The PND, the Personal Navigation Device, it’s dying. It’s dying fast. I mean Garmin, Tom-Tom, Dash – say your final prayers. Even our beloved car computer has numbered days. What’s killing them? A deadly virus? No. It’s an infestation. An infestation of millions of cheap globally-available connected devices. Never heard of such a device? Well, I bet you have. You have one in your pocket. This device, your mobile phone, combined with new hardware and software innovations, are allowing you to connect your mobile phone to your car and kill your Tom-Tom. Let’s go take a look. So I’m sitting in a standard Toyota Scion. This happens to be a fancy aftermarket car stereo, but this could just as easily have been your standard display that came with your Prius or Range Rover or other luxury car. It also could have been a host of aftermarket radios and displays that have built-in video inputs. Alright, so now that we’re in the car, let’s go through the process. You’ve got a couple steps here, some of which are already done. You take the video cable that you get from the Apple store and you plug that into the video input in the back of your screen. Again, this can happen in any car with a screen. You can go out and get an accessory adapter that takes this video input. So get the cable, plug it into your iPhone. Hack your iPhone which is about a thirty-minute process. There’s tons of websites that explain how you do it, and lots of developers have gotten together and made nice apps that make it really easy to do this So hack your iPhone. Then you want to install an apps called Screen Splitter, which I’ll link below. Install Screen Splitter. That allows you to duplicate the content of this screen onto this screen. And then you install the app of your choice. We’re going to do our drive test now with a little app called X-GPS. So both of these apps are in their infancy. They have a few flaws, but they’re really great in showing off this concept of why your Tom-Tom is going to die. Let’s go for a drive. I’m going to run my Screen Splitter application. So now I’m sharing the video from my iPhone down to the car. I’m going to go ahead and run this little app here called X-GPS. It’s going to automatically tilt because it knows I have the screen in horizontal mode, which is then going to match the mode of the display down below. I’m going to go ahead and turn on my GPS signal. Aaah, I have to use the iPhone touch screen, and I’m going to go ahead and turn on my GPS signal, and off we go. Let’s go for a drive. You think the most logical choice of applications would be Google maps. It’s built into the iPhone. The problem with Google maps though is that it doesn’t realign itself based on the horizontal position of the iPhone. So you can see that I’ve got maps running up here on top, but it’s displaying in a horizontal format down here. So let’s go take a look at some other apps that work well in the car. So maybe your next thought is to use Google Earth. Well, Google Earth would be a great option except it crashes when you use it with Screen Splitter. So I’m not quite sure if it’s just there’s too much CPU load and Google Earth shuts off, but don’t use Google Earth. Try an app from a company called Earthscape. Earthscape’s app works great. It loads, it has the follow-me option, and it’s a great overview of where you are, give you some great side imagery while you’re driving around. So let’s take a quick look at that. They have two modes. They have a pan mode and a follow-up mode which is perfect for driving. Let’s go for a drive. Another great app I love to use in the car is Pandora. Let’s check this out. So we’ve got some Dave Matthews playing. [Music] You’ve got album art down here. All the Pandora controls on top here. The audio input comes through my device so I can control the audio levels right here on the device. The skip tracks. All these things that you can do with Pandora normally you can do and have it all amplified right here on the big screen. So YouTube? Yep, that works, too. [Music] So any movie you have on your iPhone can also be played here, too. Let me guess. You want to know how to get started. Okay. We’re going to need a couple of things. You’re going to need a cell phone that has video output. I happen to have an iPhone 3G, and you can buy this little cable over at the Apple store. It’s a little bit expensive, but it does some nifty things. It takes audio and video out, so this plugs into your iPhone, and this plugs into the audio and video input source in the back of your car. So then your question is, how do you get audio and video into your car? Well, there’s a ton of aftermarket devices like this one here that’s made by Paq, but almost every car with a video screen has a device like this that you can install in your car and it has video and audio inputs to quickly allow any screen in your car to take the output from your cell phone. So get a cell phone with video output, get a cable, and get one of these adapters, and then you can get video in your car. Now that we know that the PND is dying, you may ask what is the future of products in your car? Well, to answer that it’s going to be mesh-ups of existing consumer electronics hardware. In my right hand here I have a very simple wireless Bluetooth mouse from Apple. This is one piece of the future. In this hand I have a 7” touch screen, and this is just basically a four-wire resistive touch screen. And so what I think we’re going to see is we’re going to see hardware mesh-ups where electrical engineers and industrial designers mesh these two products together. So we take the serial output of this touch screen display and we mesh it in with some Bluetooth wireless technology, and now we have a really quick instant aftermarket touch screen modification for your cell phone. So now you can throw this guy, your cell phone, in your glove box with your video output device and then instead of even touching your cell phone, now you can control you cell phone with this wireless touch screen, so you can take it in and out between cars. It’ll be different sizes of screens manufactured based on what size screen that you have. Eventually multi-touch technology will be implemented in these aftermarket screen accessories. And that is just the beginning of the future. Mark my word. Your cell phone will kill your Personal Navigation Device. It might take a year or two, but it’s going to happen. There are a million technologists and hackers that are visiting our website monthly that are getting technology like this into their cars. Join them and help them kill your Tom-Tom and your Personal Navigation Device. This is exciting stuff. Thanks for watching our blog.

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