1. Grönlund-Nisunen - Copenhagen Beat Frequency 2015


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    There are two sine wave oscillators and a stereo sound system placed in the room. Each of the speakers plays an individual slightly different sine frequency around 61 and 63Hz. The interference of two different frequencies constitutes acoustically an unison which is called a beat frequency. Copenhagen Beat Frequency is 3 Hz. It was iterated to be resonating with the singularity and invisible substance of the attic space. Copenhagen Beat Frequency was part of the collective show for The Nordic Music Days 2015. It took place in the empty attics of Christian IV's Brewhouse in Copenhagen in October 2015. The show was curated by Rune Søchting and Mads Kullberg. Video by Tommi Grönlund

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    • Nice slowmo on Stihl sponsored driftcar in Drift Allstars Europe.


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      Recorded in Sweden Eskilstuna by me. Megafeldt.

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      • Grönlund-Nisunen - Parit / Pairs - 2014


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        There are 27 pairs of light spheres scattered around the school building of Kastelli in Oulu Finland. Each sphere is slowly changing the color scanning through the rgb-spectrum in 3-5 mins. After each round light turns off for 30-50 sec. Each light sphere has an individual circulation time. Rgb-projectors are integrated inside the ceilings and the light beams are casted to the indoor walls through glass windows. Video playback is accelerated 300%. Video by Tommi Grönlund

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        • Grönlund-Nisunen - Nine Key Passage - 2008


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          Nine Key Passage a commissioned artwork for Nye Ahus Hospital Oslo 2008 hospital art program curated by Claes Söderquist Nine Key Passage is an interactive sound installation created for the New University Hospital in Akershus near Oslo. The installation is located outdoors along the passage leading to the main entrance. It functions with nine infrared sensor/speaker-pairs mounted into the ceiling of the passage. Passing the sensors activate sound files which are played back from the ceiling speakers. Each speaker is playing different chord and walking through the whole transit creates a simple 9-tunes composition. When there are many people walking to different directions the arrangement gets more complex and endlessly changing. The sound library is controlled by a computer. Every day during one month it selects a new 9-chords set, from 31 combinations in use, and the next month the library gets a new random order. The sound bank is conceived and recorded by musicians/sound engineers James Andean, Jimi Tenor, Mika Vainio and Kimmo Oksanen together with Grönlund&Nisunen. Thereafter the sound material was edited and re-organized and 31 x 9-chords were selected by G&N to get used in the installation. The selected sounds were recorded from various electronic and processed acoustic instruments, a lot's of piano and analogue synthesizer-sounds were included. James Andean picked up his piano chords from Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy's scores. All the sounds are reduced and focusing on the character of the sound itself and its relation to the others. Hospital is a very delicate place for a sound installation with all its implications of life and death. We wanted people to get curious and let them realize the nature of the piece in a slow manner. A tiny feeling of inspiration that a little fragment of a melody may leave was the core idea of the installation.

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          • Grönlund-Nisunen - Kiertolaiset / Wanderers - 2014


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            Kiertolaiset / Wanderers is a permanent installation at Kastelli School and Multipurpose Hall in Oulu, Finland. It consists of 365 pcs of Ø28cm mirrors hanging on the walls of the light opening structure above the lunch room of Kastelli school. On sunny days the mirrors cast slowly moving light spots on the floor and the walls depending on the inclinaton of the sun. This video was shot during the school lunch break at 11.00 on 28 August. Video playback is accelerated 300%. Video by Tommi Grönlund

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            • Grönlund-Nisunen - Large Movement II - 2013


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              Tommi Grönlund - Petteri Nisunen Large Movement II The Armory Show Galerie Anhava New York 2013 photography by Kimmo Virtanen

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              • Grönlund-Nisunen - Caprice - 2008


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                Bryggen in Vejle, Denmark stainless steel bars, stainless wire, magnets, electronic motors, aluminium structure, color filter dimensions 12m x 5m x 7m photography by Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen The commissioned artwork for Bryggen shopping mall is situated in the large glass covered abyss above the lobby space. The abyss is giving natural light to the lobby through the parking floors above. Architecturally the abyss space is a combination of closeness and openness, being simultaneously a strangely shaped vertical room and opening from lobby to the open sky. The artwork consists of 114 balanced horizontal stainless steel bars which are hanged from the ceiling by thin, hardly visible 1,0mm stainless steel wires. The polished stainless steel bars are 1,5 meters in length and 20 mm in diameter. The 36 wires hang from as many electric motors connected to a aluminium construction, which is attached to the beams supporting roof and skylight window. This construction keeps the wires on equal distance of each other. This is essential because in certain positions the bars almost, but not quite, touch each other. There are three bars connected to each wire with about 2 meters distance from each other. In some wires the tubes are on different height than in others, so that the grid consists of 6 overlapping layers of stainless steel bars. The horizontal bars rotate freely on the wires. This slow rotation is originally caused by electric motors to which the wires are attached. The rotation of the bars is made unpredictable by small permanent magnets embedded to both ends of each bar. The magnets have always same pole facing outwards and when the ends of two bars come close the magnets try to avoiding each other changing the direction or speed of the rotation. This affects the rotation of other tubes near by, also on upper and lower levels due to coiling of the wire. This is how the whole installation makes a large chaotic system. Following the slow, random movement of the artwork is a meditatative experience. The character of the natural light was manipulated by color filter mounted to the skylight window. The coloured light turned the abyss space monochromatic warm yellow and made the artwork stand out from rest of the building.

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                • Grönlund-Nisunen - Plane - 2012


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                  Tommi Grönlund - Petteri Nisunen Plane Esther Schipper Berlin 2013 photography by Andrea Rossetti

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                  • Grönlund-Nisunen - Spring Field - 2012


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                    Tommi Grönlund - Petteri Nisunen Spring Field Galleri Niklas Belenius Stockholm 2013

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                    • Grönlund-Nisunen - Unstable Matter - 2013


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                      Tommi Grönlund - Petteri Nisunen Unstable Matter Esther Schipper Berlin 2013 photography by Andrea Rossetti

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