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    Please Use Headphones for best sound experience. :) Poland is a country with a very brutal past, even so recent at just 70 years ago. The holocaust is something I have thought about often as a child, especially as a 3-year-old with a vivid imagination and my father sitting me in front of the television to watch Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' film. I have always wanted to visit the German Nazi concentration camps and let the seriousness and power of it envelop me, humble me, and change me. It was one of the most chilling moments of my life, also because of how peaceful and beautiful the camps were. Spring flowers blooming bright and birds playfully jumping over the brick rubble. The calm breeze definitely added to its eeriness. Poland has this tension that is slowly healing itself as time goes by and newer generations emerge, but you cannot look in any direction without the constant reminder of the past whether it is the remnants of the ghetto wall, or the cautious faces of the elderly. This piece was supposed to be about Auschwitz, but in making the video the surprise was how vibrant, tough, and full of life the Polish people are. I was as emotionally impacted with these new wonderful friends and sensory overload of the gorgeous present-day country as I was with sympathy and sadness at the camps. Even though they are very tough souls, I started to admire them and their country. I chose to not only observe present-day Auschwitz, but also present-day Poland, document both, and show them as I felt them...knowing the strength of these people who looked forward and fought tooth and nail so the new generations could live these beautiful lives today inspires me so much. This is my tribute to Poland, its people, and the ones who perished in World War II. ****The title 'Bipoland' is meant to describe the two feelings of the past and present while I was there. On one hand, there is a heaviness that still lingers from WWII, but on the other hand things are as bright and exciting as any other flourishing country. Over 600,000 views on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ6XD1-26w0 Thank you everyone! Music by the amazing Philip Glass "Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: Movement II" Performed by Dennis Russel Davies (amazon.com/Tirol-Concerto-Piano-Orchestra-movement/dp/B000UVC5L6) Captured and Editing by Matty Brown Shot on the handheld Canon 7D Edited with Sony Vegas Dialogue by Gerda Weissmann Klein and Winston Churchill kleinfoundation.org/ HUGE special thank you to Gonçalo De Almeida Costa and all the awesome people who befriended and helped us while in Poland. Thank you also to Keith Rivers, Nathan Miller, Steven Weinberg, and Ian Todd for your input on this touchy subject and giving me confidence, hehe. Much appreciated guys. GERDA WEISSMANN KLEIN SPEECH: Kary, Sheila, Sandy, Michael, my beloved husband and my family. I have been in a place for six incredible years where winning meant a crust of bread and to live another day. Since the blessed day of my liberation I have asked the question, why am I here? I am no better. In my mind's eye I see those years and days and those who never lived to see the magic of a boring evening at home. On their behalf I wish to thank you for honoring their memory, and you cannot do it in any better way than when you return to your homes tonight to realize that each of you who know the joy of freedom. WINSTON CHURCHILL SPEECH: Poland has again been overrun by two of the great powers which held her in bondage for a 150 years, but were unable to quench the spirit of the Polish nation. The heroic defense of Warsaw shows that the soul of Poland is indestructible, and that she will rise again like a rock, which may for a spell be submerged by a tidal wave, but which remains a rock.

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    • This Isreal


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      A road trip straight through Israel. Had no idea what the complexities and diversity of the cultures were, but I got deeper and deeper, seeing all walks of life living together in this amazing land. The conglomerate of things happening in that tiny, but EPIC country (it's smaller than New Jersey!) packed a punch like a bustling beehive. I was overwhelmed and totally let Israel envelope me. I bonded with every flavor of person there... they were all Israeli. They were all beautiful people. (By the way, the title isn't spelled wrong, lol...read it again ;) Shot with the 7D and edited with Sony Vegas I edited this video with a fever, kidney infection, and $4 headphones! LOL. Music by the amazing John Adams (Harmonielehre_ Part III - Meister) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TH4VOK/ref=dm_mu_dp_trk3 Featured in The Atlantic Magazine SPECIAL THANKS: -GONCALO DE ALMEIDA COSTA for touring me to the best places and meeting the best guides and locals! -KEITH RIVERS for letting me borrow his camera for the trip! -NATHAN MILLER for stocking me up on batteries and cards! Thank you guys for trusting me with your stuff! haha.

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      • SHOAH - HD


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        ...going to reflect. Shot with the naked Canon HV40 and edited with Sony Vegas. Kenneth Treister is the sculptor/architect of this amazing work of art located in Miami Beach, Florida...Here's a link to his portfolio. http://www.studio32.net/WWW/Portfolio/KennethTreister/index.html Shot (non-archival footage) and edited by Matthew Brown Music by John Murphy from the film 'Sunshine'

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        • Lessons from a Tailor. Directed by Galen Summer


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          Directed by Galen Summer. Cinematography by Ed David. http://www.galensummer.com http://www.kittyguerrilla.com Old school at this point - Sony EX1 with Letus 35mm adapter. Before the DSLRs existed. The olden days. The original disruptor.

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          • Holocaust Survivor Band


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            This short documentary profiles two elderly Holocaust survivors in Florida who recently formed their own klezmer band. Produced by Joshua Z. Weinstein Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1BDwzYv Click here to follow us: vimeo.com/newyorktimes Watch more videos at: nytimes.com/video Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/nytvideo

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            • Holocaust / Daisy Chain | ANN /DeepDream


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              Holocaust / Daisy Chain | ANN /DeepDream the denial.of.service presents further lysergic nightmares from the Island of Dr.Mengele Creators Project /VICE feature > http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/art-after-auschwitz-the-problem-with-depicting-the-holocaust - the deep neural-network hallucinates holocaust footage inceptionised via standard reference googlenet model - trained on Caffe model Zoo Imagenet. http://www.googleresearch.blogspot.nl/2015/06/inceptionism-going-deeper-into-neural.html - perhaps .. the hallucinatory, visceral origins of the Burroughsian Mugwump, or a daisy chain of transmogrified primordial bio-fusion errors. - this is what the machine thinks it saw when fed with the Auschwitz / Mauthausen / Dahau post-apocalypse. - deeply personal (metaphorical) piece took over 4 entire weeks of 24/7 (Python) processing in order to treat. - the artificial-neural-network was semi-guided (“inceptionised”) in order to insist in imagining more primordial (perhaps Jung-ian/ Burroughs-ian) aquatic-reptilian schemata. - python code parametres > -model_name bvlc_googlenet.caffemodel -octaves 6 -octavescale 1.8 -iterations 6 -jitter 32 -blending loop [through all currently available inception layers] - all visual treatments & original soundtrack by the denial.of.service ©2015

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              • Empty Rolls - SUPPENDAPO


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                It's Blake! You Alive? Wanna Stay that way? Make sure you call SUPPENDAPO today! 206.666.2621

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                • Timelapsing The End Times


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                  A short compilation of HDR timelapses put together in order to tell a story about a hypothetical end of the civilization as we know it. The voice over is J.F. Kennedy's speech "The president and the press" from 1961. I know there are many things yet to improve, but I'm satisfied with the result because I learnt many things in the process of making it. I hope you like it. *In Timelapsing Barcelona I used three exposure bracketing on camera to build the HDR final image, however, for this video I mostly shot in RAW and got the three exposures from it, as the DR to capture when cloudy was small enough for a RAW file. I achieved a considerable decrease in noise and flickering. (Thanks Rafael Asquith for your advice) Locations in Bilbao and Barcelona. Music by Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight. Please check out the Original Score Version (Music by David Antolin Gil) that won 1st Prize at the BBK Timelapse (1st National Timelapse Competition 2011) (Under 30s Section): youtu.be/Eu1N7VuOcTE Please, feel free to visit my website and facebook page, much more work can be found there. www.mikelcamara.com facebook.com/MikelCamaraPhotography Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy it.

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                  • Black Sunday trailer


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                    Black Sunday - official trailer Started as a student project and now developed as feature lengh documentary. Four of the survivors of tell us a story that takes us in 1941, when Romania entered World War Two. The documentary shows us the atrocities committed by Romanian authorities of the time against Jewish people living in Iasi, on June 1941, as seen through survivors eyes. Their flashback is terrifying. They lead us to the truth of that day, a day when 13000 innocent people were killed. A day called since: "Black Sunday". student project - short doc was awarded with "Best documentary" at: -Hyperion Stud Fest 2010, International student film Festival -The International Documentary Film Festival ”AUTUMN IN VORONET” written and directed by Mihnea Chelariu DoP: Bogdan Ciubotaru, Mihai Filoneanu editor: Madalin Cristescu music: Cristian Matei feature film status: in production production company: PRINCESS MEDIA

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                    • NOCTURNE


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                      movie review of competition in the Animated Film Festival "SEMAFOR" 2012 film w przeglądzie konkursowym Festiwalu Filmów Animowanych "SEMAFOR" 2012 ------------------------------------------------ ....sometimes we are petrified before our turning into stone, for that is a very obvious reason to it. ...czasami kamieniejemy przed zamianą w kamień, bo jest ku temu powód zbyt oczywisty... Daniel Zagórski - director, producer, writter, animation, editor, soud design. Piotr Przybył - violin

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