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    • Summit Lecture Series: The Worldview Behind Porn with Sean McDowell, part 3


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      To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit summit.org. One “script” of pornography is that “All women want sex from men”. Ask any woman… well, maybe not ANY woman… make sure it’s someone you have a safe relationship with. But almost any woman would tell you that this simply isn’t true. Yet, one of the messages that porn sends is that women are simply on standby, simply waiting for any man to ask them to have sex. Another “script” of porn is “Women like all sexual acts men perform or demand”. In other words, whatever a man wants, a woman is there to make you feel good. Sadly, this is partially to blame in the dramatic increase of cases where girls have been coerced into oral sex, anal sex, threesomes and other types of sex they, truthfully, weren’t in favor of. The guys buy into this message and they feel like the girls actually really want it, they’re just playing hard to get; so they pressure the girls into it. The final “script” of porn is “Any woman, who does not at first realize this, can be persuaded with a little force.” In other words, the girl says “NO”, but she really means “Yes”. She actually wants you to pressure her into the act. The truth is that if she says “No”, it’s because she actually means “NO”. As a father of a little girl whom I love dearly, I have this singular message to other girls: If any guy pressures you sexually, he does not love you. Period. Because love is seeking the best of somebody else. So, getting back to the “script” of “Porn doesn’t affect me”, we see the mythology of this very clearly. In fact, when men who view a lot of pornography are asked about the severity of a sentence for other men convicted of rape, they almost always say a much lighter sentence than those who don’t view porn. They justify the rapist’s behavior. “He couldn’t help it.” Then there is the myth that people convince themselves of that says, “I’ll quit later”. You see a lot of this from single people who think that once they are married and they are sexually active with their spouse, all desire to view porn will go away. The truth is that anyone who cannot control their sexual urges before marriage will have the same problems after getting married. If you don’t have the discipline before marriage, it doesn’t magically appear after exchanging vows. In all truthfulness, there are times as a married couple when your spouse can’t have sex: perhaps they are sick, traveling for work, or stationed abroad in the military… What do you do if you hadn’t learned self-control before getting married? The more accurate way to pop the bubble of this myth is to look at the nature of the human brain. In Dr. Joe Mcilhaney’s book “Hooked”, he says, “The human brain is without question, the most complicated three-pound mass in the universe.” There are more connections in the human brain – over 100 trillion – than all the internet connections in the entire world. Now, the brain has many distinct features. One of which are neurons. They are the primary cells of the brain through which electricity flows and connections take place. By adolescence, there are 10 billion neurons in your brain. Then there are the support cells. They hold the neurons together and help them with electrical flow. They also remove waste. There are 100 billion of these in the brain by the end of your teenage years. Next are synapses. These are the connections between the neurons that allow them to communicate with one another. There are over 100 trillion of these by the end of adolescence. What’s crazy is that, on average, the brain isn’t even completely formed until a person is 25-years-old. One of the final sections of the brain to form and mature is the decision-making section of the brain. This means that our experiences and our beliefs shape the physical structure of our brain. It’s not fixed like concrete, but actually moldable and pliable throughout life. So, in this development, experts often say that “Neurons that fire together, wire together” – which means that neurons fire when we have a certain experience and then behave a certain way. Over time the neurons connected with the experience and the neurons connected with the behavior begin to interlock, or wire, together. Think about it this way: If you take monkeys and, as terrible as it sounds it’s been done, sew their middle and index fingers together. Despite the fact that they have distinct synapses in the brain relating to each finger separately, when the laces are untied, the monkeys still move their middle and index fingers together because the synapses become wired together. This happens in the physical structure of the brain. This shows how our behaviors form certain patterns that get locked into the very structure of our brains. For more engaging and educational videos and podcasts, visit the E-Squared Media Network at www.e2medianetwork.com.

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      • Summit Lecture Series: The Worldview Behind Porn with Sean McDowell, part 2


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        To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit summit.org. One of the greatest myths circulating around our culture today that involves pornography is this: “It doesn’t affect me.” I teach at a Christian school, and in my class, we have many frank and open discussions. One discussion originated with the internet at large and it shifted into internet porn. There was one student – a great kid from a great family – who I could tell was getting very bothered by the conversation. So, when he came to me at lunch and asked if we could talk, I wasn’t surprised. What surprised me was when, before he got a word out, he folded his arms on the table, buried his face into his arms and began to cry. He then went on to tell me that for the past six months, he has spent hours upon hours each and every night looking at porn on his phone. He asked me, “What should I do?” I simply replied, “How has this affected you?” I’ll never forget his answer, “It affects how I look at women. I can’t look at a woman now without undressing her in my mind.” In other words, women became objects to him. Pornography teaches that women are objects to be used for your pleasure. So, I looked at this young man and I thanked him for opening up, telling me his problem, and getting to the bottom of how it is affecting him. The truth is that if he were to continue down this path, he would never be able to love a woman for who she really is, in God’s eyes – women would merely be objects to him. After a lot of prayer, accountability, and most importantly surrendering to God’s will, this guy has been redeemed, restored, and has an amazing wife and a loving marriage. But this idea “It doesn’t affect me”, doesn’t match up with my experience, nor with what the data shows. In fact, as Pamela Paul wrote in her book “Pornified: How Pornography is Damaging Our Live, Our Relationships, and Our Families” “A single twenty-something graphic designer told me he would find himself in bars berating himself over the way he scanned potential dates. “I’d be saying, ‘No, her breasts are too small, she’s not worth it’, then wonder, ‘Who have I become? Why am I judging women like this?’” Gary Brooks, a professor at Texas A&M wrote: “The problem with soft-core pornography is that it’s voyeurism – it teaches men to view women as objects rather than to be in relationships with women as human beings.” And he’s right. Pornography reduces people to their physical parts – to the absence of the spirit, relationships, and emotions – and you are nothing more than an object to bring pleasure to the other person. So, if it does, in fact, affect people, in what ways does this actually work? Think of a “script”: A certain way that we have learned to behave in a different setting. So, say you go to a football game. You have probably learned how to behave and act at a sporting event: You don’t stand up and cheer when the other team scores; you don’t sit on the back of the seats facing away from the field; you learn how to purchase snacks and drinks from the roving vendors. No one has to tell you these things. You can walk into the arena, see what’s going on, observe how others are behaving, and you pick up on what’s going on and learn how to behave. Same goes for going to a library. There is a certain “script” for how to behave in a public library that is much different than a football game. Now, even if nobody ever told you how to behave in a library, you would walk in and notice right away that people aren’t eating a whole bunch of food, people aren’t dancing, they’re not being loud, in fact, they are sitting quietly reading. There are certain ways we act according to the “script” of the setting of which we are in. Here is where I think people miss the target when they say, “Pornography doesn’t affect me.” Pornography creates a “script” for how you’re supposed to engage in relationships, even if you don’t realize it. You pick up on certain ways we treat people of the opposite sex – or the same sex for that matter – and it shapes our behavior. So, here’s the script of soft-core pornography (the message it is telling us about how we are supposed to behave in sexual relationships): Sex is best experienced outside of a loving relationship. Pornography is not about married people. Somehow, our culture has developed the idea that the most and the best sex – the real exciting sex – exists outside of a loving, committed relationship with a spouse. There was even a study about primetime television that showed that out of 15 sexual acts, 14 of them were by unmarried couples. Is this true to life? Is the best sex experienced outside of a loving relationship? The truth is that married couples are having the most and best sex on the planet! For more engaging and encouraging videos and podcasts, visit www.e2medianetwork.com.

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        • The Crap Den #3 - Against Medical Advice #COMEDY


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          The Crap Den with Matt & Freak: adult humour with an Australian twist - illustrated with immaturity. THIS WEEK: The dangerous game that is 'going AMA'. From Michael Jackson to Anna Nicole Smith and beyond - what happens to those that fly a little too close to the sun? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EPS: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheCrapDen FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheCrapDen TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TheCrapDen

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          • Randall Batinkoff as Hef


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            Clips from the film Hefner: Unauthorized

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            • PlayBizness - BOOM


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              PlayBiz drops another bomb with the explosive new video #Boom ...produced by: PontheBeat & Directed by : Tom Larkin ...Boom was born a certified smash hit... one of the many hit records off of the Highly Anticipated project "PlayBoy da Hustler ; The Hugh Flynt EP" due Spring 2015 http://www.PLAYBIZNESS.com/

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              • Dscreet Boudoir; The Look Of Love


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                Seduction in the modern age; Inspired by Burt Bacharach’s seminal song “The Look Of Love”, Bond girls, Hugh Hefner and the current phenomenon of online dating, Dscreet fuses the good ol days with binary code (the code actually translates as "The Look Of”) in this ode to courtship. www.dscreetartist.com www.prescriptionart.com/collections/dscreet

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                • Danny McAskill At The Playboy Mansion


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                  The legendary Playboy Mansion has seen more than it’s share of action over the years, and trials biker Danny MacAskill has thrilled millions with his videos, so it was only natural the two came together for a clip sure to put a new meaning to the term “Bunny Hop.”

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                  • Hugh Hefner "Playboy"


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                    6 days of training 19 cans 3 days of work Teamwork MAVRIN studios and Myhoodisgood Produced by Boorj and MAVRIN studios Perhaps there is no one man who influenced me so much like Hugh! Ladies and Gentlemen ! Hugh Hefner #MAVRIN #MAVRINstudios #MAVRINart #MAVRINlife #MAVRINdiary #myhoodisgood #hughhefner @playboy #playboy Graffiti. Russia, Saint-Petersburg MAVRIN studios & HoodGraff instagram.com/a_mavrin instagram.com/myhoodisgood mavrinstudios@gmail.com

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                    • Hugh Hefner Documentary- Trailer


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                      A feature length documentary of Hugh Hefner by the team that brought you Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Mark Frost. Edited and Co-written by Michael Gross

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